If She Imagines Her Life with You…

Life can be so stressful that maybe you (American or Western man) and definitely I begin to understand the growing rate of suicide. Human problems are indeed hard to solve or ignore. Just ask a lonely and disappointed woman from Ukraine, Peru, or another third world country. If you travel to her country in order to meet and date her, she may see you (or another American/Western man) as her rescuer or the man of her dreams.

Here are the following 4 actions you can do for giving her hope:

Give her honest and clear words to understand.

English may not be her primary or even secondary language. For that reason, she needs to learn its words at a slow or normal level. Having a present human translator to keep the communication between you and her successful is a major plus. Like you, she would consequently feel more relaxed during the date, less embarrassed about the language barrier, and less pressured to study your language as soon as possible.

Show her photos of your normal life.

Not only is she curious about your personality but also she wants to learn about your home, culture, job, relationships with other people, lifestyle, and so on. Sharing or sending personal images and maybe videos to her electronically would help relieve her anxiety or fear. She needs confirmation that you are right for her and vice versa. It can be so easy (for both of you separately) to find a local partner or spouse who is attractive, charming, and capable of abuse, infidelity, theft, intoxication, and/or other wrong deeds. Just thank local dating or online dating for this problem. But, even if both of you fail to build a marital relationship together, international dating is still going to guide you and her to happiness, hope, and success in finding the right partners or spouses.

Continue reassuring her by sticking only with facts.

The truth may hurt initially. But, it definitely sets you free and helps you win her trust. She needs a man who would always be frank with her. Whether she likes what you have to say or not, she is going to respect you anyway. I do the same with Viktoria as well. It does not matter if we become closer or go our separate ways eventually. Proving to any foreign woman that you are different from the dishonest men in her country is essential so that you can help her plus yourself truly find what both of your hearts have been searching for years.

Introduce her to your family, friends, coworkers, etc.

Because she is close to their loved ones, she expects or hopes that she can reciprocate with her future in-laws. She might regret and wish to stay where she lives if she marries you, moves to your country, and realizes that you are a possible loner or stranger to your relatives. But, if she still loves and desires a family with you regardless, she would not worry so much about her new life with you.

If you however are a people person as she is, you can do the following things during your date with her:

  • Have a conversation about the people you know, love, and respect.
  • As I have mentioned in the 2nd main point, share or send digital copies of your family and personal photos to her email address or phone number.
  • Set up a phone call or video chat between her, you, and your loved ones.

Make the date(s) with her as unique, memorable, and life-changing as possible.


Life has its ups and downs no matter where you live and who you are.

The same thing applies to me, Viktoria, and everyone else as well.

A foreign woman who attends a romance tour or joins an international dating website does appreciate what she has. But, she is looking for someone or something that is outside her nation. She believes and chooses to improve her life with a better man by her side.

The greatest benefit that she has is major support from her family, friends, and other locals regarding international dating or marriage.

Maybe you receive much help from yours too despite that most American/Western men are probably discouraged from theirs.

It is ordinary to fantasize something that you sincerely want and do nothing.

But, it is extraordinary to overcome your barriers and turn your dream into a reality.

More people around the world are doing both difficult actions.

Hopefully, you are following their footsteps too.

A beautiful and monogamous foreign woman (whom you may think that she is out of your league) is waiting to meet, get to know you well, and maybe create a dream life with you.

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