My Review – “2 Brothers and a Bride” Movie

Thanks to director Helmut Schleppi and writer Geert Heetebrij, their 2003 comedy-drama movie “2 Brothers and a Bride” has come into existence. It is also called “A Foreign Affair” due to its inspiration from A Foreign Affair dating agency. The movie focuses on 2 lonely and dateless American brothers (Josh (David Arquette) and Jake (Tim Blake Nelson)) go to St. Petersburg, Russia in hopes of finding a submissive Slavic woman. Although the men do not get their wish, they still receive good (or even better) results after meeting countless lovely and marriage-minded ladies at romance tour socials.

Despite that I have not seen the movie for a few years or longer, I can probably remember all of it from A to Z. If it is easy for me, it can do the same for you (American or Westernized man) too. What is also simple is my opinion about it below:


  • beautiful date of Josh
    • Indeed, her name is Anna (Nonna Velikaya).
    • Her patience, innocence, and physical attraction help Josh overcome his shyness or insecurity.
      • Honestly, his older brother Jake is the main reason why Josh has been so weak-minded at first.
    • Now, Josh can truly be himself and connect with any beautiful woman even if it means becoming cocky and unruly.
      • But, he stops caring what Jake says or thinks about him.
    • As beautiful as she is, she plus other Russian women deserve to find their potential husbands.
  • romance tour social(s) in St. Petersburg
    • A Foreign Affair company does not have any romance tour there anymore.
    • However, the business still has an office there.
      • Plus, its website continues to have new or updated profiles of Russian females.
      • If you are interested in meeting and dating them, please get in touch with John Adams (CEO), Bud Patterson, or another staff member via phone or email.
    • The romance tour social(s) is quite similar to the ones in Ukraine (where A Foreign Affair company currently and mainly has their romance tours).
      • I really do not know or remember why romance tours do not exist in Russia today.
      • But, Russian ladies can always join their Ukrainian counterparts at romance tour socials in Ukraine or stay in their country and wait for American/Western men to come and meet them.
  • Angela’s (Emily Mortimer) confrontation with Jake regarding his disrespect toward Russian women
    • She does not like his condescending attitude.
    • She lets him know that he cannot dominate her.
      • He backs off for her sake even though he still tries to tell Josh what to do.
    • I think that they become a couple at the end of the movie.
      • Their relationship is based on equality.
      • Also, they both like to:
        • be in control of everything
        • guide others to the right path
    • Like Jake, any other man who wants a submissive wife should get a no-nonsense woman like her instead.
  • footage of international couples
    • I do not know if they are real or just actors.
    • Angela interviews and appears to be happy for them.
      • But, she is actually sad probably because she does not have Mr. Right in her life.
      • Fortunately, she gets her wish when she and Jake interview each other at the movie ending.

3 Dislikes

  • Jake’s mistreatment of Russian women at romance tour social(s)
    • They expect American/Western men to be better than Russian men are.
      • The women are already ignored, rejected, objectified, cheated, etc. in their country anyway.
    • The ladies want their ideal boyfriends or husbands to be:
      • caring
      • loyal
      • respectful
      • financially stable
      • responsible
      • family-oriented
      • honest
      • etc.
    • If the women can find good men who are willing to commit or marry them, the women would probably not mind being submissive to their men.
    • Shy Josh does a better job in attracting women than confident Jake does.
      • In United States and the Western world, it would probably be the other way around.
    • Therefore, Josh shows us sign(s) of how foreign women want to be treated by men in general.
  • no appearance of John, Bud, or any other known AFA staff member
    • I do not know the man who has played the romance tour leader in St. Petersburg.
      • But, he has done a good job performance and encourages male clients to find their potential Russian wives like he already has.
    • I realize that I do not remember everything about the movie.
      • That is why I have to watch it again.
      • I have thought of John as the romance tour leader instead.
      • I have learned some new information about the movie.
  • nightclub that Josh has attended
    • He has initially believed that Russian ladies who dance, party, and drink at nightclubs are as genuine as those who attend romance tour socials.
    • But, he learns the truth after being:
      • punched by a jealous man (who sees his looking at his woman)
      • thrown out the night club
      • forced into a taxi car which is heading to the hotel he stays
    • If we want to find women who are serious about us, we can go to these proper places:
      • restaurants
      • stores
      • malls
      • churches
      • streets (during daytime only)
      • homes
      • beaches
      • parks


I highly recommend the movie to you or any other American/Westernized man who wishes to find the right woman abroad.

In fact, you can watch it on YouTube for free.

Even though it is not as realistic as A Foreign Affair company‘s other movie “Love Me” is, “2 Brothers and a Bride” movie still has some scenes that represent facts about international dating, foreign cultures, etc. Both movies continue to promote the international dating/marriage business and help it draw more customers. It is no lie that most international couples are happier and more long-lasting than most domestic couples are.

I guess that Josh has to marry Yana (last and only Russian woman who is willing to live in a farm and often do house chores for him and his brother) because she cannot legally move to United States without a fiance(e) visa. I wish that he and Anna have stayed together, solve their cultural, etc. differences, and take their relationship to the next level. But, I am definitely sure that Jake and Angela have done 3 tasks successfully after interviewing each other.

Josh proves that many foreign women desire their potential husbands to be as kind, respectful, and positive as he is.

Jake tells me, you, and other men to go after the women we truly want (unless the women are not really interested in us).

Of course, most people may not like who we are or what we have to say like Jake has experienced.

However, we must be as straightforward, confident, and persistent as he is.

The reason is that he has won the heart of Angela (who is non-Russian) consequently.

We need to do unpleasant things in order to receive pleasant results too.

It is the only way we can live better lives personally and professionally.

Finally, we can make room for our potential wives to enter our lives.

2 different covers and titles for the same movie – Amnesty Film Fest
movie screen of (then in 2002-03) – Reel Librarians

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