My 4th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

I am in an expensive but comfortable motel room in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Today is Sunday, September 2, 2018 (the 2nd day of Labor Day Weekend) around 1:00 PM.

I may be glad to return to the city where I have lived from July 2003 to November 2016 (13 years and 4 months). But, I am even happier to have another monthly Skype video chat with gorgeous Viktoria and her close friend/our translator Elizabeth. I cannot wait to see how Viktoria looks.

Beginning of Chat

As the video chat starts, I excitedly see how feminine Viktoria is. She has indeed improved her looks ever since our 1st meeting on Skype. She wears a flower pattern dress or skirt with a cross necklace and long blonde hair. Initially, she thinks that she does not look attractive. However, I confirm her and Elizabeth that Viktoria is truly an attractive woman. They are both delighted as a result. I, on the other hand, do not feel or look so handsome at all. The photos I provide you (American or Western man) below prove my perspective. They may represent the “Beauty and the Beast” theme to you. Even though I seem like a creep and wish that I have gotten a haircut yesterday, I remain positive and continue smiling for both Ukrainian women. They plus many other foreign women do not get much respect or attention from the opposite sex or at all.

4th Skype chat 1
good looking Viktoria (top) and hideous looking me (bottom)

Middle of Chat

To prove that I am in Virginia, I show both Viktoria and Elizabeth my orange Virginia T-shirt. It reads “Property of Virginia Correctional Facility”. Right now, I am thinking of a prison in the state I love. But, I would rather be a prisoner of the state instead. I do not mind moving back there, finding a nice and safe home for me and Viktoria (if I marry her), and taking her to parks, stores, and other places I enjoy going for years. I can care less about where (Henderson, North Carolina) I live today. It is somewhat ghetto and unfamiliar to me despite that I have been there for almost 2 years.

A problem with the Internet affects the audio of our communication. We cannot hear what we are saying to each other. But, once the audio improves, Viktoria asks me about possibly moving to her city (Odessa, Ukraine). Reluctant, I tell her that I am concerned about what type of job I am going to work and how much money I am going to earn for a living. Because she is unable to give me solutions, she moves to the next topic – my online business. I tell her that I am still trying to complete it. I have thought that I would finish and start promoting it currently. Of course, there are always obstacles when I go after something I wholeheartedly want.

Ending of Chat

The audio issue recurs by the time our video chat is over. However, I am more interested that she has her own place. I, on the other hand, have been living with my parents and sibling for all of my life. The reason is that I do not make enough money from every crappy job I work. I want to change that issue plus the rest of my life so that I can really become serious with her. She is worth the pursuit.

Of course, she and Elizabeth remind me that they want me to come back to Odessa sooner than later. I keep telling them that I am trying to make that happen by saving as much money as I can. I have to pay rent, gas for my vehicle, groceries, etc. just like they do. Reality indeed outweighs our wishes. But, we continue to be hopeful regardless of our current situations. To show me a sign of saying goodbye for now, Viktoria blows me a few kisses. I am thus content and cannot wait to have the next Skype meeting with her.


I may be glad to be back in Williamsburg.

But, I am happier to have a video chat with her for the 4th time.

I need that real human connection that I do not have in United States. Talking to her monthly just strengthens our relationship. In addition, it distracts me from things (e.g. responsibilities, money, family, society, and so on) I do worry sometimes.

Even if I do not marry her, if I lose interest in her, or if she loses interest in me, I realize how important my relationship with her is.

I know that she is a good woman and she knows that I am a good man.

When I return to Odessa, she plans to take days off her job so that we can spend time together and possibly take our relationship to the next level.

I cannot wait to have this experience with her.

I do not want to date different ladies, waste time and money, and go back to square one.

I may not be ready for marriage.

I may still find Nadya and other foreign women more attractive.

However, I choose to focus on my connection with Viktoria.

I know that I am not going to find another beautiful woman who is very interested in me as she is.

4th Skype chat 2
another photo of our Skype communication

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