Giving Hope to Karina

Karina is still on my mind after I have met her 7 months ago.

I have talked about Mariana and obviously Viktoria recently. So, why should I not give more attention to another Ukrainian woman I have dated in Odessa, Ukraine? She is as human as the other 2 ladies are. Plus, I want you (American or Western man) to know Karina well in this unusual blog post.

In “Going to Ukraine” blog post, I have talked about my guilt after being honest with her and her translator. Karina has become a little upset when I have told her about my true feelings for her. Usually, someone becomes angry or indifferent when I disagree with him or her, do something he/she disapproves, or tell him/her the ugly truth. This case happens often in United States especially. But, seeing sadness or another negative emotion from an Ukrainian woman (Karina) surprises and makes me want to support her 100%.

Although my date with her has gone down the hill, I am still glad that I have met her. I would have liked her more. However, during our date, I find it difficult to do because of these 4 problems I cannot ignore:

her hairstyle

This is the #1 reason why I am not so attracted to her. In my eyes, she does not look right with short blonde hairstyle and 2 small ponytails. I am sorry to say that she reminds me of a transgender man. I do not want to think that I am with another man or worse – be around others (especially my family) together with her and that masculine hairstyle she wears. Instead, she looks better with just long or medium hair. It makes her look like a real woman. Her AFA profile images prove my point.

I really believe that she has taken better care of her hair so that she can get more attention from her later dates.

her personality

I have been raised to show respect to others. I also listen to what they have to say too. I however have difficulty in being interested in Karina’s words. I do find her boring and predictable. If I try to build a relationship with her, it would probably go nowhere. But, I can see a future with Viktoria due to her fashion, approachability, and patience for me.

I hope that the Lord God sends her a suitable man (whether he is American, Western, or even Ukrainian like she is) who would love her for who she is and what she gives him spiritually.

her appearance

I admit that I have liked her somewhat masculine clothes more than I do with her somewhat masculine hairstyle. I do not mind dating or being involved with a tomboyish woman as long as she keeps her hair nice, clean, and feminine. I would prefer her over a woman who resembles a man totally or has poor hygiene.

Even though Karina has attractive photos on her online profile, she still needs to dress better (by wearing clothes that are similar to the ones she has worn for her AFA photo shoot) and remain feminine for the sake of the opposite sex.

my lack of interest in her

As much as I try to become more attracted to her, I have failed. My heart would not let me be drawn to her physically and spiritually. It has given me a sign that she is the wrong woman for me. That is why I cannot force myself or even let someone encourage me to be with a woman I do not love or have chemistry. The same thing would apply to you if a woman is more interested in you than you are with her.

I may have confessed to Karina and her translator that I am less attracted to Karina. But, I do not let them know about my instant attraction to a waitress before exiting the restaurant. My reasons are:

  • encouraging Karina to remain positive
  • letting her remember what I have said during our date
  • motivating her to make herself (more) desirable to other males


She is a hardworking and unique woman.

But, I wish that I have dated the woman in her pretty AFA photos instead.

I have made sure that I tell her translator about my opinion after the date ends. I do not want Karina (plus her translator) to feel rejected and discouraged. Karina needs to hold her head (up) despite of her busy job, loneliness, and low-quality men she is surrounded.

Her life is honestly no different from mines culturally.

I understand how it feels to be unwanted, ignored, pressured, ridiculed, gossiped, or belittled by society, coworkers, friends, and/or even family members.

This is why I need to go on an overseas vacation every year or so.

Also, this is why I want someone (e.g. Viktoria) with many good characteristics in my life as well.

I want the same thing to happen with Karina too.

I hope that God blesses her with a remarkable man who is willing to unconditionally love her, undoubtedly marry her, and unquestionably give her the family she deserves.






5 sexy photos of single Karina – AFA #177342

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