7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a “Wingwoman”

According to Kellie Ell of “Inside Hook” website, a “wingwoman” is an experienced female who advises, supports, and guides lonely, frustrated, and discouraged men to the women of their dreams. A “wingwoman” is going to do her best in helping the opposite sex gain success and happiness permanently. I absolutely see Elizabeth as a good example. She has been my translator and friend for 2 years. We have an unique video chatting business that I have called “Foreign Chat Web“. If you wish to see its Facebook page which I have created a couple of days ago, click on the link.

Are you (American or Western man) serious about finding true love in Ukraine, Colombia, Kenya, or another country?

If so, then please employ and befriend an interpreter (from a sincere dating agency) like I do with Elizabeth.

To represent this month, here are 7 good reasons that should motivate you to get assistance from a “wingwoman” abroad:

  • She is going to look out for you.
    • In other words, she would protect you from taxi scammers, restaurant scammers, and even dates who just want money, expensive gifts, and/or expensive food from you.
    • I am forever grateful to Elizabeth and even Erika (my former translator from Colombia) for their care and safety.
      • Even though I have no regrets in dating some females who might have used me for their own benefits, I do not want to date different ladies anymore.
      • I really like the separate relationships I have with Valeria and Viktoria.
      • I want to make them feel special and appreciated.
      • I hope that I can return to Odessa, Ukraine for Valeria’s birthday in October.
    • It is good to visit and explore another nation on your own.
      • But, being accompanied with a dependable and kindhearted individual who lives there is 10 times better.
  • She can easily direct you to the right woman.
    • After all, she has connections to many ladies with good hearts and intentions.
      • She can speak their language(s) fluently.
      • She can understand who they are, what they want, and so on.
      • She can tell the difference between the honest and marriage-minded ones and those who are deceitful, selfish, and manipulative.
    • Obviously, you should already know that Elizabeth is constantly driving me to a monogamous relationship with Viktoria or Valeria.
      • I do feel a bond with each woman.
      • I can see a future with one of them.
      • Dating them plus 3 other ladies (Angelica, Anastasia, and Karina) with Elizabeth as my translator is proof that I can trust Elizabeth often.
    • If you go overseas, you may meet plenty of ladies who seem friendly, caring, interested in you, serious about commitment or marriage, etc.
  • She wants to become your BFF.
    • She is going to make sure to:
      • stay in touch with you
      • respond if you call, text, or email her
      • ask or encourage you to keep dating or connecting with ladies she knows well
    • Ever since I have gone to Barranquilla, Colombia 12 years ago, I have fallen in love with Erika as a true friend.
      • She has guided me through her city.
      • I have spent many hours with her per day whether I am on a date or not.
      • I am able to be myself 100% and talk to her about anything that interests or concerns me.
      • Now, I can do the same with Elizabeth.
      • I do not bother Erika due to her happy marriage and busy life in United States (where I live also).
    • If you are tired of feeling alone or being ignored by your family members, friends, and other locals, continue frequent communication with an interpreter on social media.
      • Let her constantly know what is happening in your life, where you stand with your relationship(s) with the women you have dated, and so forth.
      • To be fair, ask her personal questions and show interest in her life, relationships, and anything else concerning her too.
  • She is capable of giving you excellent tips about her culture.
    • The #1 reason is that she lives there.
      • She knows how most people in general think and behave, which areas or places are safe to visit or stay, how much money you need for your trip overall, etc.
      • Even if she moves to another country, she cannot escape from her culture mentally and emotionally.
        • Her loved ones would make sure of that.
    • Today, I still remember what Erika has taught me about her culture (Colombian).
      • I am required or expected to wear jeans if I attend a nightclub.
      • I must stay away or give no money to a woman who asks for it.
      • I need to come out of my shell more in order to grow my relationship with a date.
    • Nonetheless, Elizabeth has helped me:
      • take each lady seriously
      • focus on her personality more than I do with her looks
      • remain positive regardless of uncertainty or disappointment
    • Learning enough facts about a foreign country before you travel there is very important and beneficial.
      • However, someone from there can provide you more details plus more verification of how the country is altogether.
      • To direct and protect others who wish to travel there, share your knowledge with them from A to Z.
  • She has the characteristics that you may desire in your ideal girlfriend or wife.
    • She is around most men who overlook her no matter how positive, moral, and nice she is.
      • I go through the same issue with most local women in my nation too.
    • I still have difficulty in believing that Elizabeth, Valeria, Viktoria, and other lovely foreign ladies cannot find boyfriends or husbands.
      • I actually hope that the video chatting business changes their minds and lives permanently.
    • Write a list of traits, skills, and other things that the woman of your dreams should have.
      • Another option is speaking the list to your date, “wingwoman” or both.
      • Through them, God would bring your dream into reality.
        • Doing the right thing and maintaining a positive attitude are what He wants from you.
  • She can provide you a better perspective toward women in general.
    • Her spirit may encourage you to appreciate your mother, other female relatives, and other different ladies globally.
      • You would not feel the same way as you have initially.
    • Erika as my first female friend has made me realize that I can find hope, love, commitment, etc. from someone else.
      • Elizabeth is the answer candidly.
        • My relationship with her for 2 years is more meaningful to me than dating different ladies or even earning more money does.
        • Earthly things come and leave my life.
          • But, my ideas, experiences, feelings, and skills would never go away.
          • I give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for them.
    • Avoid becoming or being compared to a misogynist.
      • There is already an online community called “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW).
        • They are known for showing anger, resentment, and disrespect toward womankind.
      • Like me, meet and go out with ladies of different ages, backgrounds, appearances, etc.
        • You can obtain better results if you get support from a translator.
  • She is a valuable asset for your potential blog, YouTube channel, or business.
    • She has these unseen things that you are going to need for your destiny:
      • her abilities
      • her heart
      • her words of encouragement
      • her connection to other people specifically
      • her confidence
    • This fact explains why I appreciate Elizabeth for joining our video chatting business.
      • I believe that we can help many single/divorced men build everlasting relationships with women in her city (Odessa, Ukraine).
      • I hope that those males give me and her a chance to help them believe and win their “prizes” by traveling and spending time with the ladies in Odessa.
    • Whether you return to the country of your “wingwoman” or not, please keep her email address, phone number, and other contact information for your own advantage.
      • I am still in touch with Erika and of course Elizabeth just in case I need something from them in the future.
      • Follow my footsteps because you may need support from a particular person eventually.
        • No one including myself has expected this ongoing coronavirus issue to exist and grow.
        • So, expect the unexpected and stay in good terms with your translator regardless.
          • She can help you reach the fullness of your fate.


It is necessary to study online information about a foreign country. It is exciting to travel there, explore the culture independently, and snap remarkable photos and videos for your possible blog or YouTube channel. But, hiring a “wingwoman” would put you at much ease in a place you are not familiar.

She would keep you from entering unsafe places.

In addition, she would advise you to stay away from people she considers suspicious, dishonest, manipulative, etc.

She can become like a mother, sister, or friend whom you wish that you have known for most of your life.

She is irreplaceable.

There is no one like her regarding her personality, heart, beliefs, and skills.

For that reason, I choose to stick with Elizabeth (a replacement of Erika) probably for the rest of my life.

If you wish to find the right woman, right associate for your potential website, and other benefits abroad, copy what I do.

Like God, a foreign “wingwoman” can send you to your destiny.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about feeling alone, depressed, rejected, lost, confused, or scared again.

Luba and Stryker of Heartrocket website
Luba and Stryker of Heartrocket website“I’m with Cupid” YouTube video

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