Peruvian Women versus Chinese Women

Whenever I think about traditional values and ancient buildings, Peru and China come to my mind. Both nations seem much of the same today as they have in the past. Their female citizens are not much characteristically different from their mothers, grandmothers, and ancestors either.

If you (American or Western man) are curious or undecided of where to travel and find international love, please read specific information below:



Peruvian Women

  • beautiful faces
  • curvy bodies
  • multiracial (composed of Spaniard, English, French, German, Italian, Irish, African, Chinese, Japanese, etc. nationalities)
  • fit and thin
  • imperfect in shape
  • dark or brown eyes
  • brown, black, blonde, etc. hair colors

Chinese Women

  • slim
  • perhaps tall
  • small bones
  • white or yellow skin complexion
  • round and flat faces
  • black or brunette hair (most of them)
  • double eyelids


Peruvian Women

Honestly, I do not find the majority of women in Peru attractive. But, they are prettier and more diverse than their Chinese counterparts are. Peruvian ladies almost look as good as the ones in other Latin American nations (e.g. Colombia, Brazil, and Costa Rica) that most American/Western men travel. Peruvian females have different body shapes, eyes, skin complexions, and other various features. Therefore, if you wish to meet and be around ladies who do not remind you of clones, buy a Latin romance tour from dating agency and go on an amazing trip to Lima, Peru.

Vanessa – AFA #155663


Peruvian Women

Chinese Women

  • high heels
  • dresses
  • skirts
  • shirts
  • cultural or traditional dresses
  • imported clothes from United States, Europe, Australia, and/or other Asian countries
  • sportswear
  • casual or comfortable clothing
  • suits
  • pants


Peruvian Women

Like their Latin American fellow sisters, Peruvian ladies know how to dress seductively. They are hard to ignore when it comes to their clothes. In some way, they make Chinese females seem like schoolgirls. If you like women who look so young, then go to China. But, if you prefer to date and connect with ladies who look their actual ages, then choose a vacation to Peru instead.

Susana – AFA #186918



Peruvian Women

  • sweet
  • attractive
  • family-oriented
  • religious
  • traditional
  • modern
  • serious about monogamy
  • approachable
  • easy to talk and connect
  • feminine
  • smart
  • maternal
  • patriotic
  • proud of their culture or nation
  • educated
  • popular thanks to Lima (their capital city)
  • very open-minded
  • full of energy
  • multicultural
  • gentle

Chinese Women

  • confident
  • lovely
  • wealthy
  • highly educated
  • modern
  • professional
  • entrepreneurial
  • ambitious
  • rejected by men who are uninterested or intimidated by their success, intelligence, and power
  • independent
  • maternal
  • patient
  • considerate
  • attentive
  • fashionable
  • somewhat insecure
  • very hospitable
  • kind
  • family-oriented
  • mature
  • outspoken in a light way
  • reserved
  • suave
  • youthful at heart and appearance
  • emotionally and financially stable
  • skeptical of God


Chinese Women

Even though they do not really believe in Christianity, they are still nice, stunning, and successful with their education and careers. Unlike most women in United States, Canada, and the Western world, many Chinese ladies avoid letting their college degrees, jobs, businesses, materialistic things, ego, etc. change who they are and how they feel about the opposite sex. They have plenty of love and respect for men especially those with good hearts and serious intentions. If you are one of those men, you can truly stop the females from feeling like outcasts or being pressured into arranged marriages.

Jingjing – AFA #188847

Feelings, Abilities, and Thoughts

Peruvian Women

  • love to smile, cook, clean, and raise children
  • remain positive and supportive to their men despite of marital issues
  • prioritize family and children before anyone and anything else
  • have easy access to people, businesses, and other sources that speak Spanish if they move to United States or the Western world
  • do not believe or want divorces
  • wish to be taken seriously
  • hopeful in dating or marrying men outside their country
  • may lose interest if they are not pursued by the opposite sex as soon as possible
  • believe in Catholicism
  • enjoy comedy, entertainment, fun, and dancing as long as they are appropriate
  • like to be romanced with flowers, nice compliments in Spanish, and/or doors that are opened for them
  • respectful, dependent, and acceptable to men who take charge of their households
  • probably would not marry or commit to men unless their family members meet and approve them
  • may change dramatically after getting married
  • very willing to move abroad for the men of their dreams
  • may not have Internet connection and profiles on dating websites if they live in mountainous interior/areas
  • can possibly and quickly learn English from bilingual friends
  • heartbroken or betrayed if their boyfriends or husbands say meaningless words to them

Chinese Women

  • believe in agnosticism
  • pressured by family, society, and government to date, wed, and/or have children
  • feel like failures if they remain single in their late 20’s or early 30’s
  • accused of being selfish, picky, and superior by ignorant media
  • seek American/Western men who would accept and love them unconditionally
  • may wish to move to other nations and escape from ongoing pressures or demands from their loved ones
  • love their jobs or businesses
  • willing or capable of bonding with foreigners despite of language barrier
  • may get plastic surgery in order to whiten their skin and attract good men
  • enjoy cooking or eating pork, duck, rice, noodles, etc.
  • feel overlooked or stereotyped by the Western media regarding their fashion/looks


Peruvian Women

This has been a hard decision to make. But, I have picked women in Peru for this subcategory due to their strong family ties, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and desire to please and stay with their potential husbands or boyfriends for good. Of course, Chinese ladies have the same traits that attract American/Western men as well. The problem is that they do not honestly have the same beliefs that the men have. If you can accept a woman who is unsure that God exists, then by all means develop a relationship with her. But, if you want to be with someone who is on the same level with you spiritually, emotionally, etc., then choose instead a Peruvian lady for commitment or marriage. Sharing your life with hers may give you no regrets at all.

American/Western man with his Peruvian lady –


Peruvian females have won this blog post altogether thanks to their better looks, sexier clothes, and stronger connection to American/Western males.

However, I have more sympathy for Chinese women because of their hard work, rejection by others, loneliness, and pressure to marry men they do not know or love. Like them, I work hard and do my best with this blog, my membership website, my crummy job, and so on. However, I still get less as a result. I sometimes feel that no one is on my side or cares to do so. But, I refuse to give up and do something (e.g. be with a woman I do not find attractive or even like as a friend) that is not in my heart.

It does not matter what other people including our loved ones think or want.

We exist for the purposes of God.

We have to face and answer to Him after we die and leave this world.

Therefore, we should follow Him plus our hearts in order to get what we truly want.

My heart keeps telling me to grow my relationship with Viktoria and get to know other Ukrainian females (Valeria and Irena) well.

What about you?

Are you truly drawn to women in Peru, China, Ukraine, or another country?

If so, then think about it.

Do research online, watch YouTube videos, talk to other American/Western men who have successfully dated or bonded with foreign women, etc.

Minimize your fear, ignore those without evidence to support their words, and step outside your comfort zone by going overseas, attending a romance tour, and finding international love.

You would definitely have zero regrets and victory in seeking one special lady by your side.

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