Group Romance Tour versus Individual Romance Tour

Are you (American or Western man) interested in meeting numerous ladies for dating, friendships, possible marriage, and/or improvement of your social skills?

If so, then consider attending a romance tour in another country.

It comes into 2 categories.

But, if you are undecided about which one to pick, then read the information below:

Group Romance Tour

Description: a special event (that is usually held in Ukraine, Thailand, Colombia, or a certain other nation) where you meet and bond with other American/Western males and of course beautiful foreign females



  • having a short time to know many females well or individually
  • being required to go to the romance tour when it is scheduled
  • waiting to attend the next scheduled one (whether it is in the same city or a different one) if you cannot make it to the current romance tour
  • paying extra money for romance tour itself, translator fees, dates (especially if they are not the same), etc.
  • being a little pressured to meet and talk to different women whether you are interested in them or not
  • possibly being shocked and overwhelmed by nonstop attention of gorgeous ladies
  • lacking some confidence after seeing or being around crowds of strangers
  • having difficulty in choosing which woman or women you mainly want to focus
  • depending or being influenced by what other men say, do, or think about the ladies, romance tour, foreign culture, etc.

My Opinion: If you are sociable, outgoing, and reliant on others, then attend this type of romance tour. You would meet and build positive relationships with many diverse people including your potential wife or girlfriend. In addition, you would create many positive memories that are going to inspire your relatives, friends, neighbors, and others at home. Creating a YouTube channel or blog similar to mines is a major advantage.

4 American/Western men at a Chinese romance tour social –

Individual Romance Tour

Description: a special event where you just have one-to-one meetings with foreign ladies you are interested


  • going abroad on any of 365 days in a year
  • having plenty of time to focus and connect with each female you date
  • paying less money for this tour than you do with the group type
  • getting support and befriending translator (if she is there for you throughout your trip)
  • learning about foreign culture on your own or from your date(s), translator(s), or both
  • not being distracted or influenced by other male clients (who may be absent while you are there)


  • feeling lonely for most of your trip (unless you prefer your time for yourself)
  • not having other male clients (or Men of Action) to talk, encourage or be encouraged, and hang out
  • facing some boredom when you are not on a date
  • dealing with possible rejection from ladies you have picked to meet/date
  • realizing that they are just as busy with their jobs, education, families, and/or lives as you are where you live
  • spending more money for your dates and services of your translator(s)
  • finding your own place to stay with little or no assistance from international dating company staff members
  • getting your own transportation, food, and other needs (unless you join a superb dating agency such as Dream Connections)
  • dealing with language barrier and culture shock while you travel or walk around the streets

My Opinion: Like me, you should take this romance tour if you want to go overseas whenever you want or at a certain time you can go. You can also focus more on yourself (regarding who you frankly are and what you truly want or need in your life) and every lady you date than you do on a group romance tour. You do not have to worry about spending extra money and paying attention to more people as well. An individual romance tour can quickly lead you to the right direction plus right woman.

Mark Davis with Inga Trosheva
Inga Trosheva (new individual quest tour manager in Ukraine) interviewed by her boss (Mark Davis) – “Dream Connections” YouTube video


A group romance tour provides you more human connection, trust in others, safety, and sanity in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, or another nation you visit.

However, if you want more freedom and time to clear your head and know each foreign woman well, pick an individual romance tour instead.

Each romance tour has its ups and downs. But, choose the one that is going to make your life better. Whether you find the woman of your dreams or not, you should have no regrets at all.

Regardless of your decision, you can still enjoy your time overseas.

You can still make the ladies happy because of your willingness to show up, dress appropriately, respect, and take interest in them.

That is what I have done on my 4 previous trips abroad.

I plan to repeat for the 5th time next week.

Countless females are waiting to meet and connect with additional American/Western men through both types of romance tours.

So, if you are seriously looking for a relationship with a lady who feels the same way you do, go ahead and purchase a romance tour.

You would have zero regrets and one chance to meet many women beyond your dreams.

Michael Mordinson interviewing international couple
Michael Mordinson interviewing an international couple – “Mordinson Marriage Agency” YouTube video

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