Yulia the Fashion Designer

I need to write this blog post for another single woman (Yulia) I have dated in Odessa, Ukraine. She has been on my mind recently. But, I am not planning to see her again once I return there next month. I want to focus mainly on my relationship with Viktoria plus date mostly new ladies. Another reason is that Yulia and I do not have any chemistry with each other. But, I respect and consider her as a potentially longtime friend whom I would like to hang out if I have extra money and time in her city.

Pretty and worthy to a man who wants to be happily married, she deserves to be discussed thoroughly.

If you (American or Western man) wish to know her well, see how she is different from other foreign ladies, and maybe meet and build a serious relationship with her abroad, please read the following details which are divided into 4 categories:

Her appearance

Even though she is actually 2 years older than I am, she looks as young as Anna, Karina,  or even Viktoria does. Yulia, in some way, does resemble Shakira (famed songstress and dancer from Barranquilla, Colombia) due to their blonde hair, thin weight, skin tones, and beautiful smiles. However, I have noticed that Yulia is shorter than she looks in her images on “A Foreign Affair” website during our date. She is still a lovely lady in my eyes regardless.

Maybe you would feel the same way about her too.

Her style

Obviously, I have chosen to date her because of her gorgeous photos. But, when I have seen her for the first time, I have thought that I am with someone else. She has worn classy and less stunning clothes that cover most of her body. If you wish to view a photo of that apparel, click on this link.

I later have realized that she as well as other females do sexy photo sessions in order to attract more American/Western men. In spite of that, I have no regrets in meeting and getting to know her a little. I have become surprised when she has told me that she has designed the clothes and necklace she has worn. After all, the title of this blog post describes who she is professionally.

If you are interested in a lady based on her creativity and fashion, consider adding Yulia on your list.

Her personality

Unlike most women or people in general where I live, she is approachable. I can be myself around her whether I talk or have nothing to say. Also, I like that she is family-oriented. The truth that she is close to her mother should motivate me to do the same with mines. Nevertheless, my mother and I do not always see eye on eye when it comes to particular topics. We are however getting along with each other more than we have a couple of months ago. Hopefully, we do improve our relationship sooner or later. I do not want it to affect my connection with Viktoria or any other woman I become seriously involved.

If you truly want to bond with a woman with both inner and outer beauty, travel to Odessa for an individual romance tour and go on second or subsequent dates with Yulia or someone with the same characteristics.

Her abilities and feelings

I have not expected to receive homemade cookies from Yulia during our date. Despite that I do not enjoy the taste of them, I have shown her my gratitude for doing something special anyway. After all, she has difficulty in finding a man for dating, friendship, or marriage. In fact, she has not been on a date or involved with the opposite sex for over a decade. I am so glad that she has accepted my date request. Optimistically, the time we have spent together encourages her to insistently find the man of her dreams or more happiness if she decides to remain single.

If you are drawn to her heart and interested in learning additional information about her, please visit her profile or meet her abroad.


Unexpectedly, I have gone to the same restaurant with 2 different ladies (Viktoria and Yulia).

But, my date with Yulia is more memorable and meaningful to me. She is an incredible woman with an innocent heart and undeniable talent. Her clothes, necklace, and homemade cookies prove how valuable she is.

It frankly does not matter that there are thousands of other attractive women in her country.

She is unique and irreplaceable.

I still say the same for Viktoria and other ladies I have dated.

What separates Yulia from them is her longer time on earth.

She may be older than they are or I am.

But, she is:

May God bless and send her the right man.

If you are him, you would make her day.




3 Photos of Yulia – AFA #175445

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