How You Can Respond to Others about International Dating

Some people are blessed to have family and friends who understand or support their monogamous relationships with foreigners.

But, many others (especially Americans) have to fight or disagree with their stubborn loved ones. Watch any “90 Day Fiance” TV show to see my point. If you (American or Western man) are an unfortunate single who has to continue dealing with obstacles, say any of these 5 responsive statements that defend your choice to be with a foreign woman:

You do not have to like it.

International dating is not for everyone. Some men (including myself and yourself) want to meet and connect with women in Ukraine, Colombia, Dominican Republic, etc. Others including your family members and friends prefer to date or marry American/Western women only. It does not matter what you tell those men. It also does not matter if they enter bad relationships/marriages or remain single. They are going to stick with local women regardless that there are actually better potential girlfriends/wives overseas. But, as long as they do not manipulate or stop you from pursuing foreign women, they can live their lives as they wish.

You do not have to understand it.

If your family and friends have enough knowledge about international dating or are willing to learn more information, they should be happy for you. But, if they choose to remain ignorant, have know-it-all attitudes, or refuse to listen to you, do not waste your time and breath with them. They are going to keep doing whatever they want to do. Additionally, they are going to continue thinking whatever they want to think. All you can do is:

  • accept them for who they are
  • move forward to your wish to date foreign ladies
  • be happy
    • When you are in this mood, you can care less if your loved ones become happy for you or not.

It is my decision and not yours.

Just like you have a right to be with a foreign woman for the rest of your life, you also have a right to decide:

  • where you want to live
  • what type of job you want to work
  • what food you want to eat
  • where you want to take her for vacationing
  • and so on

Do not feel guilty, ashamed, or even encouraged to do what your family and friends want you to do. Do not be surprised if they tell you that they love you or want the best for you. If they truly care about you, they would support or even motivate you to go overseas and find your future girlfriend or wife.

Why do you think that God gives us free will?

I am a legal adult.

You are not a child anymore. You do not have to listen, respect, or obey anyone except your parents, supervisors/managers, people of the law/government, or whoever is in charge. You have the maturity to make wise decisions and deal with any outcomes. So, if you still want to build a serious relationship with a foreign woman, please do so. You would face more positive results from international dating than you do with those from dating only in United States or the Western world.

You choose whoever to date or marry.

Do you ever notice that no one really comes against a family member or friend who is seriously involved with an abuser, drunkard, thug, snob, cheater, or another lowlife (especially from Craigslist website)?

Whether you like the significant other of your loved one or not, your loved one is going to stay with him or her. Your family member or friend is going to expect you to be happy for him/her and his/her partner or spouse. But, if your loved one cannot do the same for you regarding your possible girlfriend or wife from a foreign country, then your family member or friend is a hypocrite. You probably should keep your distance from him/her.

Do not listen or follow someone who has relationship issues if you want to be with a good woman (especially if she is from a foreign nation).


International dating gives you an excellent chance to find the right woman.

However, most of your family members and friends are going to think that local dating or online dating is better for you.

You love and respect them. You have known them for all of your life. You know that their hearts are right supposedly. But, you do not have to answer or ask them to go overseas and win your potential girlfriend or wife. You are not their property. You are a human being like they are. Just keep reminding them of the truth just in case they forget. If you ever talk to Bud Patterson of A Foreign Affair dating agency, he would repeatedly tell you to go get your lady.

If you can overcome obstacles in order to get a job, fix your computer, or fulfill your other need(s), you can do the same for the sake of your potential foreign girlfriend or wife.

If you can spend money on a fancy car, gambling, junk food, or anything else unnecessary, you can repeat on a trip to a foreign country so that you can meet and spend valuable time with her.

She is willing to be there for you during the good and bad times.

Your loved ones however are not going to always do that for you. They have their own lives, jobs, families, etc. to worry. If you are sick, lonely, depressed, or dealing with a difficult issue (especially at your job), are they willing to listen and help you all the way? Would they still care about your feelings when time moves forward? If they ever become indifferent to you, then you would know how much you need her in your life.

After all, she is your second half.

She is the missing puzzle of your heart.

She completes your life in a way your family and friends cannot.

If you do not believe me, ask an international couple (e.g. Matt and Alla from “90 Day Fiance“).

quote about responding to others – Live Life Happy

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