If You Marry a Single Mother…

Around the world, there are many women who are giving birth and raising 1 or more kids. Some of the women do receive help from the fathers of their kid(s); other women are on their own. The solution for these lonely single mothers (including the ones in Ukraine, Colombia, and other foreign countries) is a suitable boyfriend or husband. If every woman can share custody of her child or children with the right man (whether he is the biological father or stepfather), she would be forever pleased. She can relax and focus more on herself.

I do find many Ukrainian, Colombian, Dominican, etc. women attractive every time I look at their online profiles. However, I learn that the majority has kid(s). Even a Dominican woman I want to see again (in her country next year) has a son. I may not like the fact but I am still interested in her as a person. I can feel the same way about another foreign single mother whether she is in Dominican Republic or another foreign nation. The number of beautiful foreign women who are childless is rare.

If you (American or Western man) want to be with a younger or prettier woman, expect her to have a maternal attitude. She already has kid(s) but wants to raise him or her with you as a stepfather. If she is motherless, then she would probably want to have 1 or more biological kids with you. Either way, do not judge and make her feel guilty. You should instead be happy and consider having a marriage with her (even if she is from a foreign country).

Here are the 5 benefits of marrying a foreign woman with a child or children:

  • She would not feel alone or abandoned.
    • When you go to work or somewhere else alone, she would have someone (e.g. her kid(s)) to keep her sane, happy, and occupied.
    • Buying a dog, cat, bird, or some other pet animal may make her happier and more comfortable in her new home with you.
  • She would not feel lost or disconnected when she is around the people you know.
    • She is going to originally see your family, friends, colleagues, etc. as complete strangers.
    • Whether your loved ones support your relationship with her or not, she would see her child or children as her emotional support.
      • If she is childless and your loved ones do not like her, she may avoid marrying you and return to her country before the K1 fiance visa expires.
        • As a result, you may be crushed.
  • She would also see her kid(s) as her encouragement.
    • Therefore, she wants to stay in the United States or a Westernized country with you.
    • She also wants to build a blended family with you, her kid(s), your kid(s) (if you have any), and maybe the biological kid(s) you share with her in the future.
  • She can connect with your parent(s) more than a childless woman does.
  • She can take better care of you than a childless woman does.
    • She has the maternal skills to suit your needs, desires, etc.
    • Unlike a childless woman, the single mother may enjoy doing the following house duties for you:
      • washing, drying, and folding clothes
      • washing and putting away dishes
      • cooking and preparing meals
      • cleaning the house
      • dumping trash
      • so on
    • If you want a child or children with her, become a good stepfather to her kid(s), and/or become a better father to your kid(s), she can help you all the way.
    • She would encourage you to become an amazing husband, father, stepfather, leader of family household, and provider.

Many men (American, Western, and foreign alike) do not want to be with single mothers; the men see the women and especially their children as big problems. However, some single mothers are better and indeed more attractive than women without kids. If you ever look at the profiles from A Foreign Affair, Dream Connections, or Latin Affairs website, you would see my point.

What if you end up with a childless woman who does not love, respect, appreciate, or treat you properly?

If she has never taken care of kid(s), anyone else, a house pet, or even herself well, how can she take care of your needs, wishes, etc.?

How can you really make the relationship with her work?

How can she be selfless?

A single mother (especially if she is from Colombia, Philippines, or another foreign country) does not have to try; as she is already thinking about her kid(s), she would also think about you too. She would do whatever it takes to change your perspective and make you give a single mother (like her) a chance.

She can save you from:

  • dating with a childless woman who is selfish
  • or marrying and having biological kid(s) with a childless woman from hell
Na’s (Thai woman) profile – Dream Connections¬†


    • I do not honestly agree with you.

      But, if you want to find more happiness, peace, etc., you need to trust in God for finding the right woman.

      Also, based on my experiences in Odessa, Ukraine, Santiago, Dominican Republic, and Barranquilla, Colombia, if you date different women, please focus more on who they are.

      Paying attention to good looks of ladies is going to leave you confused, overwhelmed, etc.

      But, like I know my translator/friend/business partner (Elizabeth from Odessa, Ukraine) and a woman (Valeria) in her dating agency, you should build friendships with those who are interested in you and want to know you well.


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