My Review – “Mordinson” Website

In 1999, the Mordinson family (which consists of Michael, Darya, Anna, Maksim, and Alla) has created a sincere, up-to-date, and honest international marriage agency. Its only office is located in Kharkov, Ukraine. Therefore, local Ukrainian women can personally join the company, have their photos and videos included in their online profiles, and receive chances to meet caring and monogamous men from United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and other Westernized countries.

I am happy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company with this blog post. I really enjoy looking at its website. So, if you (American or Western man) are curious about it and wish to find your potential wife or girlfriend in Kharkov, please read my thoughts below:


2 Dislikes

  • no email form
    • However, an email address plus phone numbers from United States, Ukraine, and Germany are provided on the website.
    • Here is the contact information of the marriage agency:
      • email address
      • phone numbers
        • United States
          • +1-213-814-2697
        • Ukraine
          • +38-067-578-2344 (*)
        • Germany
          • +49-176-312-134-15 (*)
    • I might contact and let Michael know how much I appreciate his family business.
    • If you want to know additional information or get more verification that the website or its female members are honest and marriage-minded, please call or email him or any of his staff members/relatives.
  • no social media links
    • They are missing on the company website.
    • But, I have found its YouTube channel after doing a search on YouTube.
    • I also learn about a Facebook page (which may be inactive temporarily) when I check the main webpage of the YouTube channel.
    • Despite of social media, you would immediately know how legit and sincere the business is through its:
      • contact information
      • YouTube videos
      • testimonials
      • seductive photos of lovely women


“Mordinson” website is probably the sexiest international dating one I have seen on the Internet. The website includes both partial view and full view images of good-looking ladies. It also includes videos in which each of them describes her personality, interests, etc.

I highly recommend the website to you because of these reasons:

  • You can do business with a family-oriented man (Michael) who has much respect for his customers as well as his relatives and their agency.
  • He plus his family members are going to help you find the right woman in Kharkov.
  • They may get you in touch with international couple(s) via email or phone if you still have questions or concerns about foreign women, international dating, Ukrainian culture, etc.

Of course, I have neither joined the agency nor contacted Michael or anyone else who is part of it.

However, I can tell that they are all genuine through the qualities of the website, YouTube videos, and female members.

Plus, 20 years prove that the company is trustworthy and capable of helping you seek the woman of your dreams.

You may find her profile on the online gallery.

If you do not, then call or email Michael, plan a trip to Kharkov, and relentlessly chase her in person.

Based on my experiences in Ukraine, Colombia, and Domincan Republic, I can 100% tell you that being in the presence of her and other lovely ladies is so much better than staying home and constantly looking at photos/videos of sexy women you are not going to meet, talk, and connect.

ad of Mordinson dating website
home webpage
2 (1)
Svetlana – Mordinson #669
Maria – Mordinson #518
1 (2)
Natalia – Mordinson #483
1 (1)
Liza – Mordinson #414
Viktoria – Mordinson #552


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