Anna the Model

Despite that a year has almost passed, I keep thinking about the lovely women I have dated in Odessa, Ukraine. If you (American or Western man) have been reading most of my recent blog posts, you should already know about my solid relationship with Viktoria well. I also have written about Mariana and Karina separately. Please click on any name so that you can read her blog post.

Now, I want to focus on a 4th Ukrainian female (Anna). She is hard to forget but easy to write in my opinion. So, here are my thoughts about her and our memorable date:

Her appearance

She is as attractive as her photos are. I believe that I have won a date with a celebrity. However, she is not rich or popular with most men in general. She frankly deserves more attention, respect, etc. from the opposite sex because of her:

  • green eyes
  • tall height
  • blonde hair
  • thin or curvy weight
  • nice smile
  • modelesque clothes
  • high heels

During our date, I have been mainly nervous around her. I cannot stop looking at her and thinking if I pursue her for a marital relationship. She is so appealing that I have to ask her if I can take a photo of her. I may not have another date or see her again. But, I would always remember the time we have spent together.

Her character

I think that she is an extrovert. My reason is that she is gregarious, comfortable around strangers socially, and fearless when it comes to following her heart. Because of my shy and low-key personality, I realize that we have less in common with each other. I do not have as much energy and confidence as she does. She has confirmed this fact after telling me that she enjoys dancing and perhaps singing whether she is at home or a public place.

Indeed, her high spirits match with her good looks. Making me a flower from a black napkin proves my point. She thus should be awarded an American/Western boyfriend or husband with similar traits. If you are interested in her, truly have a genuine heart, and think that you fulfill or exceed her expectations, maybe you should go see and take her on date(s) in Odessa. You would encounter a plethora of stores, restaurants, beaches, etc. there.

Her occupation

When I have learned that she is a model, I have become ecstatic about meeting her. Her profile images have already given me some satisfaction. But, being in her presence is way much better. I realize that she does have the right features that qualify her for a modeling career. She has a beautiful smile that can lighten the heart of anyone. She can probably control her eating habits as well as she can maintain her weight. She is maybe successful in attracting many female friends and male admirers. Furthermore, she dresses to impress others and herself.

Locking eyes with her a few times during our date has been an amazing experience. I praise her for who she is personally and professionally. Although her job has bothered me a bit, I have no regret in dating and taking her to a somewhat expensive restaurant. She is worth the money I have spent or even more because she gets less attention from men in general anyway.


She may not be perfect.

But, she has the whole package that most men may desire in a potential wife or girlfriend.

Again, I am glad that we have met, have dated, and have known each other a little. I would not trade our time together whatsoever. Even though I have a stable relationship with Viktoria, I honestly have enjoyed my date with Anna more. The fun date has occurred a day after I have met and gone on a date with Viktoria.

Anna is still an incredible and irresistible woman in my eyes.

She continues to be a member of A Foreign Affair dating agency.

I hope that she goes on more dates and continues to seek true love with a man who accepts and only wants her.

I would like to have another date with her once I return to Odessa.

But, even if we do not reunite, then I still pray to the Lord God that she would not remain alone for the rest of her life and that He would bless her with the man of her dreams.




3 Images of Anna – AFA #175852


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