Photos of Foreign Women

I cannot get enough of digital images when it comes to beautiful ladies abroad. I have been downloading, saving, and looking at unlimited images for years. Thus, I upload and share some with you (American or Westernized man) and other male readers so that you may feel the same way I do. But, I know that photos are as imperfect as everything else is.

So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of them:

3 Pros

  • low or no cost
    • You can look at numerous available images online for a cheap price or free.
    • There are some websites (e.g. Yahoo! Flickr and that forbid you from downloading photos.
      • But, like me, you can do these 2 options:
        • Create screenshot images by clicking a particular keyboard button, pasting on a Microsoft Word document, and saving them in a format and file location of your choice.
        • Drag the images to your desktop software or another file location.
    • If you want more access to more images on dating websites especially, you have to do these requirements:
      • Register for an online account.
      • Pay or upgrade your membership.
  • curiosity in learning additional information about foreign females
    • Seeing something feminine or special in them may encourage you to seek extra details regarding their:
    • The more information you know may turn you into a Man of Action.
      • You may wish to travel to a foreign country (or countries) and see how the women actually are.
        • Based on my experiences, I can tell you that having physical access to them is way better than having digital access to their photos is.
        • I honestly believe that most couples in general decide to be together even if they are not attracted to each other 100%.
          • The need for human connection is more important than thinking or looking at images of someone you find attractive is.
          • I value my relationship with Viktoria and want to try growing it due to:
            • her beautiful personality
            • her gorgeous pictures of course
            • the fact that I would never find anyone else like her or better
  • desire to collect more images
    • Like me, you would probably want to continue downloading and recording them on blank discs.
    • You are going to realize that more attractive ladies exist in this world than what you have known or who you have seen where you live.
    • You may later wish to:
      • expand your dating options
      • expect or ask the woman (or women) you are dating about wearing sexy or sexier clothes

3 Cons

  • lack of motivation to meet ladies overseas
    • Indeed, their photos do not require or inspire most American/Western men to visit them.
      • Thus, the number of Keyboard Romeos has grown.
      • Thanks to AmoLatina and other international dating websites that primarily focus on chatting and letter writing services, additional men can stay at home, waste their money and energy, and continue fantasizing about women they would never date/marry.
    • To avoid becoming a Keyboard Romeo, you must do any of these tasks:
      • Have Skype video chat(s) with a woman (or women) of your choice.
      • Chat or write an email message to her concerning your promise to travel to her country soon.
      • Just go on your trip abroad without communicating with any foreign woman at all.
    • Many foreign ladies are eager to date, befriend, and possibly marry men outside their nations.
      • The females are not as focused on online photos as the males including Keyboard Romeos are.
  • difficulty of selecting woman or women you are very interested
    • The extra photos you view would make your possible list of ladies you wish to date longer and harder to narrow.
    • To shorten your list, you can choose any of the following options:
      • On your computer, create a separate folder for only photos of women you definitely want to meet/date.
      • Delete the images of females you are not really interested or think that they are not your matches.
      • Write a list, number it to 10 or less, and then write the names, profile numbers, etc. of your chosen women.
    • It is a little sad that you cannot pick all the women you desire.
      • However, if you do so, date them, and get to know them well, you would eventually understand who is suitable for you and who is not.
      • I say this fact because of my experiences with Ukrainian and Colombian women I have dated.
  • unhealthy obsession with physical beauty
    • Your mental health can probably be negatively affected if you spend too much time in viewing images of different ladies.
      • The same thing may apply even if you look at photos of the same women with different clothes, poses, hairstyles, etc.
    • I admit that I am sometimes preoccupied with thinking or staring at images of various women in Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc.
      • But, my crummy job, shortage of money, and other life problems keep my mind busy mostly.
      • Focusing on something positive (e.g. my relationship with God or that with Viktoria) does distract me from those issues though.
    • Paying more attention to looks can blind you from the truth of who the woman or women are characteristically or spiritually.
      • That probably explains why most people are quick in connecting with those they find physically attractive.
      • But, their relationships may deteriorate or come to an end after the people learn the ugly truth about their partners or spouses.
      • Therefore, if you want to be with a woman due to her sexy appearance primarily, investigate or communicate with her as often as possible.
        • The more facts you learn about her is going to help you decide whether or not you want to pursue her for a serious relationship.


There is that saying “a picture is worth 1000 words“.

But, being in her presence is priceless.

In fact, I have heard that some Men of Action (from probably the “Dream Connections” YouTube channel) say that photos do not give her and other foreign females justice. The men are right for their comments. There are more to see from the women than what their images physically show.

If you look closer at the photos, you may see sincerity, innocence, creativity, optimism, and other positive or invisible qualities inside the ladies.

If you are willing to travel to a foreign country (or countries) and meet them in person, you may feel a deep connection to their souls.

You may never look or feel the same way(s) about their images again.

But, if you find the woman of your dreams, you may always be crazy about her as you are with her different photos.

tqf1e04w--15952LisettY21 (11)
Lisett – I Love Latins
Maria Eugenia – DC #0572344
Gabriela – DC #0572322
Elena – Visit her profile
Yuan (Crystal) – AFA #179153

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