My Review – “TLC Worldwide, Inc.” Website

In May 1992, Bruce White has started an international dating business called TLC (The Latina Connection) Worldwide, Inc. in Houston, Texas. His mission is to help hundreds or thousands of American/Western men connect with available, attractive, and irresistible women in Peru, Colombia, Panama, and certain other countries in Latin America. His dream has come true thanks to the popularity of the website, email newsletters, free 80-minute DVD, and especially physical photomagazines that are sent to mailing addresses of potential male customers. Although he has left the business almost a decade ago and the business no longer has group romance tours since 2018, the website still exists today. Unknown international couples are probably stronger than they have ever been and willing tell the good news about the obsolete business (which has brought them together) to the world anyway.

Of course, I have never joined the business. But, it does have similarities that I Love Latins dating agency (which I have joined in July 2008 and August 2009 in Barranquilla, Colombia) does have. Despite that I have moved forward to Ukrainian ladies and of course my video chatting business with Elizabeth, I still am drawn to women in Latin America. They are so diverse, energetic, stunning, and worthy of meeting and connecting in person. Like me, you (American or Western man) may have zero regrets if you actually go to a Latin American country like Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, or Dominican Republic for possible true love.

If you wish to know my honest opinion of “TLC” website in order to make a decision whether or not you are interested in finding a potential Latin wife or girlfriend, please read the following details:


old photomagazines

They mainly have photos and short information about Latin American females who want to find their future husbands through the business. I like that the photomagazines provide the mailing address of the business, schedules of the then-upcoming romance tours, and forms of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005. You may become engaged as much as I am with the photomagazines. They are still appealing to read despite that they are over 12 years of age. However, you may have difficulty in buying or finding them online. Fortunately, I can scan and show you certain pages from the photomagazines below. You can thank me by giving me a like or posting a comment at the end of this review.

2008 issue of “The Latin Connection” Worldwide, Inc.

free tour DVD

It includes a total of 17 chapters. You can watch the entire video for probably 80 minutes long. I enjoy looking at the DVD cover that shows diverse Latin American ladies smiling and holding their fingers at the viewers. Even though I have not seen the DVD for a few years, I am interested in watching it again whenever I am not so busy. The video can take your mind back to the 1980’s or 1990’s in some way due to its pleasant background music, quality of video, paradise backgrounds, etc. I wish that I can let you see it by copying the video file(s) on my computer and uploading it on YouTube. But, I may face serious issues as a result. The video may be unavailable or difficult to find on the Internet. You can however try to seek similar videos on YouTube, Google, and/or other websites.

DVD disc

discontinued vacation tours

They are certain places in a certain Latin countries where American/Western males can attend for dating and building serious relationships with Latin females. I love that each man can relax, have fun, and enjoy being surrounded by a beautiful woman or women abroad. If he wants to find more happiness in his home country, he can make this option – marrying a lady under the K1 fiance visa. Keeping a relationship with her is so worth it because he may never find another female like her ever and especially where he lives as well. The romance tours of TLC Worldwide business do not exist anymore. Nevertheless, you can still attend an individual or group romance tour in Colombia, Costa Rica, or Peru with A Foreign Affair ( business particularly. Beautiful and sincere foreign ladies are always waiting and hoping to meet and connect with a man (with a good heart and serious intentions) like you.

2 Dislikes

outdated website

Despite that the website is very informative, you may notice or suspect that it has not been updated recently. Plus, the links on each webpage are broken or non-working as well. In my honest opinion, I still enjoy reading the same information for a couple of years. I however hope that people from the TLC Worldwide agency (whether it exists or not) would change or add new information on the website in the future. Regardless of what they believe, some men may become interested in buying romance tours in Latin America anyway. Sam Smith and his staff of I Love Latins agency have made a comeback with their website and business in Barranquilla, Colombia due to their strong faith and persistence in promoting international love. Elizabeth and I are still trying to attract male customers to Foreign Chat Web business in Odessa, Ukraine. So, if you constantly want to reach your goals or dreams in life, you have to remain focused, adamant, and driven. Ignore your situation, what others say or think about you, and how they treat you. That is how you are going to truly succeed.

unknown status of the business

Truly, I do not know if the business still exists today or has ended a few years ago. Contacting a staff member may be pointless because the phone number, email address, etc. on the website are outdated. There is no other website or social media page too. But, at least someone from the dating agency cares so much to keep the website online after the last romance tour has occurred 3 years ago. Whether more romance tours would eventually return or not, you can still find true love in Latin America. After all, numerous ladies in that continent and the rest of the world are waiting and wishing to find their future husbands.


“TLC” website is an unique and unforgettable website to visit if you are curious about females in Central/South America. However, if you want to learn new or more information about the ladies and their world, you can visit these other sources which update their information:

I have fallen in love with Latin ladies especially those in Colombia and Dominican Republic back in 2006 or 2007. In fact, I have gone to both countries. Even though I have moved on to women in Odessa, Ukraine, my feelings for Latin females would always stay unchanged.

There are beautiful ladies everywhere.

But, the difference is who they are on the inside.

Latin women are confident, diverse, stunning, and enthusiastic.

In some way, they are like American ladies when it comes to different races, shapes, skin tones, etc.

But, you can build a stronger connection with a female in Latin America indeed.

Again, learn additional information about her and numerous other women in her continent on YouTube, Google, and other credible websites.

Also, read my previous blog posts about Colombian ladies, my past trips in Barranquilla, and so on.

Other than that, if you actually want to be with a good woman from Latin America, I wish you tremendous success in turning your dreams into a reality.


    • Yes, I highly recommend A Foreign Affair/ agency. You can choose to attend a group or individual romance tour and meet ladies in Latin America (Costa Rica, Colombia, or Peru), Europe (where Ukrainian ladies currently live), or Asia (Thailand, China, or Philippines).

      But, if you are interested in other international dating websites, here they are:

      – (Mordinson Marriage Agency in Kharkov, Ukraine)
      – I Love Latins (agency in Barranquilla, Colombia)
      – Dream Connections (agency that used to have romance tours in Nikolaev, Ukraine and Bangkok, Thailand, get in contact with Mark Edward Davis (owner))
      – Latin Affairs (agency in Dominican Republic)
      – Manizales Cupid (agency in Manizales, Colombia)


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