Haters of International Dating

During this decade, more American/Western men are traveling overseas and meeting foreign women for dating, friendship, and even marriage. Whether the men find true love or not, they still find happiness. They (fully) understand how international dating works. Furthermore, they are so relieved that they want to tell, encourage, or make everyone at home feel the same way. Unfortunately, most people in United States, Canada, and the rest of the Western world today seem entirely unaware or uninterested in dating or marrying those from other countries (despite of “90 Day Fiance” TV series and other shows/movies/businesses that successfully promote international dating/marriage. They really do not want you (American or Western man) and me to be with foreign women either.

Who are these haters and why are they so against international dating?

Read the 5 categories below:

“Angry Birds”

Bud Patterson of A Foreign Affair agency has coined this name (maybe from the popular animated movie and video game series) for frustrated Men of Action who have previously negative experiences with foreign women. The men may have been swindled, flaked, rejected, or misunderstood by the women they have dated, befriended, or built serious relationships. Because the men are back at home and unable to control their anger, they start writing negative comments on YouTube, Facebook, blog posts, etc. Some of them may publish their own (YouTube) videos or create their own blogs so that they can constantly badmouth the ladies abroad. The men are honestly no different from the MGTOW community.

In a way, I do understand the viewpoints of “Angry Birds” . Indeed, a few women (in foreign countries) are untrustworthy, dishonest, foolish, undecided about who or what they want, and so on. However, based on my personal experiences in Ukraine, Colombia, and Dominican Republic plus those from other Men of Action, I can reassure you that many foreign ladies have good hearts and intentions. Therefore, “Angry Birds” need to let go of their past, move forward with their lives, and find happiness with the right women.

angry man – BetterHelp

ignorant people/know-it-alls

Candidly, their weaknesses are their mouths. They talk more and know less information about foreign women, cultures, cities, etc. They have little or no evidence to verify the words they tell us. So, if you wholeheartedly want to find the foreign woman of your dreams like I do, please ignore them and fulfill your mission. She is real based on your imagination, patient to meet and know you well, and willing to tell you the truth about herself, her culture, and so on.

If you want narrow-minded people at home to become speechless, just do any or all of these 5 options:

  • Have plenty of photos of her alone and those showing both of you together.
  • Communicate with her on Skype like I do with Viktoria.
  • Take your relationship with her to the next level.
  • Focus or talk about her more than you do with a former girlfriend or wife, local woman you have dated, or even a female friend.
  • Apply for the K1 fiance visa so that she can legally enter your country, prepare to marry you within the 90 day period, and meet your family, friends, and others in person.
nonstop talkers – Quora


These women from mainly United States and Westernized countries may not be interested in you and other men who are single and available to them. But, it does not mean that the ladies want you and other males to be with the ones in Russia, Thailand, and other foreign nations too. Feminists are probably capable of turning everything and everyone against the opposite sex if you plus more men go overseas and find your potential wives. After all, feminists want to gain as much power, respect, recognition, and attention from the American/Western governments, societies, media, etc. as possible. They do not want competition with foreign women (who honestly have more inner and outer beauty) at all.

Based on “3 Ways to Get Away from American Women” blog post, my advice to you is to follow your heart to a woman no matter where she is and regardless what happens.

feminists then and now – Medium

worried family and friends

Any of your loved ones may do something (e.g. drinking, going to unsafe areas, or having many children with different partners) or be with someone (e.g. a freeloader, thug, or con artist) you may not approve. But, expect the same negative reaction from them when it comes to your possible desire to date or marry a foreign lady. They may later brainwash you, constantly remind you that there are some nice women locally, or even set you up on a blind date. If you are willing to listen to them, stay home, and wait for probably a long time for the right woman to enter your life, then I wish you good luck.

Otherwise, have a heartfelt conversation with them about your true feelings (like I have done with my family), go to your chosen foreign destination (e.g. Thailand or Sweden), and have physical access to numerous ladies who have the personality traits you seek in your potential wife.

adult male with his parents – The New Times

Men of Inaction

They have never left their home countries. They probably have zero interest in traveling abroad and seeking international love. Whether they are content or not, they accept their mediocre lives. Being lonely, rejected, divorced, or unhappily married is considered normal in the American/Western culture. Hooking up with different local women would make you or any other man seem cool to many others. Nevertheless, if you or he wants a serious relationship with a foreign woman, you/he should prepare for ongoing ridicule, name-calling, ignorance, and/or manipulation from your/his friends, relatives, or both. Maybe watching a particular video from Mark Davis of Dream Connections agency would help you/him with your/his ordeal.

Building a long-lasting marriage with her would leave Men of Inaction:

  • lost in their words like the 2nd group of haters is
  • somewhat jealous
  • concerned about their own problems or lives overall
  • respectful to you/him
  • perhaps motivated to also find the right women overseas or improve their relationships/marriages
4 drunk and silly Men of Inaction – The Black Sheep


Haters may get their 15 minutes of fame.

But, international couples and Men of Action would always be known for following their hearts and pursuing happiness.

After all, they focus on the positive side of the world. They choose to believe that any man from any country can fall in love and marry any woman from any country. There are no rules or limits when it comes to 2 different adults who live in the same planet anyway. Even if some international couples/Men of Action partially agree with haters, still the international couples/Men of Action see how much their lives have changed after traveling around the world, exploring different cultures, finding true love, etc.

Haters stand no chance with them.

But, haters can discourage you and many other men who lack confidence, have limited or no knowledge of foreign women, cultures, etc., or want to stay in your/their comfort zones.

You and other men may later have regrets after experiencing loneliness, disappointment, or miserable relationships/marriages with local American/Western women.

If you however do find a strong connection with a local woman, I praise you.

If you are still single and hopeful in finding an amazing woman, I would continue telling you to go overseas.

Unlike haters, a foreign female would always encourage you to follow your heart whether you:

  • marry her
  • choose to be with someone else
  • or remain single for the rest of your life

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