The Safety of International Dating

It is normal to be scared when it comes to visiting unknown places, meeting strangers, and so on. But, it is unusual if you (American or Western man) think that you need approval from family, friends, and others regarding your overseas travel plus pursuit of international love. Because they choose whatever or whomever they date, marry, and/or have children, you have the right to do the same as well.

If you are not really confident in going abroad and dating foreign ladies, please read my 5 reasons why you should ignore how you feel, get outside your comfort zone, and become a Man of Action like I am:

  • The foreign city (e.g. Odessa, San Jose, or Davao) you would visit is going to be safe overall.
    • A very good sign is seeing pedestrians (men, women, children, or all of them) who can go anywhere together or alone whether it is daytime or nighttime.
    • Although I do not feel comfortable in independently going somewhere far away from a hotel I stay (due to a language barrier), I can still relax and know that I am around most people who would look out for me.
      • That is why I always wish to stay overseas longer.
    • If you plan to return to the same city or go somewhere else abroad, do the following things I do for more ease:
  • You would be surrounded by numerous females with good hearts, characteristics, and intentions.
    • They are who they are thanks to:
      • their culture(s) that focuses or favors men primarily
      • their upbringings that tell them to put their families above their jobs, careers, and everything else
      • the large number of local foreign men who may disrespect, cheat, lie, abuse, and/or neglect them and children alike
    • Thus, women turn to American/Western men who are supposedly better.
    • In both Latin America and eastern Europe, I can reassure you that the women are similar to angels who have descended from Heaven.
    • You might fall in love and consider marriage after meeting and dating lovely foreign women.
      • But, if you are scared or not ready for an international relationship, then take as much time as you need.
        • Realize that some of them feel the same too because they may have to move to United States or the Western world for the sake of their possible American/Western husbands.
        • If you do find a special woman, be honest with her always.
  • You would not be targeted (by them) as a bad guy.
    • Foreign ladies would never embarrass, mock, expose, threaten, or falsely accuse you of doing something wrong to them.
      • They have been taught or raised to show respect and fairness to the opposite sex.
      • If any of them does any of those negative actions or even tries to take advantage of you for her financial or selfish gain, she may:
        • be judged especially if other locals learn what she has wrongfully done to an American/Western guy (you)
        • create a bad or worse reputation for her counterparts if you tell other men online or verbally
        • be alienated by others around her
        • end up alone
    • Based on my experiences in Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine, I have been treated as an equal to the women I have dated.
    • You would feel so relieved and encouraged once you come into contact with women who are different from the ones we know so well.
      • Foreign ladies would welcome, make you feel that you are at home, and perhaps inspire you to prolong your vacation.
  • You can be yourself 100%.
    • You can worry less about social awkwardness, rejection, mockery, and other emotional problems overseas.
    • Honestly, I can open up more to foreigners than I do with family members, coworkers, and strangers where I live.
      • The reason is that I am already considered interesting or mysterious thanks to my nationality.
      • At home, I am expected to be or act like everyone else based on my skin complexion, appearance, age, etc.
        • That is why I do not have many friends.
        • But, I would rather friendless instead of hanging out with those who just want to nonstop talk, smoke, do foolish things, and so on.
    • Whether you are shy or gregarious, you can still find more of yourself abroad than you do in your home country.
  • Foreign women are going to support and respect your decision regardless of their feelings.
    • They are not going to pressure or make you feel guilty if you decide to stay single or be with a local American/Western woman instead.
    • Because I have felt somewhat sad after rejecting Karina on my previous Ukrainian trip, I have refused to do the same to Viktoria.
      • However, I am happy that I have gotten to know Viktoria well.
      • I am still attracted to her despite that I want her to improve her hairstyle and wear more feminine clothes.
      • I am eager to return to Odessa and spend a few days with her hopefully.
    • Like me, you would realize that God has created many understanding ladies (or people in general) in this world.
      • If your own family, friends, and other locals are not really sympathetic to you, you can always turn to foreigners and other Men of Action from United States and the Western world.

Of course, you, I, or any other man is going to be afraid of entering a foreign country for the 1st time. Getting on an airplane that takes him there may make him feel worse. Nevertheless, he would gain more confidence and find more happiness after dating and bonding with women who are out of his league.

Unlike local dating or online dating, international dating gives you a bigger peace of mind, more simplicity, and more hope that you can find the right lady.

You are not frankly going to be:

  • pressured into commitment or marriage
  • questioned about what you have, how much money you make, etc.
  • ignored if a lady is distracted by her phone, something else, or someone else
  • judged if you say or do something inappropriate

You can become as comfortable with a foreign woman (or women) as you are with your loved ones.

Take joy in learning much about foreign culture(s), eating countless exotic foods, and visiting multiple amazing places.

The more experiences that you face abroad and extra information that you obtain there are going to help you feel very confident in:

American man sitting and talking to Ukrainian women
American male talking to Ukrainian females – “UkraineLadies,com” YouTube video
Svetlana – UKReine #16311
2 (1)
Julia – Mordinson #685
Helen – Mordinson #635
Olga – Mordinson #605
Irina – Mordinson #608
Ron and Natali of Dream Connections
Ron (American) and Natali (Ukrainian) – “Dream Connections” YouTube video

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