Connecting with Attractive Women

There are good looking females everywhere.

Can you (American or Western man) frankly see yourself with any of them?

If not, then can you approach and have a conversation with her?

If your answer is still ‘no’, then read below specific information that may help you succeed with the opposite sex socially, romantically, etc.:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other Westernized countries

Watching the “A3BikiniYouTube channel has inspired me to write this blog post. American/Western models who appear on the videos are obviously irresistible. Like me, you may stare at them for a hour or longer. But, then you should realize that they are just being professional and seductive in hopes of earning excess money and popularity.

If you ever see them in person, would you have a chance to talk and ask any of them for a date?

Can you truly build a relationship with any of them if you:

The same things apply with ladies where you live too. Local dating is not really going to be simple or enjoyable if you lack the characteristics that they want in their ideal men. However, if you can find a special female who accepts you as you are, then bond with her without a doubt. Otherwise, give international dating a chance so that you can stop daydreaming or focusing on women who are unavailable or uninterested in you.

gorgeous American-Western bikini models
gorgeous American/Western bikini models – “A3Bikini” YouTube video

Dominican Republic, Russia, Peru, and other non-Westernized countries

You may lose interest in videos and photos overseas after seeing beautiful ladies physically. They are easier to approach, communicate, date, and develop a friendship or marital relationship than the ones at home are. Many foreign females are dependent and respectful to the opposite sex due to their paternalistic cultures. But, they might fall in love and desire a man like you after knowing you for a short time. Like me concerning Viktoria and Elizabeth, you can also help most of them change their perspectives toward males in general. The result is that those ladies can remain positive and seek their potential husbands despite of their obstacles. You can do the same regarding your potential wife or girlfriend. You would have zero trouble in finding her in a nation that is not influenced by the American or Western culture.

Mr T's interview with attractive and married Dominican woman
interview with attractive Dominican female – “Educated Traveler” YouTube video


Unless you have good looks, charm, riches, nice things, and/or enough experience with the opposite sex, you are going to have a hard time in getting attention from most American/Western ladies locally.

But, for pretty women in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, or a similar country you may visit, you just need to be yourself in an open and optimistic way.

Human connection is difficult to find or keep in United States or the Western world. If you cannot bond or even talk to someone in general, you would probably fail with an attractive lady too. Then, discouragement and resentment may occur and take over your mind. Do not end up like the MGTOW community.

You can indeed get rid of your negative emotions, thoughts, or feelings abroad.

There are plenty of positive and encouraging females who are waiting to meet you plus other kindhearted and average American/Western males.

You can get more attention and respect from the beautiful ladies even though they always get less.

You do not have to worry about rejection or competition as much as they do.

All you have to do is show up there and be the best version of yourself.

If you become successful and thus have a stunning woman in your arms, nothing else would probably matter to you.

Take a look at the following 4 images and ask yourself if you can see a future with any lady.

Please write your answer(s) below.

p183826-1 (1)
Yana (Ukrainian) – AFA #183826
Ana (Colombian) – DC #0572297
Betzabeth (Peruvian) – AFA #180654
Zyralene (Philippine) – AFA #178134

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