Winning a Prize

It is good to win a stuffed toy at a carnival.

It is even better to win a car or cash especially on a TV show (e.g. Price Is Right).

However, if you are a marriage-minded man from United States or a Westernized country (e.g. Canada or Australia), you can win the best prize – a gorgeous foreign woman to possibly spend the rest of your life. All you have to do is show up to her country and meet and connect with her. You would have no regrets whatsoever. Not only she is going to exceed your expectations but also she is going to surpass the other 2 prizes (I have mentioned above).

The following 5 reasons why she can become your best prize are:

  • She is as alive as you are.
    • The other 2 prizes are not.
    • Only she and you can move and think.
      • You are both human.
  • She can build a strong connection with you.
    • Together, both of you can:
      • talk
      • hug
      • hold hands
      • kiss
      • read each other’s thoughts or emotions
      • do things such as:
    • You cannot truly bond with a nonliving or materialistic item.
      • It does not have a spirit.
      • It has no feelings either.
  • She would always be beautiful in your eyes.
    • How can you ever grow tired of looking at her?
    • Even though her looks are going to fade or change periodically, her heart and character would remain attractive to you.
    • The other 2 prizes are going to continue to look the same.
      • But, eventually, you would become sick of them.
      • You are going to want more physical items.
        • I am guilty of having that desire during my childhood.
        • But, as an adult, I am satisfied with what I have.
          • I realize that it can be gone forever.
  • She can give you incredible and unforgettable memories.
    • You can take them to the afterlife.
      • Therefore, you would never be apart from her spiritually.
    • But, you have to leave your other prizes, money, home, and other physical property on this planet.
      • She, your family, your friends, or strangers are going to own them.
        • You have to do a will in order to choose who gets your belongings.
  • She is always going to be there for you.
    • Unlike your materialistic items, she can specifically give you what you need or want.
    • She cannot get lost the same way a physical item (e.g. your car keys) can.
    • You do not have to hide her from other people as you do with your wallet and other valuables.

Depending on how much money someone is willing to pay, a materialistic prize is either expensive or cheap.

But, your potential girlfriend or wife from Ukraine, Colombia, or another foreign country is priceless. She is worth more than a house, car, cash, or jewelry is. Like you, she is a valuable soul and unique treasure to God.

She is irreplaceable.

She is needed and wanted for the sakes of God and this world.

Physical and nonliving items can lead many people (including you possibly) to greed, selfishness, theft, and other sins.

Her beautiful spirit, on the other hand, can direct you and others to the route of selflessness, kindness, peace, etc.

That is the path God wants us all to go.

Daniela (AFA #171216) – Visit her profile
Alexa (AFA #172053) – Visit her profile also


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