How Are All Foreign Women Unique?

There are so many beautiful and feminine ladies overseas that many American/Western men cannot choose who they want for monogamy.

However, being unable to pick just one woman from Ukraine, Colombia, or another female overpopulated country is a better problem to have than not having enough money, dealing with difficult people (back at home), or being encouraged (by family and friends) to date locally is. One reason is that a man has plenty of time to find his future foreign wife. While he returns to United States or his home country (e.g. Australia or United Kingdom), he can decide what type of woman he wants. Plus, he can take care of his living, financial, job, etc. situations. I am doing the same so that whoever (Nadya, Viktoria, or another Ukrainian woman) I choose to marry would become comfortable with her new life in United States.

Not only are countless foreign women so attractive to keep staring but also they are so real and approachable. Unlike where I live, I have never felt or have never been treated like a creep or pervert in Ukraine, Colombia, or Dominican Republic. I can look at a pretty foreign woman without facing ugly consequences. The main problem is choosing who I want for a serious relationship.

Like myself, do you (American or Western man) have difficulty in finding your potential wife from another country?

If so, I can help you by providing you these 5 facts about foreign women in general:

  • They have different styles.
    • They wear clothes and have certain hairstyles that suit their different personalities.
    • Some care how they dress at home and in public.
    • Others honestly do not.
      • I have dated 2 Ukrainian women (Karina, Tatiana) that have not dressed so well.
        • Karina has looked like a tomboy.
        • Tatiana has looked like that she has come from a funeral service or another depressing place.
      • It has made me think that they are not really interested in me.
      • At least I have worn nice shorts with polo shirts or plaid shirts for them plus 7 other dates.
    • Find a woman whose particular hairstyle(s) and clothes draw you to her.
      • Just because you find an attractive woman, it does not mean that she would always look the same next month, next year, or 10 years from today.
  • They have different personalities.
    • On “Going to Ukraine” blog post, I have individually described 9 women I have dated.
      • I have enjoyed 4 dates the most:
        • Nadya – best
        • Mariana – 2nd best
        • Anna the model
        • “L”
      • Obviously, I want to see and date again Nadya and Viktoria.
    • Like everyone else in the world, foreign women have different:
      • likes
      • dislikes
      • traits/emotions
      • beliefs
      • backgrounds
      • skills/abilities
    • Some women are successful in winning the hearts of American/Western men by being vulnerable (to possible rejection) and being themselves.
      • Therefore, they are possibly married.
    • If you date a woman who agrees or likes the same things you do, maybe you should keep or grow your relationship with her.
  • You may be more physically attracted to a lady despite that you may have a stronger connection with another lady.
    • In my opinion, Nadya is prettier than Viktoria is.
      • I may see Nadya as a future wife.
      • But, what if Viktoria or another Ukrainian woman is the right one for me instead?
      • I do not want to develop feelings for any woman unless she feels the same way about me.
        • However, it is better to be heartbroken in Ukraine (where I have access to countless and gorgeous ladies) than it is in United States (where I have little or no access at all).
    • If you are fascinated by 1 or more lovely females, then start focusing on who they are on the inside.
      • Then, you can decide who is suitable for you.
      • There are always going to be thousands or even millions of unmarried women whether you go to Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, or a similar country.
      • All you can do is:
        • remain single and hook up with different women like many men do
        • or pick a lady and let the others go
    • If you like a woman for her personality but you really are not attracted to her, ask her to dress up.
      • That is what I am planning to do for my second Skype video chat with Viktoria.
      • I need to see more femininity from her.
        • Then, I can increase my interest in her.
        • Elizabeth has already texted me that Viktoria is interested in me anyway.
    • Being with a woman with both inner and outer beauty is like winning money or a brand new car.
      • They both seem impossible because it is so easy for a man (like me or perhaps you) to seek a woman who is:
        • physically attractive but self-centered, materialistic, vain, difficult, etc.
        • not attractive but caring, sweet, approachable, etc.
      • Maybe this situation explains why most men remain happily single or unhappily married.
  • You cannot have the same feelings for 2 different ladies.
    • Either you are going to become more attracted to one woman or lose interest in both of them.
    • How I feel about Nadya is stronger than how I feel about Viktoria.
      • Every time I view AFA photos of Nadya, I am instantly attracted to her.
      • But, the AFA photos of Viktoria and our Skype communication do not change much of my feelings for her.
      • I still want to see where my relationship with her goes regardless.
      • I do not want to reject or make her think that I am not interested.
      • In addition, I do not want to make a mistake by letting the right woman go.
        • Then, if I contact Nadya about seeing her again but she is no longer interested in me, then I am back to square one.
    • If you do have strong feelings for 2 women (or possibly more), then communicate and spend as much time as you can with both of them separately.
      • Again, their different personalities would help you pick the right woman.
  • If you let a good woman go, you would never find another one like her again.
    • I admit that I miss a few attractive women I have dated in Barranquilla, Colombia.
      • But, my living situation, job, and other issues at home (then in Virginia) have been the main reasons why I cannot pursue a serious relationship with any of those women.
    • I still like Dessy (whom I have met in Santiago, Dominican Republic) regardless of her motherhood.
      • But, because I continue to live with my family, earn less money from my crappy job, and have no place of my own, I cannot provide for her and her son.
    • However, I am willing to improve my life for the sake of Nadya or Viktoria.
      • In order to make extra money, I am trying to promote my online business and find a better job in Wake Forest or Raleigh, North Carolina.
        • If I have no success, then I may contact my dad’s American friend and ask for his help for a job in Poland (where he currently lives).
        • Maybe I would also get more time off so that I can travel and stay in Ukraine (which is next to Poland) for a month or so.
      • Both Ukrainian women are indeed important to me.
    • Are you willing to sacrifice your relationship with a good woman for another woman who is prettier or has better qualities that you have always desired in a woman?


All the women I have seen or dated in 3 separate countries (Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ukraine) are one of a kind.

Most of them may believe that they are forgettable, unwanted, or inadequate to men in general. The reason is that the women are in competition with other beautiful ones who live in the same city, other cities, and other countries. But, if some foreign women really want to stand out from the crowd and win international love, they must think outside the box. They have to say, do, or prove how different they are from other women.

Less American/Western men go to Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines, and other female overpopulated countries to meet more than enough foreign women.

But, the other large group of men chooses to stay home and remain single or chase after local American/Western women.

On a previous blog post, I have discussed that Skype communication can encourage those uninterested or hesitant men to get on an airplane and meet foreign women abroad.

But, if women in Ukraine, Colombia, etc. can come up with a better solution for attracting those men, I would like to know eventually.

Like foreign women and everyone else, I am also unique.

This blog is definitely unique as well.

I want to help many sincere and unique foreign ladies (including the ones I have dated) find their potential husbands.

No other blogger or writer cares as much as I do about the lonely women overseas.

No other blogger or writer is interested in dating or marrying someone from another country as I am.

I am crazy about foreign women.

I take them (especially Viktoria and Nadya) seriously.

Even if I choose one for a monogamous relationship, I still want to help others find the men of their dreams.

I do not want to see the women spend the rest of their lives in unhappiness and loneliness.

They are as unique as American/Western women are.

Foreign women matter as American/Western women (e.g. Kardashians and Megan Markle) obviously do.

So, foreign women deserve more respect, love, and commitment than they are getting today.

The uniqueness of their styles, characteristics, etc. should tell you and everyone else the answer.

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