My 11th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

Both Ukrainian women and I decide to have our 11th digital meeting today (May 12) instead of postponing it to 2 weeks later. Our reason is that I have to work next Sunday unfortunately. I am less than pleased with my job of 2 years. However, I am always thrilled to talk to them on Skype again.

The details of our communication are given below:

Beginning of chat

Luckily, we begin our Skype meeting around 3:00 PM (10:00 PM where they are). I am glad to do this before they go to asleep and perhaps wake up early the next day for their jobs. I am also happy to see Viktoria again. Although I am not honestly impressed with her hairstyle, I choose to ignore how I feel and focus primarily on her personality. I always realize that who she is internally is more important than how she looks. I would rather be with a woman like her instead of committing or marrying a woman who is very concerned or obsessed with her appearance. If the looks of the very attractive lady fade or I eventually lose interest in her, then I might feel stuck in a relationship with her. The possibility that she becomes shallow or Americanized is going to make me feel worse.

Middle of chat

Viktoria, Elizabeth, and I move forward to the next topic – sports. I am pleased to hear that Viktoria goes to the gym regularly or occasionally. Imagining that I am with a athletic female like her just attracts me more to her. Thus, I want to be as physically active as she is. The result is that we are equal and more drawn to each other.

When Elizabeth says that I look sporty, I do not believe her at first. But, maybe I am very fit thanks to my mediocre job. I may not enjoy labeling, picking up, and shipping boxes of different sizes, weight, etc. 5 days per week. I however am thankful to God for the job of 2 years anyway. Plus, I am happy that I do not get sick or hurt there often and that I do not have to go to an expensive hospital consequently. Because I still earn a low income, I really need to save it for my return trip to Odessa, Ukraine, upcoming college classes, and other things.

A few minutes later, we discuss how and where Viktoria and I want to spend time together once I return to their country. I respond by talking about taking Viktoria to a beach, mall, different restaurants, and maybe another Ukrainian city (e.g. Nikolaev). If this special time between us does actually happen, I would neither forget it nor experience it with another woman ever. She would probably feel the same way too.

I can truly be impatient when it comes to going back overseas and seeing beautiful women in person again. Nonetheless, I am willing to wait due to an old saying. Nothing good would occur in my life if I rush or do something impulsive.

Ending of chat

After I receive a goodbye kiss from Viktoria and end the video call, I immediately text Elizabeth about the days (probably 12 in total) I would spend in their country. I want them to surely know that I am returning there in the middle of August. Sending them a digital copy of my upcoming flight schedule is a big advantage. It feels great to be honest with them regardless of the consequences. I thus let Elizabeth (via WhatsApp) know about my opinion of Viktoria’s current hairstyle. I ask Elizabeth if she can ask Viktoria about changing her hairstyle to a ponytail type. Elizabeth promises that Viktoria would do it for our next Skype chat.


No matter what I face in my mediocre life, I can always think or reach out to both Ukrainian women for encouragement. They indeed give me more hope than anyone else at home does. If I have never met them at all, I would probably feel worse than I already do.

Viktoria’s birthday is next month. I cannot wait to send Elizabeth extra money online again. The result is that she can give Viktoria some of it as her birthday present.

Despite that I am still not ready for marriage and that I plan to date other lovely ladies in Odessa, I cannot erase Viktoria from my mind.

She would always have a place in my heart whether we become closer or grow apart.

I am the first male to truly care, value, and respect her.

I do not ever want to disappoint or make her feel that she is not good enough.

She is an attractive female with a good heart and intentions.

The same thing applies with many other Ukrainian ladies plus their counterparts from other nations.

But, she has gone above and beyond with my expectations, needs, or desires.

Making herself available for a video chat every month, sending me her gorgeous photos, and waiting for my 2nd arrival in her nation prove that she is worthy of pursuing for a monogamous relationship.

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