So Ready to Go

My nerves are somewhat increasing while the number of days until my vacation begins is decreasing. However, I am eager to return to Odessa, Ukraine next week. Temporarily getting away from my crummy job and mediocre life is a definitely good reason. Spending individual time with the beautiful ladies (including Viktoria) again is an even better excuse.

If you (American or Western man) are curious about the ones whom I have picked (for my Euro Club membership service) and hope to meet and date, please view the following 5 photos and read the following paragraphs below:

p187197 Elena
Elena – AFA #187197
p179952 Katerina
Katerina – AFA #179952
p180568 Maryana
Maryana – AFA #180568
p181615 Victoria
Victoria – AFA #181615
p180996 Viktoriya
Viktoriya – AFA #180996

I have obviously selected these 5 various women due to their physical features. Elena reminds me of someone who has attended the same school that I have. I consider Katerina exotic thanks to her unique hairstyle. Maryana looks like a famous model or actress. Victoria has a beautiful face that I can picture in my head repeatedly. What draws me to the last woman (Viktoriya) from the photo collection (above) is her tall legs and long and blonde hair. If you find all of them as irresistible as I do, then think about following my footsteps and meeting/dating lovely females like them overseas.

I have picked 12 ladies in total. Of course, one of them is Viktoria. Because of my relationship with her (thanks to our 13 previous Skype chats), I want to focus mainly on her throughout my trip. But, I need to know when she is available so that we can spend enough time together. Plus, I am interested in seeing Nadya again, a lady (Lyudmila) whom I have no chance to meet/date last year, Miss Bikini Odessa, and the other 8 women too. I hope to learn plenty of information regarding their characteristics, desires, backgrounds, etc. The possible result is writing a future blog post about each of them and helping her seek the right man.


I may be a little scared to get on an airplane again.

But, I am excited to return to Odessa.

I want to be in the presence of beautiful ladies again.

I want to experience another culture shock because of how tired I am of my job, my life, and most of the people at home.

I am so prepared to go back to my foreign destination.

Viktoria is waiting for me to come and reunite with her.

Other ladies would be glad to meet, know me well, and receive extra hope in finding their potential husbands or boyfriends.

Everyone would thus feel like a winner.

So, if your heart tells you to go where I am returning or visit another country, please listen to it.

It may lead you to more happiness, long-lasting friendships with amazing people, and a serious relationship with a lady who fulfills or exceeds your expectations.

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