My 3rd Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

4 weeks after my previous video chat (which has been on Jul. 1), I am ready to have another one with sexy Viktoria and our translator Elizabeth. I cannot wait to see what Viktoria wears. It feels great to have a pretty woman who continues to be interested in me and that she dresses to impress me. In the United States, I would have to repeat what she does in order to attract a local woman.

Even though I am still unsure about who (Viktoria, Nadya, or an unknown Ukrainian woman) I really want for a serious relationship, I still want to pursue and develop feelings for Viktoria anyway. I am starting to know her well and emotionally separate her from Nadya, Mariana, and other Ukrainian women. Obviously, I am more drawn to her.

If you (American or Westernized man) wish to know how our 3rd chat on Skype has gone, please read the following 3 main sections:

Beginning of chat

When I see her again, I am amazed. She wears a nice white shirt, red lipstick, red fingernails, the same heart-shaped necklace from our last video chat, and long hair. It seems that I am looking at an extroverted person. On our last video chat, she has looked like a college student who goes to the library regularly. Either way, I am still interested in her.

Elizabeth asks me which American movie I recommend Viktoria to see. I probably say “Kickass” or “The Equalizer” (because both movie series are my favorites anyway). But, that topic is not as important as our families are. We focus on that of Viktoria initially. She says that she has a:

  • mother who teaches
  • father who probably owns a farm or plants fruits and vegetables
  • older sister who is :
    • a hairdresser
    • resident of another Ukrainian city
    • wife
    • mother of 1 son
  • teenage nephew (only child of her sister)

I then tell them that my parents are attending the wedding of my 2nd male cousin. I guess that I have disappointed them when I also tell them that I am staying home and doing work. I am not really close to my cousin or other family members because of awkwardness, foolishness, ego, or lack of connection. Plus, I have not been invited to the wedding but my mother has due to her recent bond with him. I have the individualistic American culture to thank for the distance between me and my relatives (except my sister and parents).

3rd video chat - Viktoria 2
gorgeous Viktoria (top) and me (bottom)

Middle of chat

A technical error abruptly ends our video chat. Therefore, I have to wait about 10 minutes for retrieval of our conversation. I am relieved to reconnect with Viktoria and Elizabeth. Then, we switch our topic to cooking. Viktoria wants to know what food I would like to cook for her. My answer is spaghetti. But, I also tell her that I want to go to a nice restaurant and other romantic places with her as well. After all, she is worth pursuing no matter how much money I need to save and how long I have to wait until I return to Odessa, Ukraine.

Ending of chat

Our communication has lasted for maybe 40 minutes. I have to tell her how beautiful she physically is. I imagine sitting or laying with her on her couch and putting my arm around her. She is a woman I now cannot forget ever. Therefore, I am more motivated to save extra money for my return trip to Odessa. As soon as I have enough money, I can go back there, surprise her, and prove how much I care about her. Scheduling our 4th video chat in another 4 weeks (which is Aug. 26) instead of Sep. 16 (my ideal date) is a good sign to her.


What a incredible and unique woman she is.

I let Elizabeth know how serious I am about Viktoria. I realize my feelings after Elizabeth tells me that Viktoria is not going to wait a long time for me to decide. This is why I need to take immediate action.

Unlike the women I have dated in Colombia and Dominican Republic, Ukrainian women do not have the patience to wait for indecisive men. If men have difficulty choosing who they want, they may be rejected and forced to move forward. The same thing applies to me if I do not convince Viktoria how much I want to be with her. I may not be ready to get married and have biological kid(s) with her, Nadya, or anyone else. But, having Viktoria as a potential girlfriend is good enough for me currently. I do not want to rush or destroy our good relationship like most domestic couples do with theirs.

Like other men in general, I am sometimes distracted by many attractive women overseas.

But, the women come and go as money, time, or friends do.

Then, I can pick if remaining single or being in a marital relationship with a woman is better for me.

I would rather choose the 2nd option because I need a woman to communicate, hug, hold, kiss, romance, and claim as mines.

I do not want to be alone for the rest of my life.

I do not want family members and other locals to always feel sorry for me.

I do not want to be pressured or set up on a blind date.

Instead, I wish to see and go after the woman I desire even if she is in another country.

Skype communication has brought me and Viktoria closer to each other.

Once we physically reunite in Odessa, we can truly bond again and see where our relationship takes us.

3rd video chat - Viktoria 3
another pic of me (bottom) and Viktoria (top)
3rd video chat - Viktoria 1
a 3rd photo of us

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