Curious About Going to a Foreign Country

Ever since I found out about women in Latin America in 2006, I wanted to go to Colombia right away. But, I had to finish courses at a local community college. Plus, I needed more money to earn and save. I was forced to wait over a year. During that time, I researched on Google about Colombian women, culture, etc. I also watched videos on YouTube too. I could not believe what I read about Colombian women. They were beautiful inside and out. They were easy to talk and connect. They were like angels descended from Heaven. When I was a minor, I dreamed about going to a foreign place and meeting exotic women. Now as an adult, I knew that my dream can come true. And I was going to make it happen despite of the obstacles I would face.

If you watch YouTube videos from Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections or John Adams of A Foreign Affair, you would hear each of them telling you to go overseas and find your soulmate, life partner, best friend, girlfriend, or future wife. Here are my suggestions regarding visiting a foreign country:

  • Overcome your fears or doubts.
  • Research information about everything, watch YouTube videos, take notes, etc.
  • Ignore what your family, friends, etc. say because they have no proof. Also, it is your life and choice, not theirs. If you do listen to them and stay, are your family/friends going to help you find someone better in America?
  • Work more hours and earn and save as much money as you can. Budget and write how much money you need for the trip and how much money you currently have.
  • Plan and write a list of things you need to do and take on your upcoming trip overseas.
  • Apply or renew your U.S. passport. Get immediate help from a clerk at a local post office or another expert if you do not understand.
  • Finally, get in contact with a trustworthy person, dating agency, or company that is located in the country you are visiting. Find enough credible evidence about the person or business including certification logo(s), Paypal logo, credit/debit card info, Better Business Bureau, customer reviews, etc. Phone calling Sam Smith of I Love Latins and emailing my translator and personal assistant Erika has really helped me gain confidence before going to Colombia (July 2008). Erika and I are still good friends after almost nine years.
Source: Flora of My Country

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