Fiance(e) Visa versus Spousal Visa

Do you (American or Westernized man) want to marry a lovely woman from Africa, Europe, Asia, or another continent?

If so, then read the following information about 2 visas you can select for your international love story:

Fiance(e) Visa (or K1 Visa)


an endorsement that legally allows you (if you are a citizen or permanent resident of United States) to marry someone from another country within 90 days

URL for Available Form(s)




  • immediate entrance of your foreign lady to your country (e.g. United States)
  • easy processing with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) (usually between 3 and 5 months)
  • instant filing without returning overseas
  • simple requirements for filing


  • expensive
  • no work permission and other things for her included
  • limited travel (no traveling outside United States until she becomes a permanent resident or citizen)
  • serious legal consequences if you do not marry her during her 90-day period
  • long time for both of you to wait for:
  • visa or immigration attorney (optional but highly recommended if you want smooth process)

My Opinion

To have a smooth process with the K1 fiance(e) visa and flawless wedding with your potential foreign bride, you must plan weeks or months in advance. You can save much time, frustration, and even money if you collect and organize your requirements for the visa process. Please make sure to have enough proof that you have physically met and connected with her abroad. Good examples are:

  • physical or digital photos of both of you together
  • 2 movie or concert tickets
  • video clips of both of you talking, dancing, singing, or doing something else together

Once the USCIS sees your submitted visa application form plus physical evidence (in an organized manner), it may reward you by speeding the process and bringing her to United States as soon as possible.

K1 fiance(e) visa – Immigrating to USA

Spousal Visa (or K3 Visa)


an endorsement that legally allows you to reunite with your foreign wife in your country (e.g. United States)

URL for Available Form(s)




  • low cost
  • her quick reception of green card (about 2 weeks after her arrival to United States)
  • both of your freedom to travel anywhere
  • her legal permission to work, drive, and have social security number (SSN)


  • requirement to process entire spousal visa case in her country
  • slow processing with USCIS
  • her forbidden entrance to your country until your international marriage is complete
    • So, if you plan to marry her for the 2nd time in your country, you must let USCIS and your possible immigration/visa attorney know about it beforehand and wait for their approval.

My Opinion

A K3 spousal visa may be affordable and difficult to complete. However, your potential foreign wife may consider it easy because she can legally marry you in her country (e.g. Ukraine, Colombia, or Thailand). She is going to feel very comfortable if her family and friends are there at the wedding. You may not obviously. But, it is the other way around if she marries you in front of your loved ones (whom she sees as strangers) in United States instead.

You may be frustrated because you have to wait for her arrival to your country. But, she may be very happy that she can spend extra time with everyone she loves and everything she knows very well. Please be patient with her. Do not rush or expect her to move to your country and suddenly enjoy her new life with you. Otherwise, she may have second thoughts.

K3 spousal visa – Sync Visas


Honestly, I do not know the rules, limits, etc. regarding both visas if you live in Canada, Australia, England, or any other non-U.S. country.

But, if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and still cannot decide which visa is right or better for you, I give you these 2 options:

No matter which visa you choose, you would still pay the same price ($535) when you complete the application form. But, of course, you are going to face different results whether they are positive or negative. Just think carefully which visa is suitable for you and your future foreign wife. If necessary, ask her if she wants to get married in her country or yours instead.

Rapid Visa” website is a source I highly recommend you to visit for learning adequate information about both visas.

If you want full access to additional information and maybe direct contact to visa/immigrant attorneys and other experts, sign up for a free membership.

Therefore, you can get the answers you need so that you can move forward with your decision.

Choosing the right visa can reassure you that you are with the right woman.

Whether you have only 1 wedding or decide to have 2 weddings (1 in your country and the other in hers) for fairness, you are still going to live an amazing and joyful life with her.

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