Returning to Ukraine

Last year, I have become so curious about Ukraine (which I call the Latin version of Europe) including its culture and irresistible ladies. I have picked 40 of them for my last Euro Club membership service. Now, I reduce that number to 12 or less. The result is that I can focus more of a small group of ladies than I do with a larger one. Plus, I wish to know their personalities well within the 12 days that I spend in Odessa.

If you (American or Westernized man) are interested in reading this second trip report there and getting inspiration for yourself, please read the following sections (based on day) below:

Saturday 8/17

I make sure to eat a homemade meal for lunch before I finish packing my suitcase and travel bag. My mother and sister take me to the Raleigh-Durham international airport 2 hours later. I obtain my airline tickets, submit my suitcase to the airport employees, and say my goodbye to my family members. I eat an ice cream sundae (from A&W restaurant) while I await my first flight to Boston, Massachusetts. I am not as nervous as I have been in the past. I am just relieved to go another vacation and escape from everyday problems that I face at work and home.

A few hours later, I arrive in Boston. I eat both pepperoni and veggie pizza slices for dinner. I buy some candy for snack. While I am waiting for my next flight to Istanbul, Turkey, I look at a TV screen showing various scenes of famous singers. The CNN network company is probably doing a marathon of “The Seventies“, “The Eighties“, and other similar television shows because it has nothing else better to air or wishes to just focus on this culture. I wish that it can create new shows based on my and other Men of Action‘s knowledge of Ukraine, Colombia, and other nations. After all, it has done the same for the late Anthony Bourdain. More people may watch the television channel as a result.

Sunday 8/18

I get enough sleep while I am riding on an airplane. I watch both “Love You to Death” and “Little” movies and then listen to some music (e.g. “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw, “Special Course” by Yoshi’s Woolly World video game soundtrack, and “24/7” by Dino) on my mp3 player. It is good to have entertainment before I visit another country. When I enter the airport in Istanbul, I swear that it is combined with a mall due to its countless stores, restaurants, etc. I can spend a whole day or longer here. The result is that I can enjoy eating various Kit Kat chocolate bars and other Turkish food from my favorite American restaurants:

I have to wait 2 hours in order to see the gate number (e.g. D12) of my final flight to Odessa, Ukraine. I take a long walk and make sure that I am there on time. While I enter the airplane, I see 2 female flight attendants with blue and yellow clothing. I am pleased to view their appearances. I almost believe that I can identify Ukrainian women based on their faces, voices, wardrobes, etc.

Almost 2 hours later, I arrive at Odessa international airport. I am nervous about who is going to pick me up and where I am going to stay. But, my fear decreases when I meet an Uber driver (who works for dating agency) and ride with him to the apartment that I am going to live temporarily. When we stop there, we learn that my online reservation of the Airbnb apartment has been automatically cancelled yesterday. I am now concerned that I may spend the night on the streets and that I may have difficulty in getting a full refund. Fortunately, the Airbnb host (Denis) comes and invites me to his place. Despite that it is not totally clean and comfortable, I still feel welcomed anyway. I do not feel so awkward around him, his cat(s), and roommate as I typically do with people whom I do not know.

Monday 8/19

Although I sleep for a short time, I am fully awake and ready to go somewhere. I wait for Denis to guide me to an adjacent ATM machine (so that I can pay him for rent), the same apartment I have reserved online, and then the office (which is inside the main mall). After entering the office, we meet Kate (assistant manager). I consider her easier to talk than I do with Anna (manager). Kate gives me a list of places that I can visit plus a list of places (that may have scammers who target Americans/Westerners for financial or materialistic gain) I should avoid going. She also tells me about the women (including Viktoria) who are available and willing to date me. I am eager to see them physically and know who they are spiritually.

DSCN1941 ad on elevator doors
another photo of ad within main mall
one bedroom apartment I stay for 12 days
another photo of the apartment
a third photo of the apartment

While I await my first date (Irena) tomorrow, I have to spend time with another guy. I am a little disappointed thanks to my negative experiences in Dominican Republic. Nonetheless, I enjoy attending a fancy restaurant and seeing the nice view of the blue sky, old buildings, and so on. I would feel timid if I go to a similar restaurant in United States or the Western world. I do not want to feel racially discriminated, stereotyped, or uncomfortable. I just want to be myself and be treated like any other customer.

He and I later meet his friend Sasha at a certain street. I initially see Sasha as an American guy who somewhat frightens me. But, I learn that he is actually an Ukrainian citizen (by his appearance and character) who has been living in United States for almost 10 years. He can speak English better than Denis does. Sasha however has a hard time in keeping himself from getting in trouble. He has been deported from my country because of his involvement with wrongdoers. I immediately believe that he has been framed by his clients or colleagues. Either he or Denis has mentioned that these people have put drugs in the trunk of his vehicle. I am not surprised whatsoever. The American or Western culture can ruin the reputation and life of a person who looks or behaves differently from others. I may fit that category.

Sasha and Denis - Ukrainian friends
Sasha (left) and Denis (right)

Denis, Sasha, and I eat supper at a beach restaurant and then take a 2 or 3 hour walk to a carnival during nighttime. I am amazed of how long the walk is. In addition, I am surprised to see many pedestrians (men, women, and children alike) and bicyclists during our journey. Denis tells Sasha to steer clear of bicyclists. In my mind, I see them as drivers who are going above the speed limit. A third thing I do not expect to see is an abandoned building with both Ukrainian and American flags. I guess that both nations have a strong union even though most American/Western males are uninterested or scared to meet Ukrainian females here. This fact disappoints me after staring at a lonesome female cashier who is sitting on a chair and waiting for customers.

The guys and I finally enter the carnival and get some food at 2 restaurants. I cannot eat any more because my body does have limits. But, I can look at unlimited ladies who dress so well. I am truly astonished with the opposite sex regarding its fashion, simplicity, and hospitality. Many single or divorced American/Western men are robbing themselves of wonderful girlfriends or wives who can bring much happiness and unconditional love in their lives. So, if you do not want to be compared to the Men of Inaction, then:

Tuesday 8/20

I am relieved to have my own place. I can get plenty of sleep, brush my teeth, refrigerate food and drinks, take a bath or shower, and have more privacy. Nonetheless, I do not know the address of where I am. I go outside, look around the area, and make sure to write the correct address of the apartment plus its nearby businesses. Waiting for Denis to arrive and entering the City Garden have helped me locate the apartment easily. I also have zero trouble in finding the restaurant (outside the City Garden) where we meet Irena and her translator. I initially assume that both ladies are his friends. They reassure me that they are not by introducing themselves to us.

Despite of the change of her hair color (e.g. black), Irena is still pretty in my eyes. I am also pleased that she is 35 years of age. She is not as wishy-washy as most women in their 20s are. I can sense her maturity, decisiveness, honesty, and respect for both me and him. Those are qualities I admire in an ideal girlfriend or wife.

I absolutely agree with him regarding Irena’s personality. She is approachable, lovely, talented (with her fashionable and dancing skills), and worthy of pursuing for a monogamous relationship. I can see a future with her. But, I cannot ignore or forget my connection with Viktoria. Our 13 Skype video chats should have brought us closer to each other. If you do not have regular communication with a woman from another country, how you can make your relationship survive? How can you really be attracted to her and encouraged to commit or marry her eventually? I ask you both questions due to the fact that many gorgeous ladies are ignored or treated as sex objects here and other non-Westernized nations.

Before the end of the date, I ask Irena and her translator about having another date in 3 days. They accept my request 100%. I am content while I walk away with Denis to a distant restaurant. We reunite with Sasha there and consume pizza and hot lemon tea. He starts talking about a few business opportunities. I take him seriously due to his experiences in United States. Denis does not thanks to his deportation, lack of motivation, and living with his mother. I let Denis know that I can understand and relate to Sasha more than I do with most people at home. One reason is that I continue dealing with negative or indifferent ones who try to discourage me. The other is still living with parent(s). It is normal that a mother, father, or both care so much and wish to provide my needs even though I am an adult. However, they are unintentionally stopping me from becoming fully independent, responsible for my actions, and aware of who I am completely. This reality has created many people who think that they can do whatever they wish and get away with it.

A hour later, Sasha, Denis, and I go where Denis stays. We go to the balcony, drink some wine or beer, and enjoy the outdoor view nocturnally. Then, we enter Sasha’s home and eat his homemade potato soup. I am not thrilled about its taste. I am not crazy about his cold fish dish and cornbread either. I however enjoy the personal conversation that I have with his mother. Like him, she also speaks English very well and has lived in United States for a couple of years. Most of her experiences in my country has been as negative as many of his experiences have been. She and I disagree on topics such as racial discrimination, culture, and Ukrainian women in general. I try to explain to her about this blog in which I plan, organize, research, write facts, and find evidence as support of my words for every blog post. But, as I always expect from most people, she does not believe or care to know what I already know. It is sad to see how blind she and many others are when it comes to the truth. They are missing on great opportunities that can improve their lives.

While I wait to leave Sasha and his mother’s house, I notice a female and her potential boyfriend on the front porch. Seeing how positive she acts definitely makes me incapable of understanding Sasha’s mother’s point of view regarding Ukrainian ladies. If she ever comes where I currently live or where I have previously lived and knows the women well, she might change her mind and begin seeing the ladies in her country as angels.

Wednesday 8/21

I wake up past noon. I am pleased that I have gotten enough sleep. But, I am not happy to hear that Denis is dealing with a sickness and planning to go to a hospital. Even though he is not available to hang out again, I can still have a fun time solo. I spend almost 2 hours in walking around City Garden. I have never seen as numerous sexy ladies as I have anywhere else. I hesitantly take a few photos of them. Seeing a few ladies who become immediately suspicious has motivated me to stop. I then go inside a mini mall for touring while I walk up and down the stairs. I exit and go to the big mall where the office is located. I am so drawn to the ads that are shown on a few elevator doors that I have to snap photos of them. I really hope that more ladies who join the international dating business find their future husbands or boyfriends.

place for singers or performers in City Garden
fountain in City Garden – where I would usually meet Elizabeth
walk area of City Garden
display ad of Aqua Park Odessa
photo of an unknown place
pedestrians outside City Garden
pedestrians inside City Garden
inside the mini mall
seesaws (which have not been here during my first trip)
outer view of main mall (where office is)
store building next to the main mall

I enter the office and wait for my second date (Victoriia). Meanwhile, I overhear 2 other American men who are discussing dating and their families. Although I do not say anything, I can relate to them. My relatives, coworkers, bosses, neighbors, and other locals would think that I have lost my mind for coming here. They do not really understand or care to know that I have much difficulty in seeking the right woman in United States. Human connection is so bad that I cannot even have a simple conversation with anyone there. So, how can I actually find my future wife?

When Victoriia appears, we leave together and get to know each other well. We walk to a distant restaurant. I am obviously attracted to her pink dress and high heels. She indeed looks better in person than she does in her photos. She almost resembles Anna Davis of Dream Connections dating agency because of their eyes or faces. They both speak English excellently. I am therefore happy to save money during this date with Victoriia. However, the absence of a translator does not mean that I cannot read some signs that she is not really interested in me. View them below:

  • not engaging much in our conversation
  • having serious or disappointed look
  • saying that she is going to call me later

My instinct is correct. She has lied to me intentionally. I receive no phone call from her at all. I do not see her again too. I am a little upset that she has asked me for my phone number in order to give me false hope and make herself feel less guilty. Although she sells paintings for a living, she indeed has painted a dishonest picture of herself to me.

To move forward, I watch an episode of “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” on YouTube. I then leave the apartment and take a walk around City Garden and the nearby streets. I encounter a little boy who asks me for a donation. I feel bad for not giving him any money. But, I have heard that he and some other kids who hang at the streets may work for gypsies. While he continues to ask other pedestrians for money, I buy several products at a grocery store, return to the apartment, watch an episode of “90 Day Fiance: The Other Way“, and go to sleep.

Thursday 8/22

I am having a better day thanks to Elizabeth. She and Angelica (a friend and member of her agency (which is called “Just Married”)) are supposed to meet me in the office around 2:30 PM. While I wait for their arrival, I talk to Kate about places that I would like to take my dates. I suddenly turn my attention to Elizabeth and Angelica when they show up. I am somewhat surprised to see Elizabeth in person for the second time. Looking at her photos on WhatsApp and hearing her voice on Skype truly give me a different impression of her. I now view her more as a human being. I start to wonder how I am going to react to Viktoria when she comes back to Odessa in 4 days.

Elizabeth, Angelica, and I walk to the Opera House. I may not be as attracted to Angelica as I am with my previous date (Victoriia). I still like what Angelica wears anyway. Her pink dress and black heels make her look appropriate and desirable. She is thinner than she looks in her images. Being a single mother of 1 child proves that she is caring and responsible. She has the characteristics that perhaps you or another man (who is serious about commitment or marriage) want in a partner or spouse.

beautiful Angelica hoping to find true love
back side of Angelica talking to Elizabeth
me (right) with Angelica

We all go to Omega Three restaurant for lunch, a museum for observing historical things, and a large area for walking, looking at nature, and taking photos. After seeing the Potemkin Stairs, we head to a particular street. Angelica says her goodbye and awaits her ride to home or her job. Elizabeth and I return to the City Garden, sit at a bench, and wait for my next date (Karina (who has the same name as the woman I have dated last year)). I discuss with Elizabeth regarding Viktoria, fun places I like to visit, and life in general. A seller interrupts and talks to us about buying a pack of tickets to a local carnival. I cannot use them because they are only valid for next month. I buy them anyway so that I can give them to Viktoria or whoever wants to visit the carnival.

statue of a famous Ukrainian
red balloons and hands
part of horse body
glued chairs and other weird art
more odd art
colored noodles

A couple of minutes later, Elizabeth and I exit the City Garden, approach a certain taxi car, and see Karina in it. We all ride together and go to the shipyard. This place is adjacent to Black Sea and the former Hotel Odessa building. I also enjoy being next to Karina with her white see-through shirt, green nails, and black heels. She may be the same age as Victoriia is. However, Karina is nicer, easier to talk or connect, and more optimistic through her affectionate smile. She has recently graduated from college and plans to manage a business that remains anonymous to me. A particular thing that I would remember is her desire to find her future husband or boyfriend. She says that she has a hard time in finding true love locally. Hopefully, this blog post helps her meet and develop a serious relationship with a monogamous man (whether he is you or another reader). I doubt that I am right for her thanks to my connection with Viktoria. Despite of my skepticism, I take an unforgettable boat ride with Karina and Elizabeth. See our photos below:

farther view of an Ukrainian ship
an eating/rest area on shipyard
people walking around a large ship
Hotel Odessa building (dead)
close view of an Ukrainian ship
on a boat
on the boat 2
Karina (left) and Elizabeth (right)
another image of them during our boat ride
boat ride
photo of me during our boat ride

We visit Pizza and Grill restaurant a hour later. It definitely looks and reminds me of a high-class American restaurant. Being with 2 ladies who are interested in me personally however makes me fully aware that I am not in United States or a Westernized country. I do not get that much attention from my own family.

After the date ends, I go back to the apartment and relax. I am delighted that I have seen Elizabeth in the flesh again and that I am going on another date with Karina. I am even happier that Elizabeth is going to be my translator for the rest of my upcoming dates (minus that of Irena). I respect and appreciate Elizabeth more than I have done during the 15 month period of our Skype communication with Viktoria. I am eager to reunite with Elizabeth in 2 days.

Friday 8/23

Today seems disappointing to me as the day when I have met and dated Victoriia does. I do not hear from Denis or Kate regarding my second date with Irena. I am pleased to exchange text messages with Elizabeth though. Telling her that I am no longer interested in dating additional ladies gives me less problems to face, more money to save, and more time to know the same females well. As a result, I can pick a woman, grow my relationship with her, and ask her to change her looks if I find her counterparts more attractive.

After shopping for some items at a grocery store and eating inside a fast food restaurant, I walk around City Garden for exercising and viewing amazing places. I encounter bird professionals who insist on putting birds on my hands and shoulders and snapping photos of me. I initially assume that they are friendly and caring. But, they show their true colors when they demand for money. When I do not give them enough cash, they keep following me near the exit of City Garden. I refuse to give in to their bullying due to my negative experiences at previous jobs and schools (except colleges I have attended). Although they think that I am crazy, I have dealt with people who are worse than they are.

having birds on my shoulders and hands reluctantly

When I walk back to the apartment, I unexpectedly receive phone calls from Kate and a different translator (Nadiia) of Irena. Apparently, the translator and Irena are waiting for me somewhere close to City Garden. Grateful that I do not have to stay in the apartment all night again, I depart and meet the ladies wherever they are. I am delighted to see Kate with a yellow dress, gold jewelry, and black high heels. She may be 2 years older than I am. But, she looks as good as a 20-something female does. Irena’s appearance and personality surely exceed her age. I or any other man in his right mind would choose her over a younger woman who is also pretty but devoid of maturity, wisdom, and/or kindness.

Irena, Nadiia, and I eat dinner at an Irish pub. I enjoy listening to the music and viewing fantasy sports (which is not my favorite) on television screens. I am not crazy about the borscht soup and other unusual foods I have eaten. Nonetheless, focusing on Irena takes my mind from the unpleasantness of the food. I wish that she has kept the same color (blonde) for her hair. I guess that her main reason is moving forward from a relationship of 9 years. Her former boyfriend probably does not want to get married whatsoever. I can understand his perspective because he is encircled by many attractive females here. I am facing the same experience too. I however must return to my crummy job and mediocre life in United States in a couple of days. I am serious about international marriage because I do not want to continue being alone or turn to a local American lady who sees me as her subordinate or second choice. Even though I am not ready for a marital relationship yet, I choose to show more interest in Irena personally. Having monthly Skype communication with her and Nadiia (like I have with Viktoria and Elizabeth) would do the trick.

I feel like a character on a “Twilight Zone” episode whenever Irena and Nadiia stare at me. But, I come back to reality when we walk toward the Opera House around 10:00 PM. The black sky provides us a nice view of everything. Many families, couples, and singles there make the view better and safer for us. I do not feel the same way at home whether it is daytime or nighttime.

near the Opera House at dark
another photo of Opera House area
crowd of pedestrians at Opera House area
gorgeous Irena

A few minutes later, both ladies and I walk around the streets. I am surprised to see a few strippers who perform in front of a crowd of customers at a certain restaurant. Of course, I am interested in going there. I however tell the women that it is more appropriate and comfortable for us to go somewhere else instead. Paying full attention to Irena (who receives less or none from other males) is more important to me than looking back and forth with her and strippers is.

statue of girl and pet cat
Irena (left) and Nadiia (right) sitting with girl statue
dessert dish I have at a restaurant

Saturday 8/24

I need to return to the grocery store (which is located within the same mall where office also is) for a few items. I make sure that I avoid the area I have encountered the bird professionals. I am willing to take a longer walk to the apartment so that I can have some peace. After all, I need to stay positive and prepare for my fifth date (Anastasia). I do not want to disappoint her as most people in her life have.

Elizabeth is a little unrecognizable when we meet again at the City Garden. She informs me that Anastasia is waiting for us at a particular area. Seeing Anastasia for the first time makes me think that I am dating a high school or college student. She looks younger than she actually is. In fact, a few people at home have said the same thing about me too. Another thing that she and I have in common is being treated as outcasts. At a beach restaurant, she tells me that her own family members has belittled or ignored her during childhood. They have shown so much favoritism to her brother that they probably have taken some of her belongings and have given them to him. I have not faced this negative experience at all. But, constantly not being asked what I want, being asked what I do not know, or not being credited for my hard work (including this blog) makes me feel no different from how she feels. Being introverted, honest, hard-working, and black can be really painful sometimes. I may be urged to give up and do what many other people expect a colored man (like me) to do. My heart however keeps stopping me from going to that destructive path and leading me to the way I can find extra joy, freedom, etc.

Anastasia and me 1
me with Anastasia
Anastasia and me again
a full view of us

I visualize her as a nurse after she informs me about her college major. She can still succeed as a fake nurse or real model with a nursing uniform if she lives in United States or the Western world. The reason is that she has the looks that can attract thousands or even millions of fans. Her intelligence (which is a big advantage) can help her get a dream job, business, or both. She would have plenty of male admirers who are interested in dating or marrying her. Her new life would be so great that she may forget about her mistreating family entirely.

After she returns to her job and Elizabeth goes back home, I return to the apartment and receive a text message from Denis. He is feeling well and interested in hanging out with me. I am content because I can get bored and lonesome from staying in the apartment or walking around the streets for a long time. Going somewhere or doing something with another person is so valuable nowadays. The growth of loneliness is causing the decrease of human population. More people around the world think that suicide is the answer to their everyday problems. But, if they turn to God, they would realize how special they are to Him and do whatever it takes to save and improve their lives.

A couple of minutes later, I reunite with Denis and Sasha. We go to City Garden and have some drinks together. I am still overwhelmed with the Ukrainian culture because there are so many restaurants, stores, and people. I have never seen as many good-looking ladies here as I have in United States, Colombia, or Dominican Republic. Many American/Western males are truly missing out on successful relationships with the opposite sex.

I encounter two surprises during my walk with both guys:

  • seeing the same teenage girl who has begged me for money last year
  • looking at the eccentric statue where Viktoria has taken a photo

Indeed, the past can come back to haunt me. It can also bless and inspire me to go after what or who I really want. The result is that I would have zero regrets eventually. So, if I honestly want to be with her, I must let her know and be willing to commit or marry her. Otherwise, I can lose her permanently.

Sunday 8/25

I am spending extra time with the guys plus Denis’s roommate. We head to the beach, relax, and have some drinks. I am hoping that I can meet Elizabeth and Karina at City Garden around 5:00 PM. To keep myself from worrying, I enjoy my time at the beach and view a few attractive females. I thus have to take my digital camera out of my pocket and snap photos of them as well as other people, the sea, and other things. Look at them below and tell me your thoughts.

people getting wet and having fun
another image of beach patrons
drawing of Smile Food ad
me behind the drawn ad
another wall drawing
abandoned building
unity of Ukrainian and American flags
people at a beach
rock area
more beach regulars
a fifth photo of beach visitors
beach beauties
man holding girl and leaving beach

I am a little annoyed when Denis and his roommate have to look for Sasha. Sasha is sometimes spaced out probably because of his negative experiences in United States. However, I selflessly put my feelings last and focus on his whereabouts. He is fortunately found so that we can all ride to City Garden on time. Of course, they all want to do another gathering with me. I let them know that I want to spend extra time with Karina and other ladies I have dated. I enjoy having authentic male friends because I do not have any at home. However, I am mainly here to connect with Viktoria and give hope to other women who may think that they are not good enough for any men. If the females ever get a chance to travel to United States or the Western world, they may get more than enough attention from everyone in general.

me with Denis, Sasha, and roommate
Denis, Sasha, me, and Denis’s roommate

Karina, Elizabeth, and I take a ride to a distant mall. We eat at an Asian restaurant (which is inside the mall), look at various stores including that with exotic animals, and enter a movie theater. We decide to watch “Ready or Not” movie in my language (English) only. I may not enjoy the taste of the popcorn and beef sticks that Karina has given me. But, I like sitting next to her and staring at her feminine appearance. Consequently, I am less affected by the movie than they believe that I would be. I have really seen worse movies in the past thanks to writer, director, and producer Eli Roth. The “Hostel” movie series and even “The Green Inferno” movie have somewhat traumatized me concerning their scenes of human kidnapping, torture, and murder.

Karina at the Asian restaurant

Next, the ladies and I visit a carnival and get on a ride. I feel that I am revisiting my early childhood because my parents have often taken me and my sister to fun places. I however enjoy the present time with the women. I do not get a chance to spend time with people like them as much as they do not get a chance to find decent men here. I keep having difficulty in believing that they do not have boyfriends or husbands. But, sensing jealousy and repulsion from a few unknown ladies is completely understandable to me. Regardless of what haters or an ignorant society thinks of Karina and Elizabeth, both females are important to me, God, their loved ones, and others who see them for who they are. The truth surpasses what is obvious or known to humanity and gives freedom to those who believe it wholeheartedly. Why do you think that I feel more independent after coming back here?

Monday 8/26

I am nervous but ready to meet Viktoria (who has been absent for family purposes) in person. I have been communicating with her online for over a year. I already know that our offline relationship is not going to be the same as what we have on Skype. Nevertheless, I am eager to see her in the flesh. She might become my girlfriend or wife someday.

Still anxious, I walk to the fountain in City Garden around 2:45 PM. Elizabeth shows up a few minutes later. We have a conversation and then walk together to a nearby restaurant where Viktoria would meet us. I have a bag of clothes that I have bought for her a month ago. I feel a little embarrassed in giving it to her. This is the first time I have done this for a lady. The reason is that I have not liked most of the clothes she has worn for our previous Skype video chats. I would also see something else that I dislike about her when we come face to face. Her face is actually smaller than it looks on her beautiful images or even computer screen of Skype software. Her eyes look different as well. The rest of her body is average. I am a little disappointed with her real appearance overall. I have really been caught in an illusion whenever I view her photos or communicate with her on Skype. However, I still have feelings (which are not going away instantly) for her. I wish to know her in person well. I want to become more attracted to her than I am with other ladies I have dated. Marrying and sharing my life with her in United States would become the best things that ever happen in my life.

She, Elizabeth, and I visit a catacomb and hire a man to guide and inform us about it. I am not as interested in the history of Odessa as both ladies are. However, spending time and seeing unusual things together keep me fascinated and hungry for more experiences with them.

at an anonymous area with Viktoria and Elizabeth
Elizabeth (left) pointing finger while Viktoria (right) walking
Viktoria meeting our tour guide at catacomb
our tour guide talking and showing us particular information
wax figure of Ukrainian male (who resembles a serial killer)
me sitting and smiling on couch inside catacomb
Elizabeth lying on the same couch
Viktoria sitting and smiling
a little creepy wall statue
back side of catacomb
Viktoria posing with military vehicle
me posing with same vehicle

Not only am I surprised about Viktoria’s actual looks but also I feel the same regarding her character. She is more energetic than she seems on our previous video chats. I am a little frightened every time she encourages me to do something (e.g. feeding hungry horses or petting hairy pigs at the farm we have gone) outside my comfort zone. I ask myself if I really know her well after communicating for over a year. Despite of my new attitude of her, I still want to grow my relationship with her. She has a good heart and shows me how much she is interested in me.

goat at the farm
Viktoria petting the goat
Viktoria petting a donkey while Elizabeth taking photo
Viktoria pointing finger at goat
me and Elizabeth

We all go back to City Garden when the sky is dark. I choose to eat a restaurant that serves us grilled food. I consider barbecue pork ribs, baked golden potatoes, a particular Ukrainian cake, and a fruit combination drink as the best meal I have during this trip. I also enjoy the reunion between me and both ladies. I would admit that this offline gathering is better than our Skype meetings are. I get a chance to see who they really are and vice versa.

Tuesday 8/27

Upset about losing my debit card last night, I am assuming that I can no longer buy anything else. Fortunately, I can send money to someone on Western Union or MoneyGram website. I do have plenty of experience with that regarding the 13 past video chats I have with the ladies. For that reason, I ask and trust Elizabeth to secure my money. I consider her as a friend just as the other women (minus Irena and Victoriia) I have dated do. Elizabeth reassures that I can depend on her financially by informing me that dating company contains her official documents. So, she would held responsible if she does any wrongdoing to me or any other client.

Around 1:30 PM, she, Viktoria, and I go to a breakfast restaurant. I am in the mood for pancakes, eggs, and sausage. I actually get American pancakes with chocolate cream, syrup, and berries which turn out to be delicious. I share some of them with Viktoria who also enjoys them. Unfortunately, I do not like the look or taste of the stuffed eggs including toast and lettuce. Elizabeth therefore takes the dish and finishes eating the food. It is astonishing and satisfactory that both women are accompanying, entertaining, and making sure that I do not waste my food.

Elizabeth looking at her food
breakfast with Viktoria and Elizabeth
Viktoria eating her food

I learn additional information about Viktoria when she drives me and Elizabeth around Odessa. I almost believe that I am hanging out with wild teenagers or twenty-somethings who just want to party, drink, and do other foolish things. But, I realize that the ladies are mature, responsible, and caring. They are not going to lead me to danger or somewhere I do not feel comfortable. I trust them almost as much as I do with the Lord God.

We visit the beach and spend a few hours there. We change our clothes just in case we want to swim or get wet. Although I am still not crazy about Viktoria’s fashion, I do like seeing her with a swimsuit (which she covers in a robe for most of our time together). The rest of her body is moderate in my eyes. But, staring at a fit woman who is next to us, talking to her friends, and squeezing her wet bra gets my full attention right away. I wish that Viktoria looks as good as she does or even a few other lovely females here do. Indeed, there is more than enough eye candy for me, you, and many other American/Western male travelers to see in Odessa. You would not be disappointed with the physical characteristics of the women as you are with those where you live.

family at beach
another family

The next place that Viktoria, Elizabeth, and I attend is the food court. The result is that we can eat what we want separately. I consider the combination of restaurants so much better than a typical one in United States or the Western world. The food court in Odessa is so nice, diverse, and comfortable. It has a large television screen and second floor for customers who can go upstairs, sit, relax, and eat their food. I would always remember this place. I highly recommend it to singles, couples, and families alike.

After getting a few items at a grocery store (which is close to the food court), Viktoria drops me at the apartment, hugs me, and says her goodbye. I want to spend extra time with her and Elizabeth. However, I respect that they are busy, tired, or interested in having their own time together. I usually think that everyone (including my family) does not have time for me or choose to do so. Luckily, I do not have to feel that way anymore. Denis is insistent that we hang out one more time. I may feel hesitant due to the hugging and hand shaking I receive from him a few times. I already know that he is not gay or bisexual because of the times we have spent with beautiful ladies. He is just showing how much he cares and respects me. I therefore want to repeat for his sake too. I can help him improve his ability to speak, read, and understand English while he can help me better my social skills.

Wednesday 8/28

I am happy to go on an another date with Angelica in the morning. But, I cannot stop myself from feeling down because of these problems:

  • having shortage of money
  • realizing that Viktoria does not look or behave the same way in person as she does on Skype

Elizabeth continues noticing how upset and quiet I am. She and Angelica say and do their best to uplift my spirit. I know that I have to stay positive no matter what happens. Life can be so difficult that I just want to disappear sometimes. Essentially, I already feel the same way whenever I go to my crummy job or deal with my sanctimonious family at home. Despite of my emotions, I am required to do whatever is necessary in order to survive. I believe that God is going to bless me with a better job, extra money, a nice place of my own, and a woman who fulfills or exceeds my expectations. I make sure to tell Angelica that her life is going to become better as well. She deserves more happiness plus a marital relationship with an unconditionally loving man due to her:

  • optimistic attitude
  • joy of spending time with her loved ones
  • willingness to support me with my issues
  • choice to wear really nice clothes for our 2 dates

When she goes back to her job, Elizabeth and I walk to the apartment and focus on the money transfer situation. She thinks that it is simple for me to solve it because of the success of a local Ukrainian man who may face the same problem. I however keep reminding her that the issue can become complicated. I come from a nation where most people are motivated by money, greed, ego, etc. If things do not go their ways or I owe them something, I do expect them to give me a hard time. Being notified that my MoneyGram profile has been permanently removed is a good point. Despite that I have uploaded enough evidence (e.g. my passport information) on the website, I still get rejected. Therefore, I worry less about any problem I face and give it to God who can solve it immediately.

I am still dealing with the same case for a few hours sadly. I feel relieved when Elizabeth calls and asks Karina to come to the apartment and bring us food. Karina is still pretty as she has been on our last date. I am so glad that she is friends with Elizabeth like Angelica, Viktoria, and Anastasia are. The result is that I do not have to buy the Euro Club membership from business again. I would just depend on Elizabeth more in order to date the same ladies and/or different ones who are part of her dating agency. Plus, I would have extra money to spend for future dates and her translator services.

I am relieved that the major issue is solved and that Elizabeth receives the money I owe her for my dates. She, Karina, and I exit the apartment and walk around the streets. We decide to ride a bus together. I consider this first time experience unpleasant due to irregular roads and uncomfortable thanks to the crowd of passengers. Being next to Karina however puts my mind at ease. Going to a few stores with her and Elizabeth even make me feel safer on the streets. However, I still do not know the foreign city, its citizens, or its language so well that I am willing to walk anywhere by myself. Like where (e.g. Henderson, North Carolina) I live, Odessa has its ups and downs too.

I wish that I can have more time with Karina. But, my shortage of money is preventing it from happening. At least waving goodbye while she is still riding the bus and staying in contact with her through Elizabeth are good enough for me. Elizabeth and I stand next to the apartment and discuss our plans for tomorrow. I see how tired she is and let her go home and relax. I do not want to be selfish when it comes to her needs. If I have to go back inside the apartment and stay there for the rest of the day, then so be it. But, I always have two options to choose doing later:

  • taking a long walk around streets, City Garden, Potemkin Stairs, etc.
  • hanging out with Denis, Sasha, and Denis’s roommate for a potential cookout

Thursday 8/29

Having another breakfast date with another lady is exciting. Thus, I want to be in a better mood than I have been with Angelica yesterday. I meet Elizabeth near the fountain in City Garden as usual. We talk and wait for Valeria to approach us. I initially view her as an ordinary person. But, I suddenly become interested in her when I stare at her nice eyes and bright smile. There is no lie that she is prettier than the other women (including Viktoria) I have dated here in Odessa. Valeria reminds me of Nadya a little bit because of their irresistible charm and my eagerness to know them well and perhaps build serious relationships with them.

Valeria, Elizabeth, and I eat at the same restaurant where I have my second date with Angelica yesterday. I am more drawn to Valeria especially when Elizabeth tells me that she is a fitness trainer. Valeria has an athletic body type that keeps her rejuvenated and sexy in the public eye. I do look or act younger than I do as well. However, I have a big stomach that is difficult to shrink. Thanks to the processed food that I regularly eat at home, I may have to do some intense exercising eventually. Then, if I become skinny again and deeply connect with her, I would feel less of a beast who deserves a beauty like her.

Instead of focusing on my life or problems, I want to pay more attention to her life personally and professionally. I sense something incredible about her besides her looks. I am indeed right when she tells me and Elizabeth how close Valeria is to her mother. For proof, she shows me a digital image of a hug between her and her mother. A second fact is her chance to meet and talk to a few American/Western men at a romance tour social event. Although she has neither dated them nor found the right man, she is still waiting to find true love someday. I am unable to see myself as her future boyfriend or husband because she is out of my league. Plus, I may have some traits that she may not like. Another man (e.g. you perhaps) from my nation or the Western world is probably more compatible with her especially if he is as physically active as she is.

The truth that she is a fitness trainer increases my attraction to her. She would definitely succeed in fitness modeling as well. She shows me a video and a few photos in which she trains her clients to exercise, jog, run, or do yoga at a beach. She continues to inspire me as much as I do with her concerning this blog. I get her permission in writing and showing a photo of her with you and other male readers. She is worthy of saving enough money and flying thousands of miles. You are not going to meet another woman like her especially if she moves to another country and start an engineering career.

Valeria the Fitness Trainer
Valeria as a fitness trainer

After she, Elizabeth, and I depart from the restaurant and walk toward the mall (where office is), a rude and impatient man bump between them and continue walking. He does not apologize to them at all. I am a little surprised to actually see this event. However, the ladies already expect it due to their culture that highly respects or favors males. To provide them comfort, I tell them that a typical American/Western man would approach, talk, and flirt with them. He would not behave in a disrespectful or selfish way as that Ukrainian man has. Like me, my counterpart would be urged to follow, confront, and demand that he says sorry to them. But, my counterpart and I would know that doing such action may ruin our reputations. Watching over the ladies and relying on God to deal with that guy sooner or later are the right things to do.

I say my goodbye to Valeria before she enters a Uber vehicle that takes her home or her job. I go inside the mall with Elizabeth and talk about the ladies I have dated. I inform her that Viktoria is practically a stranger to me. Viktoria does not honestly look like herself in her beautiful photos. She is more energetic than she seems on our previous video chats. I still want to pursue her anyway due to my feelings for her. I only see Angelica and Anastasia as friends. I am attracted to Karina, Irena, and of course Valeria despite that I need more time to communicate and know each of them well. So, I am more overwhelmed than I have thought I would be. I am more interested in women I have met than I am with a woman (Viktoria) I have known for over a year. I am not surprised about the fact whatsoever.

I face another financial problem that frustrates Elizabeth. I am doing my best to solve it. Nevertheless, Western Union and my credit union are giving me a hard time in accessing to my funds. I keep encouraging her to stay positive because I have dealt with similar or worse issues in United States. The other reason is that God always comes up with a solution for every problem I experience. After all, He knows and controls everything that exists.

During nighttime, I still deal with the same problem. I therefore need to clear my head and take a walk. I exit the apartment and go toward City Garden, Opera House, and Potemkin Stairs. I am pleased to see many pedestrians because they confirm how safe Odessa is. I continue to be astounded with its culture thanks to its plethora of citizens, stores, restaurants, and females who dress to impress. I am tempted to snap a few digital photos of 2 ladies until they immediately suspect me. I do not take any action at all and walk away while they stare at me in fear. I head to the unusual statue where Viktoria has taken her image a couple of months ago. I am just as surprised to see the statue as much as I am with local couples who sit, talk, or kiss passionately in public. All of this still seems like a fantasy because I would mentally go back to reality once I return to North Carolina in a few days.

where I stay
pedestrians at night
“Odesa Tanbul” sign

Friday 8/30

While I await a meeting with Elizabeth regarding the financial issue, I receive text messages from Nadiia. Apparently, Irena is longing for a third date with me. I cannot promise Nadiia when I am going to be done with the meeting. But, I would definitely be available this evening. I need a break from Elizabeth who is dealing with some stress and making our situation more difficult anyway.

Around 3:30 PM, I enter the office. I have a small conversation with another American man about the main reason we are here. We cannot ignore or resist the charm, simplicity, and beauty of Ukrainian ladies. They truly have the qualities that most women in our country are missing. Anna the manager (who has returned to the office yesterday) fits in the category of Ukrainian women indeed. Elizabeth somewhat joins her as well. Although I am a little disappointed that Elizabeth does not show up at all, I understand that she is too tired or busy with her other job. Hopefully, she would be in a better mood now that our financial problem has been solved.

Nearly a hour later, I meet Nadiia and Irena outside the mall. We walk toward a distant restaurant where I remember taking a previous date (Irina) last year. I am relieved to be accompanied with Nadiia and Irena again. I need a distraction from my financial issue. I also do not wish to return to the apartment and stay there for the rest of the day again. Instead, I want to create more positive memories here as possible. The ladies are helping me with that duty. I may not like that Irena has dyed her hair black. But, at least she still looks as good as her photos do. I cannot say the same about Viktoria unfortunately.

Because it is my last night here, I decide to call and ask Denis about hanging out. We go to two nearby restaurants (one for drinking and the other for eating) and discuss our families, this blog, my dates, and my mediocre life. I let him know how much I appreciate our friendship and how easy it is to open up to him. At home, I am usually ignored by everyone. Even my own family members can be difficult to have a conversation. Calling my father last night makes me think that he is more concerned about my crummy job than he is with this awesome vacation I am enjoying. He wants to verify that I return to that job on Tuesday as my boss(es) expects me. Honestly, I can care less about it and wish to seek a better job where I can do something more productive plus earn a bigger salary. Another option is moving here (Odessa) and asking for Denis and Elizabeth’s help in finding a job and place to stay permanently. The challenges though are learning the Ukrainian or Russian language fluently and applying for an Ukrainian citizenship. Because I do not want to go through these obstacles or give my Ukrainian friends additional problems, I have no choice but to return to my life in United States and make it ten times better. The positive outcome is that I can make my potential Ukrainian wife (whether she is Viktoria, Irena, or someone else) feel so comfortable, happy, and safe.

Saturday 8/31

Denis and I go to “Lviv Croissants” restaurant (which is in City Garden) for breakfast. I give him permission to follow me to the office again. Irena and Nadiia are going to meet me there in a hour. While Denis and I have some extra time to return to the apartment, we exit the restaurant and go back there. Seeing a blonde with a wedding dress prompts me to take digital photos of her. I hope that I do not later cause trouble by uploading and sharing photos of her and other anonymous people on this blog. I just want to inspire and confirm to you and other readers how remarkable, safe, and valuable Ukraine is. Although today is my last day here, I really wish that I can stay for an extra few days or month.

blonde preparing for her wedding
woman walking with her dogs

Originally, Denis wants to join me at the beach again. But, looking at me with Irena and Nadiia has changed his mind. He understands and respects that I want to focus on Irena mainly and the other way around. She receives less attention (maybe from her ex-boyfriend of 9 years) or none at all from the opposite sex. I want to change her perspective by taking her seriously and showing personal interest in her. Even when I return to North Carolina, I would repeat the actions on our future Skype video chats.

After eating at a beach restaurant, she, Nadiia, and I go to a certain area and make a reservation there. I am not thrilled about being shirtless and wearing white shorts with grey stripes again. But, my mood changes once I see Irena with a polka dot patterned swimsuit. Even Nadiia surprises me with her pink swimsuit too. This fourth date has now become the best and most unforgettable one that I have so far. As much as I have enjoyed viewing Valeria on our first date two days ago, I also like being next to two half-naked ladies (Irena and Nadiia) as well.

We all go to the water. I choose to not go deep or farther because of my lack of experience. However, they do not hesitate to swim entirely. Like many locals, they are not scared to do anything. The Ukrainian culture truly represents boldness as much as that from Russia or Brazil does.

Eating small fried fish and drinking warm lemon-lime soda are okay for me. But, I take more joy in seeing the large crowds of people who are playing volleyball, relaxing on their temporary beach beds, swimming, and sailing on water. Being next to Irena is a big plus. As much as I want to become physical with her, I avoid doing or thinking so. I come from a culture that respects, favors, or gives women more justice. I have been raised and taught to treat my sister, cousins, mother, grandmothers, teachers, and others fairly. I have read numerous stories and watched many videos about men who victimize women and girls. So, I have no excuse to disrespect or make a female do something hesitantly or uncomfortably. My consciousness reminds me regardless of where I am.

Another cultural topic that comes up is homosexuality. According to Irena and Nadiia, a gay man or woman has to hide his or her sexual orientation and pretend to be straight. If he or she expresses himself or herself candidly or shows affection to someone of the same sex in public, they may be verbally assaulted, physically abused, and thrown into separate jail cells. In the United States or the Western world, similar events have occurred decades ago perhaps. Today, I reassure Irena and Nadiia that many same-sex couples in my nation are recognized, favored, and treated equally as straight couples are. Hopefully, more international couples would become noticed and respected by society, media, and family as well.

I say my goodbyes to the Ukrainian ladies and promise to stay in touch with them. I take an Uber ride to the apartment and start packing my suitcase and backpack. Denis arrives and receives the keys of the apartment to me. Despite that he wants to take me to the airport, I inform him that Elizabeth would do the task instead. I have already contacted and paid her to do so. The reason is that I want to spend some time with a woman I have dated before I leave Odessa. I have picked Valeria at first. But, Elizabeth says that she has to work and that Karina would be available for me when she comes back from Moldova. I am satisfied because I do not want to feel lonely and depressed at the airport. Having a supportive woman there is going to help me see the positive side of returning home and plan the next time we can reunite.

Without Karina, Elizabeth and I stop at “Selfie” restaurant for supper. I immediately remember my separate dates with Viktoria and Yulia here last year. Coincidentally, Elizabeth and I sit at the same table where Yulia, her translator, and I have. Therefore, this place is absolutely not hard to forget. Even the same waiter with black hair is memorable to me as well. Elizabeth also remembers and talks to another waiter whom she probably knows through a (mutual) friend. The world is frankly smaller than it looks in my eyes and maybe yours too.

When we pick up Karina and head to the airport, we unexpectedly meet Denis. I am not surprised because he has previously asked me about being here with me. Viktoria seems annoyed while Karina looks surprised about his encounter. I cannot blame them for their reactions. I have not expected or wished to befriend him before this vacation has begun. But, I realize that he is a genuine guy with a good heart and intentions. He is a fan of this blog and savior when it comes to a place I need to stay. Despite of the language barrier, he is easier to talk than most of the people (who speak English fluently) where I live are. Therefore, I need to keep my relationship with him as I do with Elizabeth. They are valuable assets to my next trip here.

While all four of us wait inside the airport and see how crowded the lines are, I make sure to convert cash (that I have received from Nadiia) into Turkish currency. I get some remaining Ukrainian money and thus hand it to Karina. If I keep and take it to another country, I probably would not get much for it. It may be considered coins or pennies.

Elizabeth and Karina say their goodbyes and leave. Of course, Denis stays with me until I get past the security checkpoint area. While I await my return flight to Istanbul, Turkey, I ponder the memories I have created her. A part of me wants to contact and ask him or Elizabeth about picking me up and letting me stay somewhere for as long as I desire. However, I do not have enough money to stay here (Odessa). I do not know the language, culture, etc. either. I have to face reality, go back home, and deal with the problems at work and home again. There is no other way.

Sunday 9/1

I do not have a comfortable sleep at the Istanbul airport. But, I am glad that I am not rushing to go back home. I want to continue enjoying this vacation, eating exotic foods, and looking at beautiful ladies in person. Obviously, Turkish women are not as pretty as their Ukrainian counterparts are. But, one thing that they share is their kindness. I am pleased to see warm, nice, and organized the airport is. The employees are so positive and respectful. The food especially what I have from Carl’s Jr. restaurant is so tasty. There are plenty of trash organizers that keep trash, paper, and 2 other types of recyclable products divided. I do not see anything like them at my crappy job where people mix trash with recyclable items, wood, and everything else. Therefore, I hope to return to Istanbul next year for my third trip in Odessa.

I arrive to the airport in San Francisco, California around 5:00 PM. I am happy to be in the state I have been born and have spent my early childhood. As much as I would like to spend more time and perhaps tour around this city, I have to take my final flight to Raleigh, North Carolina. I need to return to work in two days and earn more money.

Monday 9/2

Around 5:30 AM, I enter the Raleigh-Durham international airport. I have some money to buy a chicken biscuit from Popeye’s restaurant. I text my relatives and let them know that I am waiting for their arrival. I exchange text messages with Denis and Elizabeth separately. I wish that I can find friends like them at home. But, choosing to marry an Ukrainian woman and legally allowing her to stay in this country are so much better. I would feel complete, more confident, and happier here than I have ever been.

A few hours later, a strange man asks me about doing an interview possibly. I see that he is from a news company. A part of me is interested so that I may promote this blog on television or some other media. However, I avoid taking drastic action. I am focused on retrieving my suitcase and waiting for a ride toward home.

My sister shows up around 12:15 PM. We depart from the airport, stop at some places including a company I wish to get a better job, and return home. I feel odd in being back here after an absence of two weeks. But, looking at a K1 fiance(e) visa application (that I have printed a few months ago) and then a new episode of “90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days” put my mind at ease. I fall asleep while the YouTube video is still playing on my television screen.


My second trip to Odessa, Ukraine is something that I have never expected at all. It is also something that I am never going to forget for the rest of my life. Denis, Viktoria, Irena, Elizabeth, and others would always make sure of that fact.

I like that I have bonded with people more than I have done on my previous vacation last year. I can reassure you that Ukrainians in general are easy to approach, talk, and befriend. Like Denis, one of them may look out or provide you food, shelter, and/or other needs if you lose your debit card or become broke.

I may not be crazy about the majority of the food I have eaten. I may have little regret in going to some expensive restaurants and paying too much money to Elizabeth and Nadiia for their translator services. But, I have gained a strong connection with each of them and access to more ladies through them. Thus, I do not need or want to buy the Euro Club membership service for the third time.

I can save money for my trip next year.

Of course, I am going to date again Viktoria, Irena, Karina, Angelica, and maybe Valeria and Anastasia if they are still living in Odessa.

Victoriia is out of the picture.

Regardless of her refusal to call me after our date, I still hope that she finds the right man through company or some other good source.

The same thing applies to other 6 women as well.

However, I still want a chance to grow my connection with Viktoria and Irena.

They each want to be in serious relationships with me.

Even though I have not intended this event to happen, I am surprised and therefore more interested in communicating and knowing them more on Skype individually.

I need more time to figure who is truly right for me.

The result is committing or marrying one of them or maybe someone else (if both females ever lose interest in me eventually).

Like me, you should go to Odessa or think about traveling there someday.

The benefits are:

  • safety no matter when and where you go
  • multiple attractive women to date, talk, connect, etc.
  • ease of making friends
  • learning about yourself through a different culture
  • foods that improve your health
  • joy of walking
  • more freedom
  • restaurants, beaches, stores, and many other cool places to visit
  • better chance of finding the woman of your dreams than you do at home

Go on this life-changing European vacation that can help you better your life, health, relationships with others, and attitude toward the opposite sex.


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