My Review – “My Colombian Wife” Website

A group of 5 experts (Keith, Leslie, Kelly, manager Lady Johanna, and owner Alexander K.) has created or kept the “My Colombian Wife” agency alive for an unknown number of years. Their only location is the capital (Bogota) of Colombia. They always interview and investigate Colombian ladies before considering them as members. The staff members want to make sure that their male clients from United States, Australia, Europe, and other Westernized countries meet, date, and build relationships with the right women.

If you (American or Westernized man) want to learn great advice about the Colombian culture, receive guidance from trustworthy people, and find the woman of your dreams, please read my thoughts below:


  • YouTube channel
    • It has about 25 videos.
      • You can see videos featuring both staff members/professionals and their clients.
    • The channel has less viewers and subscribers.
      • However, I consider its videos worthwhile regardless.
    • If you want to know that the international dating company is real and sincere, watch those videos for verification.
  • “Contact” webpage
    • It includes a YouTube video, an email form, and a consultation phone call schedule.
      • You have 2 different ways to communicate with someone from the industry.
    • The webpage tells me how eager the staff members are in talking to male visitors or customers.
    • If you are curious about the business or Colombian women in general, perhaps send an email message or schedule a consultation phone call with staff member(s).
      • He or she would love to hear from you.
  • “Blog” webpage
    • It includes numerous blog posts featuring those of beautiful ladies.
      • You can look at their gorgeous images and read their profile information if you wish.
    • The webpage has 3 subcategories:
    • They are all so informative and interesting to constantly visit.
    • You would not get bored, tired, or unsatisfied with them.
  • “Personal Matchmaking” webpage
    • It provides you 3 specific steps that can guide you to success in dating and connecting with the opposite sex in Colombia.
    • The webpage definitely informs me how the company operates.
    • Reading easy words and looking at a few helpful photos may encourage you to become:

1 Dislike

  • “Testimonials” section
    • It shows 1 photo of an international couple at a time.
      • Sometimes, it includes their names.
    • You would also see information of Alexander K. too.
    • The part is located near the bottom of each webpage.
    • Seeing these inadequate details may still give you reassurance that you can find your potential wife or girlfriend in Colombia.


The website is just as good as “International Introductions” and “Manizales Cupido” websites are. All of them offer services for Colombian women and American/Western men. The difference is that “My Colombian Wife” website is more available for human communication than the other 2 websites are.

You would absolutely find plenty of information on “My Colombian Wife” website.

View photos of good-looking females.

Watch YouTube videos that can lead you to the right direction.

Get in touch with the company staff via email, phone, and/or WhatsApp.

Save your money and plan a trip to Bogota, Colombia.

Attend an individual romance tour there and pursue the Latin woman of your dreams.

She is waiting to become your future wife now and forever.

My Colombian Wife home webpage
home webpage
Testimonials section on home webpage
“Testimonials” section on home webpage
Angela – Visit her webpage
Daniela – Visit her profile

Here is feedback from Alexander K. (owner of the dating website) through LinkedIn:

feedback from Alexander K of My Colombian Wife website
LinkedIn feedback from Alexander K.


    • This is a review for I give facts about the website and company as well as my likes and dislikes of them.

      In fact, I have received feedback from the owner of the website/company on LinkedIn. Here it is:

      Alexander K. commented on your post
      “Thank you for that review ”


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