How You Can Connect with Your Foreign Lady Despite of Cultural and Language Barriers

Language and cultural barriers are supposedly good excuses for keeping a man from being with a woman from another country. But, there are many like-minded people who have difficulty in seeking true love with those who speak the same language or come from the same culture locally. God has created human beings who look, act, and think differently for unity as well as amazing results. A male or female can get along with a pet dog, cat, or another animal although they are different species plus speak different languages. At my former job of 4 years, I have worked closely with a few guys whose language (Spanish) I cannot speak and understand well. Nevertheless, if an international couple or interracial couple from the same nation (e.g. United States) wishes to be together, then everyone has something (which may be negative mainly) to say.

You (American or Westernized man) should not let hatred, ignorance, and especially language and cultural barriers keep you from possibly building or growing your relationship with a foreign woman.

Why do I say this?

When it comes to your dreams, you must fight the odds no matter how big, difficult, or long they are.

If you truly want to win the woman of your dreams (regardless of her culture and language), please follow the list of 5 steps below:

1. Continue employing a translator or “wingwoman” for your ongoing conversations.

I have constantly paid Elizabeth for Skype video chats with Victoria and Valeria since May 2018. I have also kept communicating with Elizabeth on social media. Therefore, we have built mutual respect and trust in each other. The same thing applies with my relationships with Victoria and Valeria too. Like me, you truly can connect with your potential girlfriend or wife abroad as long as you stay devoted to her. Language barrier, busy work schedules, shortage of money, ignorant people, and/or other difficulties may come and try to ruin your long-distance and international relationship. However, you can overcome them by keeping her as your top priority.

2. Listen to the voice of your lady carefully.

I honestly enjoy hearing how Elizabeth, Victoria, Valeria, Erika, and other foreign ladies speak. In my opinion, their voices are more pleasant than those of the ladies where I live. Of course, based on my experiences, it is not initially easy to understand a woman who speaks a different language or even speaks English but has a foreign accent. Nevertheless, if you constantly communicate with her, you may not only gain the ability to understand her 100% but also you may feel a total connection to her as well. If that happens, please remember that you would never find another woman or person in general like her again. She is just as irreplaceable and valuable as you are.

3. Let her know about your personality, job, hobbies, beliefs, loved ones, etc. at a normal speed.

I make sure that Victoria and Valeria know enough information about me and vice versa. After all, learning about someone on a deep and regular level can bring you closer to her. You are also able to feel more comfortable around her too. I say this due to my 3-year relationship with Elizabeth. It is so difficult to find a friend and business partner like her in my nation. However, you and I can be reassured about seeking easy human connection overseas. The same thing applies to true love with a foreign lady as well.

4. Treat her the same way you do with your friends, relatives, and others at home.

I always remember the fact that Victoria and Valeria are as human and important to God as I am to Him. I do not want to think less of them or think that I am better than they are. We are all equal in the eyes of God. So, if you wish to have a solid and successful relationship or marriage with an Ukrainian female or any other foreign lady, always put her needs and desires above yours. Therefore, she would reciprocate and make your life better or easier.

5. If both of you decide to take the relationship to the next level, please study the fiance(e) visa process thoroughly.

I admit that I am not ready for marriage or a serious relationship. I need and want to improve my life, get a better job, get my own place, and grow my online businesses. Once I receive all of that, then I can totally relax and enjoy my life often. I may want to propose to Victoria or Valeria for marriage when I return to Odessa, Ukraine and then apply for the K1 fiance(e) visa when I come back home. Like many men, I clearly understand why they want to remain single. Dealing with complicated women (or people in general) and facing everyday stress are 2 good reasons. But, there are also downfalls of staying unwed too. Finding a woman who understands you, accepts who you are, and encourages you to become a better man can give you a positive viewpoint of monogamy. As a result, you may not wish to follow most people who stay single or keep ending their relationships. You are capable of finding everything you need and want overseas. Then, if you apply for the fiance(e) visa, you can marry and spend the remainder of your life with the woman who can give you everything you need and want as well.


I hope that the 5 top steps prompt you to follow your heart and find the right woman overseas. If she exists where you live instead, then I wish you good luck. Otherwise, be willing to overcome fear and other obstacles, get on an airplane, and meet and bond with her permanently.

Indeed, your culture is just as hard to escape like your appearance, voice, language, identity, mindset, and experiences are.

Thus, like me, you have to accept yourself regardless.

The reward for your unchangingly positive behavior is that God can make your dreams come true.

He is in full control of everything and everyone.

He has the final say as American pastor Joel Osteen constantly says.

So, He would make sure that you get everything you need and desire.

If a potential girlfriend or wife is included in your list, please value and focus mainly on who she is on the inside.

Overcoming language, cultural, etc. barriers would lead you to an unique, remarkable, peaceful, and everlasting connection with her.

Both of you would stay on cloud nine for the rest of your lives.

Thai lady with her American/Western husband –

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