No One Is Lonely Overseas

Loneliness is so prevalent especially in United States. Shawn Radcliffe of “Health Line” website states that 46% of the general population feels alone whether they are physically alone or around others who ignore them. Those who are between 18 and 22 years of age especially fit the category. Negative consequences that lonely people possibly face are:

  • chronic diseases
  • suicide
  • antisocial behavior
  • anger or distance from relatives, friends, and other locals
  • dementia
  • depression
  • social anxiety
  • 100% comfort in communicating with others via Facebook and other social media websites
  • constant text messaging on mobile phones
  • boredom
  • irrational thinking
  • unhealthy eating
  • lack of exercising
  • lack of sleep

Loneliness is 1 of the reasons why I constantly go overseas. I am tired of feeling empty inside or being forced to connect with a coworker, relative, or another local who thinks less of me. The thing that bothers me about some Americans (including my family members) is that they always want to talk or connect with me (despite that I am shy and quiet). But, whenever I am available for a conversation or social gathering with them, they come up with excuses for leaving early, being unavailable, or being busy with other things to do. Sometimes, they say nothing to me. They may “forget” about the event plus me as well. I am thinking that I have done or said something wrong to them. In fact, some people have ignored or treated me as a stranger. Why do you (American or Western man) think that I turn to foreigners for solace?

If you are experiencing loneliness or rejection from others at home, consider traveling to a foreign country like Costa Rica, Finland, Cape Verde, or Ukraine. You would thus feel emotionally stronger like I do. Based on my experiences in 3 countries (Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine), I can tell you these 5 options that are going to change your life forever:

Have easy access to many beautiful foreign women.

You would never be alone in Colombia, Russia, Thailand, or another non-Westernized country. Attractive ladies would love to keep you company if you wish. Even if some of them are busy with work, school, or family, others are willing to skip or reschedule their events in order to spend enough time with you. Whether you find your potential wife overseas or not, you should not have to worry about loneliness ever again once you return home. If so, then distract yourself by communicating with 1 or more ladies via social media or text messaging or looking at their photos (or the ones you take from your camera).

Befriend many foreigners in general.

If you go to Odessa, Ukraine or Barranquilla, Colombia like I have, you would always be around countless people publicly and socially. Loneliness and even discrimination do not exist in those foreign cities plus others as well. No one really cares about your race, skin color, culture, age, etc. What matters more is your heart and characteristics. If you are truly a genuine person, you can easily make long-lasting foreign friends who would constantly support and stay in touch with you from time to time.

Befriend like-minded Americans or Westerners who travel or even live where you are visiting.

You would definitely not feel alone abroad if you encounter other men from United States, Canada, and other Westernized nations. 1 reason is that they speak the same language (English) you do. Consequently, you can have an easier conversation with them than you do with foreigners. The other cause is being understood why you go overseas. American/Western travelers or expats are fully aware that you want to meet, date, and connect with gorgeous ladies. They would congratulate you for your bravery even though your family members and friends may discourage or judge you for finding the foreign woman of your dreams.

Talk to a stranger about anything.

Based on my positive experiences with unknown people at foreign places (e.g. hotels I have stayed, restaurants I have eaten, so on), I can reassure you that speaking your mind is praised. Instead of being threatened or treated as an outcast, you would attract many foreigners with your honesty. Some or most of them may be inspired to become (more) truthful to themselves and others.

Lying or keeping secrets, however, may lead you to more loneliness (or shunning from most foreigners) in a foreign country than it does in your own (e.g. United States or Australia).

Stay in touch with your loved ones.

If strangers cannot help you overcome loneliness in a foreign country, then maybe hearing familiar voices from relatives and friends is your real solution. You can receive immediate comfort from them no matter where you are and how long you are apart from them. Plus, you need to know that they are doing well physically, personally, or emotionally and vice versa. I say this because any problem (whether it is minor or major) that they face or you face unexpectedly can lead to extreme worry.

Like me, enjoy every trip you have overseas, remain positive, connect with amazing and inspirational people, and deal with your family and friends when you return home.


Loneliness can disappear completely if you are willing to:

  • visit other countries
  • explore different cultures
  • build meaningful relationships with foreigners, other travelers, and/or expats

I no longer feel alone whether I am actually by myself or around those (e.g. coworkers or even relatives) who treat me as a ghost. Overseas travel or even taking a vacation to somewhere like Las Vegas can help many Americans reduce loneliness. If they are unhappy where they live, they can always leave temporarily or permanently.

If I can think of the main reason why loneliness has grown in United States, it is individualism. Everyone thinks more about his or her needs, wishes, feelings, etc. than he or she does with those from others. He or she is in his/her own world pretty much. All he/she needs is supporters or fans. If he/she is not famous, rich, charming, attractive, sociable, etc., he/she may be considered an outsider.

So, if you do not have any of the desirable qualities I have explained above, you really should go to a collectivist country such as Ukraine, Thailand, or Costa Rica.

You can truly get rid of your loneliness abroad.

You should stop feeling sorry for yourself.

In addition, you should stop caring what your family members, neighbors, know-it-alls, and others (who honestly do not want to go anywhere) at home say or think.

You would be in paradise with foreigners who accept you who you are, treat you like a king, and give you much respect and optimism.

You would feel more alive and free like I do every time I go overseas.

Loneliness would have no effect on you anymore.

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