Quantities versus Qualities

Like everything else, beautiful women exist everywhere. They have different body shapes, hairstyles, skin complexions, nationalities, personalities, etc. They may be difficult to find, ask on a date, or connect in United States, Canada, and other first world countries. However, they are quite the opposites in Ukraine, Philippines, Peru, and other non-Westernized countries.

If you (American or Western man) ever go overseas, meet and bond with them individually, and have trouble in finding the right woman, then read the following physical and spiritual differences of her as well as others:


Definition: numbers of women totally or based on nationalities, ages, etc.


  • having access to diverse females
  • receiving plenty of attention
  • getting multiple chances of dating, talking, or connecting with them
  • gaining (more) confidence around them
  • improving your self-esteem


  • being overwhelmed with many ladies to choose
  • becoming (somewhat) tired or bored with them
  • lacking interest in commitment or marriage
  • turning to arrogance as most men in general have
  • understanding why many local foreign men turn to cockiness, depression, drunkenness, adultery, indifference, child neglect, and other wrong behaviors

Advice: Whether you go to Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, or Latin America, you would still encounter plenty of gorgeous ladies. But, do not focus more on their appearances or trying to meet and connect with all of them. Some of them may reject, cancel, or not show up for your dates with them whatsoever. Due to my experiences in Odessa, Ukraine, I can tell you that it is better to put your main attention on those who are available or interested in you. Not only can you save heartache(s) but also you can save money and time. The woman or women you date 2 or more times are going to take you seriously plus support your needs, wishes, or feelings.

group of gorgeous Brazilian ladies – “Black Women of Brazil” Facebook page
monogamous Ukrainian women at Zaporozhye romance tour social – loveme.com


Definition: unseen or inner traits or features that make the women who they are individually or together



  • becoming undecided if you bond with 2+ incredible ladies
  • focusing on negative side or weakness(es) if a lady causes problem(s) during date
  • worrying about your living situation or life overall when it comes to a possible international marriage
  • fearing that you may have to break up with her if the relationship is not what you expect, you fall in love with someone else, or you decide to remain single
  • worrying if women you do not see again may end up being alone, rejected, and depressed for the rest of their lives
    • This is the main reason why I have written blog posts for the women (Mariana, Karina, Anna, and of course Viktoria) I have dated.
    • I am doing my best in trying to help each Ukrainian female find a sincere and marriage-minded man.

Advice: You may also have a hard time in choosing a woman with great qualities as you do with a variety of ladies based on their looks. Most of them are so beautiful inside and out that countless men in general are unable to pick or stay faithful to their potential girlfriends or wives. If you want to separate yourself from other men, just focus on a few ladies you really like. Then, narrow your list to that special someone. Create wonderful memories with her by visiting certain places and doing certain things together. Meet and bond with her family and friends. Let her reciprocate with yours too. If it is not possible, then show photos of your loved ones to her and talk about them as much as possible. The more information she learns can help her feel very comfortable around them if both of you get married eventually.

Thanks to advanced technology and other enhanced products, we can connect with anyone from anywhere. Therefore, we have no good excuses for being alone, unhappy, and/or antisocial. We realize that God has created different people (from different parts of the world) to enter our lives for a reason, season, and a lifetime.

lovely Colombian female – International Introductions #14027
approachable Maria – Match Guaranty #2284


There are too many beautiful women you are never going to meet, date, connect, or even see in person or even online.

You would nonetheless have access to a couple of them whether you go to Peru, Thailand, or another third world country.

Most local foreign men and even American/Western expats/travelers are concerned about quantities or numbers when it comes to the opposite sex. They want to connect and collect as many women as they can. The result is that men become less interested in monogamy and the characteristics of the women.

Caring about who the ladies are characteristically or spiritually is going to help you win the woman of your dreams. It is going to distract you from lust, foolishness, scams, and other problems that men are dealing. In addition, it is going to help you save money, time, and frustration.

Guide yourself or turn to international dating/marriage expert(s) in order to find the right woman.

She may be hidden in the large crowd of incredible females.

But, she would reveal herself if you give her a chance to talk and know you well.

caring Anna waiting for true love – AFA #182015


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