My 2nd Anniversary of This Blog

January 2017 has been the start of my current life in Henderson, North Carolina. Although I have moved from Williamsburg, Virginia 2 months ago and have wanted to stay there originally, I have to find a better job here (Henderson) and make more money as well. I have been temporarily unemployed despite that I have applied for a few jobs. To distract myself from my job and financial situations, I begin to watch a couple of episodes of “Fatal Attraction” television series on YouTube. I admit that I have been so curious about torture and murder ever since my 20’s. Nonetheless, I have to stop watching the videos due to growth of dark thoughts. Just as parents have to protect and keep their children from watching violent, cynical, or inappropriate TV shows/movies, I as an adult have to do the same for myself too.

Replacing the view of the homicidal television series with that from “Dream Connections” videos has mentally sent me a better place. I highly recommend you (American or Western man) and everyone else to start looking at the inspirational YouTube channel featuring Mark Davis, his Ukrainian wife (Anna), and their staff plus clients if you are tired or suffering from so much negativity in the media. You would learn unlimited positive information about women in other countries, international couples, foreign cultures, and so on. Like me, you can jot countless ideas and topics you wish to discuss on your potential blog or YouTube channel.

Eager to express my feelings about international dating, foreign ladies, etc., I have registered with “Happier Abroad” forum. Of course, I have gone above the limit of posts I can write per day. Consequently, I have been banned for a short time. Getting in touch with Winston Wu (owner) has helped me rejoin his website and continue with my posts. But, I have lost interest because something or someone (definitely God) has told me to develop a blog and take my unique ideas/thoughts there instead. I have chosen to create one on WordPress which is way better and more professional than Blogger is.

Foreign Love Web website
“Home” webpage

As I have begun to write and publish my 1st blog post (around the same time I have begun my current job), I have realized that I have wanted to communicate and encourage you and many other men to follow my footsteps since my first trip in Barranquilla, Colombia. In addition, Dream Connections agency, A Foreign Affair company, and many other international dating/marriage experts reciprocate and want to help you win happiness or the heart of a beautiful foreign lady too. Our lives may be short. But, the list of single, available, and marriage-minded people around the world is so long that international dating/marriage needs to increase. Many of them are always risking their health or even lives.

I may not have been a perfectionist when it comes to writing. After all, my early blog posts that include plenty of mistakes have proven my point. I however have improved my grammar, vocabulary, etc. skills eventually. I have wanted to give you and other viewers as much information about foreign women, cultures, cities, etc. as possible. Another reason is that I have wished to be as persistent as Mark and Anna have been for their successful company. I have remembered his comment (in one of his videos) about spending between 2 and 3 years in promoting their quest tours for free. Now, they are attracting as many paying customers as I am with my nonpaying readers. We truly believe that we have the answers that many people around the world are seeking.

During Spring 2017, I have hired James Maverick and his team to work on my online business while I expand this blog. Not only has he inspired me to make my dream website come true but also he has helped me improve the tagline of this blog as well. The tagline is what you still read whenever you go to the home webpage and look under the blog name. The tagline is as meaningful as the symbolic photo of Justin and Oksana Palma is. They are both included in the Facebook page as well. I may not have been happy with the total amount of money I have spent for advertising. But, I am satisfied with these positive results anyway:

  • my inspiration Mark who has found my blog, has approved the photo, and has given me some advice of what to remove from my Facebook page
  • receiving over 4,400 likes and followers
  • even getting many inbox messages that I do not really check and answer
    • Instead, I wish that I would get more comments on this blog because I check it every other day.
    • I have written a Facebook post about it.

Visit the Facebook group which is associated with the Facebook page if you wish to join.

Facebook page
Facebook page for this blog
Facebook group
Facebook group for this blog too


During elementary school, I have dreamed of writing books.

In fact, I have created my own amateurish newspapers a few years later.

Today, I have an official blog that consists of 200+ blog posts.

I feel overjoyed of what I have accomplished in the past 2 years. I am also elated that you and other readers take my words seriously. I have not done very well on “Happier Abroad” forum and other websites. Other members seem to ignore or ridicule what I need to say concerning many genuine foreign women, international dating, and other relevant topics.

Take my advice.

If you want to confidently speak your mind and get much respect from others, create a consistent blog like I have, start a YouTube channel, write a book, or even begin public speaking.

Otherwise, you may be overlooked, mocked, confronted, targeted, or even manipulated to say or do something that you dislike.

I celebrate 2 years of planning, organizing, researching, writing, and finding evidence to support my words in each blog post.

I would probably repeat the process until I am old and grey.

Haters, know-it-alls, and ignorant people cannot stop me from giving the truth to those who deserve to know plus want to better their lives.

Many secrets, lies, and BS in this world probably explain why more people are constantly destroying each other as well as themselves.

My one of a kind blog exists so that it can help lead them and others to (more) peace, joy, freedom, victory, unity, etc.

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