From Zero to Hero

Are you (American or Westernized man) disappointed or frustrated with your life?

Does your job make you miserable or skeptical that you would ever find (more) happiness or a better job?

Do you feel like a nobody or ghost when you are around relatives, friends, coworkers, and others?

I ask you those 3 questions because I know what a man (especially if he is a minority) can negatively face in United States or the Western world. It is easy to feel like a zero everyday. But, due to my experiences in Ukraine, Dominican Republic, and Colombia, I can tell you that you would always feel like a hero or superhero if you go abroad.

What are my 5 reasons?

Read the bullet list below:

  • You would be happy regardless of how your life is.
    • The foreign places you visit, foreign women you meet and connect, foreign foods you eat, and so on would change your perspective forever.
      • Indeed, a culture shock would give you a realization that everyone, everything, and everywhere are different.
    • Of course, I am not crazy about my life, job, society, city (Henderson, North Carolina), etc.
      • However, thinking about my relationship with Viktoria, preparing my return to her country (Ukraine) in 3 months, and turning to God for my needs/desires keep me in a positive mood.
    • Do not let negative experiences, people, etc. at home bring you down.
      • Like me, distract yourself by:
        • thinking about your trip overseas
        • looking at photos of your trip, women you have dated, etc.
        • watching YouTube videos regarding international dating, foreign ladies, Christianity, etc.
        • doing something else that is positive and inspirational
  • You would meet and date ladies who are going to value and respect you as a man and human being.
    • Because they live in culture(s) that favors or focuses on men primarily, women are going to take interest, listen, accept, etc. you for who you are.
      • If you are very generous and respectful to their wishes, needs, or feelings, you can definitely win their hearts.
    • I truly believe that my future wife or girlfriend exists overseas because I can have a conversation, date, befriend, or build a serious relationship with a random lady.
      • It is so difficult to connect with a local woman in United States because I am not really charming, handsome, wealthy, or experienced with women in general.
        • But, I am pleased with the fact so that I can focus on Viktoria and other beautiful foreign ladies.
    • Let the women you meet/date abroad prove how special, appreciated, or important you are to them.
      • Most of them do not have access to a man like you where they live.
  • Through your heart, you would give them more hope than they think.
    • During your dates with them, show them enough care, kindness, optimism, etc.
      • The result is that they can find suitable men who share your characteristics.
    • I am ecstatic that I have made a positive difference in the lives of women I have dated.
      • I have given some money to a few of them in need.
      • I have given all of them honesty regarding my personality, interests, life, etc.
      • I have paid for their meals without worrying about the costs.
      • I am proud of my connection with Viktoria.
        • I am so glad to follow my heart and give her a chance to know her well after receiving WhatsApp messages about her disappointment that I have not asked her for a 2nd date.
        • I do see her as my potential girlfriend or wife as long as we take things slowly or normally.
    • Do not forget about foreign ladies if you decide to date/marry a local American/Western woman or not go back overseas at all.
      • They would constantly remind you that you matter to them and the rest of the world.
  • Your loved ones plus other locals may treat you differently.
    • If they sense that you are always happy even though you are back at home, they may become (more) light toward you.
      • Possibly finding the woman of your dreams overseas would motivate them to take you (more) seriously.
    • Whether my relatives and others where I live know about my relationship with Viktoria or not, most of them may be disappointed that I do not wish to date or be with a local American/Western female.
      • Regardless of how they treat me, I still choose to follow my heart and find a lady who is suitable for me.
      • Listening to others and being with someone whom everyone likes but I dislike would probably make me want to disappear and start a new life elsewhere.
    • Do not let anyone or anything intimidate, threaten, or keep you from seeking happiness, success, etc. around the world.
  • You may be (more) urged to do something outside your comfort zone.
    • If you suddenly feel (more) confident in talking to strangers about anything, forgiving someone for wrongdoing, or receiving a promotion at your job, then you should thank your overseas trip for it.
      • Experiencing a culture that represents unity (not segregation), selflessness (not arrogance), courage (not insecurity), common sense (not foolishness), and other positive qualities can truly change how you perceive yourself, others, and the rest of the world.
    • Despite that I am still dealing with shyness, I am not afraid to speak my mind on this blog.
      • I want you to know the truth about foreign women, international dating/marriage, American/Western culture(s), etc.
      • Consequently, you can make better decisions and live a better or easier life.
    • Expect the unexpected nowadays because of how things are changing and how irrational people are becoming.
      • Anything (whether it is good or bad) can happen to anyone anywhere and anytime.
      • If you want to improve your life, feel more comfortable, provide more protection for yourself plus others, etc., you may have to sacrifice what you have or take a risk.


The increased rate of suicide in United States proves that feeling like a zero is not so good after all.

However, going overseas and experiencing foreign culture(s), people, etc. would not only make you feel like a hero/superhero but also help you overcome your everyday problems.

Based on my personal experiences in Henderson, I can tell you that you are not always going to get what you want at home. You are not always going to feel safe either. You cannot trust every relative, friend, neighbor, or local you talk or hang out. So, expect to be as uncomfortable as I am.

Face reality in United States or the Western world when it comes to people of different personalities, your job(s) or business(es), the total amount of money you have, the city you reside, the food you eat, and so forth.

Like Clark Kent, keep a strong mind and fight for your dignity, confidence, protection, etc.

Become an inner Superman and go after your goals.

If you ever become weak or vulnerable to your obstacles, you can always go back overseas for rejuvenation.

Finding a woman who would permanently see you as her hero/superhero is a major plus.

Clark Kent (left) and Superman (right) played by Henry Cavill – Screener
heroine Olena – AFA #182064
another heroine and cougar (Milena) – AFA #182016


  1. Interesting and engaging article with lots of upbeat positivity-style energy so I hope God can use you in the future. Thanks for reminding us of zero to hero aspects that remind me that a prophet isn’t fully recognised in his own home. The going abroad adventure is like a walkabout and a journey of self-discovery as well as world discovery. To find the real-deal lady is not exactly as easy as pie. So keep trying to find her and your future in-laws, too. Post more info on the website to update us of your personal pilgrim’s progress.


    • Thanks, Denis, for your feedback on this blog post.

      Yes, I am glad to give you and others positive information that can inspire you to go after the desires of your heart.

      God has directed me to Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine. I have no regrets at all after going to those 3 nations. I plan to return to Odessa, Ukraine in October this year hopefully. There are 2 lovely ladies (Viktoria, Valeria) whom I wish to spend much time separtately and get to know more. They are worth traveling many miles and saving much money because of their good hearts and intentions. I hope that I can choose one of them as my girlfriend at the end of my trip.


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