The Culture Shocks of an International Couple

I am eager about my return trip to Odessa, Ukraine next month. But, I confess to you (American or Westernized man) that I am a little nervous. Unlike most American/Western men, I choose to overcome my obstacles and travel overseas anyway. The reward of accessible and approachable ladies is so worth it. It however comes with a problem – culture shock.

What is it?

If you want to hear its meaning from an international dating/marriage expert, click on this YouTube video link.

Otherwise, continue reading the main information (which is divided into 2 categories) regarding the experiences from each American/Western man and his potential wife from another nation below:

His culture shock

Like me, he may feel uncomfortable, unsafe, embarrassed (especially by his relatives and friends), and/or regretful about traveling to another country and seeking the woman of his dreams at first. Regardless of his barriers, he must continue with his mission in order to find true love and happiness. The rest of his life depends on it.

Of course, he would face some difficulty in exploring a different and unknown culture. He is going to see places, people, food, etc. that are considered weird or abnormal in his opinion. He may feel lost if most people in that nation do not or cannot speak his language (English). Nonetheless, his worries are going to disappear once he meets and connects with beautiful ladies. They would do their best in:

  • making him relax
  • teaching him enough information about their culture(s), etc.
  • leading him to the right direction mentally
  • encouraging him to choose and build a monogamous relationship with one of them

Whether he finds the right woman or not, he may have a (more) positive outlook of her culture, deem where she lives as his “home away from home“, and plan another vacation there in the future.

American-Western man in Lima, Peru
curious American/Western male traveler in Lima, Peru – “Lost LeBlanc” YouTube video

Her culture shock

Visiting and spending a week or longer in another country are typical. However, moving, beginning a new life in United States or a Westernized country (e.g. Canada or Australia), and marrying a man in 90 days or less (based on the K1 fiance visa) may be too much for a foreign woman. On “Variety of Foreign Women Part 2” blog post, I have described her as well as her counterparts based on their attitudes toward international dating or marriage. Some women in Ukraine, Colombia, and other nations are just interested in their local men despite of possible abuse, infidelity, and/or other relationship issues. Like those women, others also prefer to stay where they are and encourage their possible American/Western boyfriends or husbands to relocate there. But, a truly selfless lady would sacrifice everything she has and everyone she knows for the sake of her American or Western husband. She may not be crazy about her new life and home with him, food that she has to eat, people that she has to get along, and so on. She however puts her marriage and unconditional love for him above her feelings and everything else. As a result, not only would she become happier but also she would receive much support from him, his loved ones, and others regarding money, her employment, education, passion(s), etc.

Annie and David (90 Day Fiance couple) in his country (United States) – US Magazine


A man may feel lost if he travels overseas in hopes of pursuing his potential wife. She may feel the same if she legally enters his country under the K1 fiance(e) visa period. But, getting married would leave them found and complete with each other. Whether they stay there, move to her country, or go somewhere else, they would still be at the same place emotionally.

A culture shock can be scary to anyone who travels to another country for the first time.

But, a culture shock can also help him or her build a everlasting relationship with another individual.

If you are skeptical of going overseas and finding international love but tired of staying home (like I am) and focusing on local women who do not appreciate or show much interest in you, then become willing to experience a culture shock.

Face the unknown so that you can encounter a foreign woman whom you may think that you have known for years.

Explore places that you have never dreamed of going with her.

Eat exotic foods that can improve your health.

Create amazing memories with her no matter where you both are.

Human connection indeed makes a positive difference even if you and she unexpectedly go to a negative place.

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