What Is the IMBRA Law?

Are you (American or Westernized man) interested or concerned about international marriage?

Do you want to keep your potential foreign wife protected before, during, and after the 90-day fiance(e) visa period?

Do you want to make sure that she is the right woman for you and that you are the right man for her?

If so, then please read the necessary information below:


Full Name

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act


It is an United States law that prevents or decreases abuse of a foreign fiancee (visa applicant) by her American husband-to-be (petitioner) and vice versa. This law has been active for 14 years so that more women from Ukraine, Colombia, Philippines, etc. do not end up like the late Susanna Blackwell or Anastasia King. The result is that both international couples and international dating agencies (including that of A Foreign Affair) greatly appreciate it. They can continue living and promoting honesty, unity, peace, happiness, and safety around the world.

How it affects you

If you apply for a K1 fiance(e) visa, you must complete and pass a full background check regarding your:

  • criminal and marital records
    • Your future foreign wife has to see them for her own protection.
  • evidence (e.g. photos of both of you together) that you have met her in the flesh through an international marriage broker (IMB) (or should I say an international dating agency).
  • limit to fill out Form I-129F (which is the K1 visa application) 2 times
    • If you fail to marry her or another foreign lady within your 1st or 2nd 90-day visa period, then you may be required to marry her in her country and apply for the K3 spousal visa instead.
  • understanding that you are quickly disqualified if you have committed abuse against another human being or done worse
    • Honestly, it does not really matter even if you submit waiver(s).
    • A clean record from you is going to indeed help you get approved for petitioning.

You should receive:

  • more protection for yourself and her
  • smoother process of fiance(e) visa
  • extra trust from her after she learns about your records
  • more awareness of when and where she is going to have her visa interview, whether or not she is approved, and when she can legally enter your country once she is approved

How it affects her

After you finish and submit the K1 visa application, she should receive sudden information from you, the IMB, your government, and hers as well. In addition, she should prepare for her visa interview which may occur in the capital (e.g. Kiev or Bogota) of her country. She can be ready by doing the following tasks:

  • planning what proper clothes to wear
  • practicing and understanding what to say and what not to say
  • taking advice from experts or those who have succeeded and won legal entrance to United States
  • learning what she can bring there and what she must keep at home

Additional information about you, the IMBRA law, the fiance(e) visa process, etc. is going to truly help her feel safer, more confident, and more comfortable in your nation.


Thanks to the existence of the IMBRA law, both of you can move forward to marriage and happiness together. Of course, you both are going to face more obstacles from time to time. However, you would be in a better place with her emotionally because you know more information about who she is. The same thing applies to her regarding your identity and personality too.


Frankly, the IMBRA law is a safeguard to international couples.

They do not have to worry about abuse, murder, lies, secrets, and manipulation.

Despite that they may still have to deal with haters, those who do not understand their relationships, language barriers, and cultural issues, international couples can still overcome those obstacles and remain happily married.

Life is short.

Time is precious.

The truth changes everything.

Many people continue going to negative places because they do not embrace or appreciate all of them.

They are robbing themselves from freedom, prosperity, unity, respect, etc.

They may consider the IMBRA law as a curse or challenge.

But, international couples, I, and those who support them see it as a blessing.

So, if you are interested in marrying a woman from another country, you can be reassured that the law is going to guide, protect, and keep you in a stable relationship with her.

RapidVisa YouTube video - IMBRA
2 American males discussing the IMBRA law – “RapidVisa” YouTube channel

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