Going to Colombia

I remembered the night before I went on a round-way flight to Barranquilla, Colombia. It was rainy and dark in June 2008. I was at my job (then Water Country USA) washing trays and dumping trash. I was so eager to go home and pack my suitcase. When my shift ended, I left the job and did what I planned. The next day, my mother took me to the nearest airport in Newport News, Virginia. I arrived in Barranquilla the next day. I met my translator and guide named Erika (who is currently my friend of almost 9 years and currently married to an American man in the same state). I immediately felt safe and comfortable around her. I was able to open up to her because I am usually shy and quiet around strangers. I stayed in a hotel for a week. I withdrew Colombian pesos from random local ATM machines. I dated about 5 beautiful Colombian women. They were simple, positive, and fun to hang out. I went to amazing places such as the local zoo, shopping mall, casino, nightclub bar, and city of Cartagena. I fell in love with the country that I told Erika that it was now my second home. I went back there the second time in August 2009. I went on dates with both the same and new Colombian women. I visited an outlet mall, nightclub that played 80s music, bowling alley, and a museum. Going to Colombia twice in a row changed who I am. I could talk and become more comfortable around women. I reunited with Erika 5 years later with her husband and mother in Kings Dominion. That was the third best time of my life.

My friend Erika (left) and my date (right)
me and another date (right)


Create the best moment of your life by getting on an airplane and flying to Colombia or another foreign country. Come out of your comfort zone like I did. Experience a different but amazing and extraordinary culture. Meet foreigners who can become your friends for life. Stay in touch with them on Facebook or WhatsApp. Visit places you never have been. Eat interesting foods. Take many pictures and show them to your family and friends. And finally create a blog or story to tell to your future or current children/grandchildren.



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