Women of South America

There are gorgeous ladies everywhere. But, please focus more on their different personalities, mentalities, interests, beliefs, etc. I have described them on previous blog posts. In addition, please search and read my words plus those that I have borrowed from other credible authors too.

If you (American or Westernized man) have been reading the majority of my blog posts, you should be fully aware of breathtaking Latin American females such as those in Central America.

However, are you curious about their South American fellow sisters?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then continue reading this information below:


Country: Argentina

Appearances: What differs women in Argentina from others in South America is their connection to Europe. Argentines can probably pass as Europeans due to the physical features of their ancestors from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, and even China (which is in Asia). Nonetheless, countless Argentine females have olive skin complexions, long and thick blonde or brown hair, average or tall heights, and thin weight. Although they prefer or appreciate their natural beauty, they may get plastic surgery for improvement of their faces, breasts, and other body parts. The result is that they can succeed or even be frequently complimented as supermodels. In addition, they can continue wearing less makeup and ordinary clothes such as jeans, blouses, T-shirts, sneakers, and/or trainers.

Personalities: They are just as attractive, educated, ageless, maternal, and independent as most women in the Western world are. But, you, I, and other American/Western males have easier chances to approach, talk, date, and connect with Argentine ladies. One good explanation is their open-mindedness toward men (or other people generally) from other nations. The females want to accept and find the men of their dreams through international dating. Once the women meet and build positive relationships with the opposite sex, they are perhaps unable to stop themselves from becoming jealous, marriage-minded, and temperamental. However, as long as they remain calm, friendly, easygoing, and respectful to the feelings, needs, and desires of their ideal men (despite that numerous females believe in Catholicism), the ladies can retain their relationships or even take them to a higher level.

Activities: Ladies truly show patriotism by watching, participating, or supporting those who are active in football, tango dancing, or other professional sports. Women also believe in fairness by paying a partial amount of money or the entire bill during their dates. If you enjoy reading these specific details about them and increase an interest in a possible Argentine wife or girlfriend, please follow these tips:

  • Treat her with much kindness and respect.
  • Speak to her or about her in a positive and confident way.
  • Always tell her the truth.
  • Prove to her that you are always there for her emotionally or mentally.
  • Be open or willing to have children with her.
  • Avoid giving up on her if you lack patience or confidence.
  • Put her first or above money, fancy restaurants, expensive items, or what you think she wants.
  • Let her know and feel beautiful inside and out.
  • Get along with her relatives especially her parents.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Buenos Aires (capital); Rosario; Mendoza; Salta

Good Dating Websites to Visit: LoveFort; Latin Women Love; LatinFeels; AmoLatina; Latin American Cupid; Match.com.ar; OK Cupid; Tinder

gorgeous woman of Argentine nationality – Pinterest


Country: Bolivia

Appearances: Whether the majority of these ladies are biracial or multiracial, they still have nice tan skin tones. Their bodies may resemble hourglasses. Their hair is as dark as their eyes are. For attendance of nightclubs or any other fun events, they love wearing stylish clothes based on their culture or personalities.

Personalities: According to an author from Women and Travel.net source, Bolivian beauties are constantly overlooked by American/Western males because of their fellow sisters in popular countries including Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. Even though Bolivian females are at a disadvantage, they can still attract good men from United States, Mexico, and other first world nations. The women are exotic in appearance, proficient in English language, and patient when it comes to their goals or dreams. Being very shy, standoffish, or busy at their jobs can turn off hundreds or thousands of men. However, if you are a man who always have a positive mindset, you are going to be able to look past the negative side of a Bolivian lady and maybe seek a monogamous relationship with her sooner or later. She may be shocked consequently.

Activities: Here are a couple of things that most women expect or want to do for their ideal men:

  • Raise and provide needs of their children mainly.
  • Perform most of the household responsibilities such as cleaning rooms, organizing items, and cooking food.
  • Obey the men as a way of showing respect and care for their needs, wishes, and feelings.
  • Learn and speak basic Spanish together.
  • Be valued and treated as equivalents to their men.

Good Cities to Meet Them: La Paz (executive or administrative capital); Sucre (constitutional capital); El Alto; Santa Cruz

Good Dating Websites to Visit: LatinWomanLove; LaDate; SALT-Christian Dating App APK; International Cupid; Latin American Cupid; Badoo; SweetMeet; ChristianCafe.com

Olivia Pinheiro (Bolivian model) – MissNews.com.br


Country: Chile

Appearances: Similar to their Bolivian counterparts, Chilean females are also ignored, rejected, or considered unattractive. But, if you search for Chilean women on Google or YouTube, you may be astounded with the results. These gorgeous ladies have smooth tan complexions, fancy dark hair, thin or sporty weight, slender waists, and large breasts. They love dressing in European style clothes due to their value and reputation. They are willing to spend extra money plus keep their clothes clean, stylish, and free of wrinkles.

Personalities: Just because multiple females are initially shy or reserved, it does not mean that they are incapable of charming serious males from United States, Canada, Europe, etc. The women have something irresistible to offer to the opposite sex such as unique ideas for inspiration, traditional viewpoints as guidance, extreme devotion to all of their relationships. Their sense of humor and cheerfulness are major pluses too. So, how can a man like you or me ignore or reject their inner and outer beauty?

Activities: If you are interested in a potential friendship (leading to marriage) with a Chilean lady, please learn these facts concerning her characteristics, beliefs, etc.:

  • She needs you to always respect and get along with her family members.
  • She expects you to wait patiently for her even if both of you are communicating online.
  • She hopes that you would dress nicely and keep your hair neat and clean as she does.
  • She does not like conflicts, arguments, or drama whatsoever.
  • She is not afraid to overcome difficulties or obstacles in order to keep a stable and positive bond with you.
  • She just wishes to continue the romance and spend quality time with you at a mall, dance club, or maybe a social media app (e.g. Skype or WhatsApp).

Good Cities to Meet Them: Santiago (capital); Valparaiso; Putre; Arica; La Serena; San Pedro de Atacama; Antofagasta

Good Dating Websites to Visit: LatinWomenLove; ColombianLady.com; LatinBeautyDate.com; Badoo; Latin American Cupid; Luvze; Tinder

Maria Eugenia Larrain (Chilean model) – Listal


Country: Ecuador

Appearances: Boredom or lack of physical attraction immediately comes to my mind when it comes to these ladies. Nevertheless, I want to pay more attention to their positive side for your sake. Many of them have curvy shapes and straight hair. Their eyes are just as big as their lips are. Despite that they wear traditional or modern dresses based on their religions or beliefs, they can still become more feminine by getting manicures and pedicures. They can also put on perfumes with pleasant scents.

Personalities: They may be less educated or wealthy than many Russian or Western women are. But, Ecuadorian females perhaps have bigger hearts and extra ambition that can lead them to better jobs/businesses and easier lives. They would probably sacrifice their jobs, careers, and goals or work countless hours for earning more incomes for the needs of their relatives. Although numerous females are straightforward and candid with others in general, the ladies still remain positive, bubbly, kind, respectful, and sociable. Hence, they are so capable of attracting friends, employers, business partners, and obviously men who may fall in love and wish to marry them someday.

Activities: If you wish to impress an Ecuadorian lady, first learn these facts concerning her:

  • She loves playing, dancing, and/or attending dance festivals.
  • She considers a certain meal (e.g. toasted corn, marinated shrimp, and stuffed pastry) as her healthy diet.
  • She enjoys celebrating every or all holidays with her family.
  • She is going to give up her wealth, money, and/or materialistic items for her loved ones.
  • At a young age, she craves marriage and motherhood.
  • She is willing to provide you instant attention or show you full interest if you start approaching and talking to her in a public place.
  • Maybe she can still enjoy performing household chores without becoming stressed.
  • Show her evidence that you are different from local men and that she is a special queen in your eyes.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Quito (capital); Cuenca; Loja; Guayaquil; Montanita; Manta

Good Dating Websites to Visit: LaDate; ColombiaLady; LatinWomanDate; Badoo; Evermatch; Yalwa; Latin American Cupid; eHarmony; Tinder

anonymous Ecuadorian – Inspirational Women Series


Country: Paraguay

Appearances: The color ‘brown‘ may help the ladies become memorable to the world. Innumerable individuals mayhap have the same color for their eyes. Their skin complexions are similar or lighter than the same color too. Howbeit, their hair color is either black or darker. Furthermore, they have curvy bodies plus lush hips.

Personalities: To this day, the global media might continue portraying most Paraguayan females negatively. The main reason is that their nation has supposedly begun an ugly war and has driven away thousands or millions of males. Despite of those unfortunate facts, countless women stay optimistic and loyal to their country. They still keep respect, femininity, joy, and peace within their families and communities. They are very passionate about their religions, culture, and relationships with others. They may be independent or detached from many local Paraguayan men. But, the ladies can constantly attract Western guys with their shyness, flirtations, extroversion, and compassion for strangers.

Activities: Disliking dishwashing, house cleaning, or household duties overall may cause a Paraguayan lady to fall in love with you. Even though most people avoid enjoying chores at all, she has a different opinion. She may be willing to do anything for you especially if you want to wed her someday. But, in return, you must do the following things for her:

  • Do a fake laugh at her jokes so that she would not get upset or discouraged.
  • Expect to get along with all of her relatives.
  • Understand how her close and distant family members influence her personal life, career or job, mentality, love life, etc.
  • Be patient and sympathetic to her needs, time, and feelings.
  • Take the initiative when it comes to decision making.
  • Value her culture and language.
  • Buy her flowers or something else special and unforgettable during a date.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Asuncion (capital); Encarnacion; San Lorenzo; Capiata; Fernando de la Mora

Good Dating Websites to Visit: ColombiaLady; LatinBeautyDate; AmoLatina; LatamDate; CharmDate; Brilic; Tinder; International Cupid

anonymous Paraguayan – Evoke Softech


Country: Uruguay

Appearances: A surprising fact about these females is that only 3% of them is fully Uruguayan. The remaining ones are mixed with European (German, English, Spaniard, or some other European nationality) blood, African (unknown African nationality) blood, or both. In general, the women have stunning lips, pretty eyes, and round bodies. Their hair colors are usually blonde, brunette, or dark brown.

Personalities: Because they are independent regarding their professionalism, finances, and human needs, the ladies may be compared to their Western counterparts. In contrast, Uruguayan women are more selfless plus empathetic to others specifically their loved ones. The females are so friendly and loving that they may support their potential boyfriends or husbands pay their bills. Additionally, ladies may even learn English as a primary language above theirs if they enter marital relationships with American/Western men. The women frankly deserve to be the most beautiful Latin Americans inside and out. They have the exotic appearances, faithfulness, patience, athletic motivation, and caring hearts to prove their perspectives.

Activities: If you wish to woo the heart of an Uruguayan female, focus mainly on friendship. She values it over sex or intimacy. She also believes that friendship produces or leads to positivity, eternal love, success, and longevity between opposite sexes. Another word to consider is indeed ‘family‘. If you approach her, start a friendly conversation, and ask her on a date, please be aware of her belief that she needs to communicate to her parents for their approval. If they say ‘no’, then you may have to find another exquisite woman to date or marry. Nonetheless, if they give her a positive answer, then make sure to thank them. One clever way is treating their daughter as a princess. If you grow the connection with her, ponder these roles from her too:

  • athlete
    • She may enjoy watching, talking, or playing football, rugby, or basketball (which is popular nationally).
  • matriarch
    • She is willing to do anything for their relatives.
  • pioneer
    • She is very capable of advancing her academic skills in order to achieve a job promotion or grow her business.
  • housekeeper
    • Maternal, she loves to cook, clean, and raise children whether they are hers or not.
    • She wants you to relax and enjoy your time with her peacefully and harmoniously.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Montevideo (capital); Punta del Diablo; Punta del Este; Minas; Piriapolis; Salto

Good Dating Websites to Visit: JollyRomance.com; SweetMeet.com; Badoo; iHappy; Brilic; Tinder; Latin American Cupid; Uruguay Social; happn

anonymous Uruguayan – Women & Travel


Country: Venezuela

Appearances: These ladies are just as prominent as their fellow sisters in Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina are. Venezuelan females typically have big and brown eyes. They have dark and thick hair. Furthermore, their skin complexions are olive and their shapes are either curvy or slender. For fashion, they prefer to wear clothes that represent femininity, morality, worth, etc. To actually attract the opposite gender, they need to apply makeup to their trends.

Personalities: Whether local men make good or bad decisions, the majority of Venezuelan women choose to assist the men anyway. But, rudeness, criminal activity, poor hygiene, or especially infidelity of the male may repulse the females permanently. Ladies would rather wait to meet and bond with better men or remain single and focus on self-improvement. After all, they are very smart and passionate about seeking true love, taking care of their family members, and/or progressing their careers or businesses. The females moreover express their sincerity, confidence, patriotism, and tirelessness through dancing, partying, or marketing. As a result, they are able to lure the right men especially with their:

  • stylish but suitable clothes
  • strong belief in Roman Catholicism
  • moral values
  • comical or lighthearted traits

Activities: Globally, the women are known for winning transcontinental or world beauty contests. They essentially have the glamour to influence many other people, motivation to go outside their comfort zones, and heart to give money and other human needs to their loved ones. Thus, if you are interested in becoming a winner in the mind of a potential Venezuelan girlfriend of wife, please accomplish these necessary tasks:

  • Let her plan and participate in large parties or family dinners.
  • Wear nice clothes, keep your hair neat and clean, and perhaps put on some cologne.
  • On a date, take her to a romantic place such as a seaside, tower, or mountain.
  • Stay positive concerning what you say, how you say it, and even how you think.
  • Give her attention, respect, and curiosity of her culture, language, or both.
  • Finally, surprise her with small presents which are deemed highly valuable and cordial.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Caracas (capital); Maracaibo; Valencia; Barquisimeto

Good Dating Websites to Visit: LatinWomenLove.com; LatinBeautyDate.com; Badoo; Tinder; Latin American Cupid; Brilic; AmoLatina; Sentimente.com

Venezuelan pageant models – “Tonic” YouTube video


There are millions of lovely females in South America alone. But, as a man, you (or I) may have difficulty in selecting one as a potential girlfriend or wife. Plus, you have other ladies in other continents (including yours) to choose as well. For a solution, investigate and distinguish women based on their personalities, physical features, interests, and so forth. In my honest opinion, put more focus between 3 and 6 particular females whom you desire to meet, date, and start a friendship. Picking a small number of belles can prevent you from becoming:

  • overwhelmed
  • confused
  • undecided
  • frustrated

I truly hope that this blog post is going to encourage and help you find the right woman whether she is South American or not.

Life is too short to stay single or enter temporary relationships with various women.

Keep your distance from men who constantly do both actions.

Like myself, follow your heart, plan your long-term goals, and overcome feasible barriers that get in your way.

You would inevitably receive a happier life and a stronger connection with a woman who can exceed your expectations.


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