Why Do Many Men Refuse to Get Married?

Why does marriage frankly exist?

Why do millions of men around the world choose to stay single or divorced?

God has not intended this unfortunate fact because of his planned creation and union between man and woman. Adam and Eve are great examples and proof of what God wants for humankind. Therefore, God has a potential wife for me, you (American or Western man), or any other man. God however respects our free will and decisions to wed or not.

There are numerous reasons for multiple men who avoid marriage (or remarriage).

Please read below the information which is divided into 2 main sections:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other Westernized countries

Author Mario Abad from “Men’s Health” website provides 43 excuses for unmarried American/Western men. If you wish to read them, click this link. Otherwise, read the following list of my 10 reasons (including some from him):

  • lacking attention from local women
  • feeling less attractive or unattractive
  • lacking confidence
  • losing interest in marriage or commitment
  • having poor social skills
  • dealing with (extreme) shyness
  • facing mostly negative experiences with the opposite sex (whether it is their mothers, sisters, female friends, etc.)
  • being constantly rejected or dumped by ex-dates, ex-girlfriends, or both
  • having less or no access to available women (for men who are mediocre, average-looking, inexperienced, broke, and/or invisible to society)
  • having access to multiple women (for men who are rich, wealthy, famous, charming, and/or socially and sexually experienced with the opposite sex)

As a result, most men are left heartbroken, bitter, lonely, and/or lost. If you do not believe me, then do research on the MGTOW community or those who despise the opposite sex so much that they actually commit murder-suicide. To stop you and some other men from entering the same emotionally dark place that many other men already reside, I advise you to travel overseas or around your country and meet women who are easy to communicate, ask for dates, build serious relationships, and so forth. Another suggestion is getting in touch with dating experts or coaches or happily married couples who can lead you to the right path.

Thanks to international dating agencies (e.g. Dream Connections, Mordinson, and A Foreign Affair (or loveme.com)) and especially Viktoria, I would forever see marriage as something positive, desirable, and worthy to pursue in the future.

American/Western men partying and enjoying the single life – Last Night of Freedom

Colombia, Russia, Philippines, and other non-Westernized countries

Listening to Bud Patterson from A Foreign Affair company tells me this rationale behind the self-destructive behaviors of many single foreign men:

  • having the same access to multiple ladies as their high-class American/Western brothers do
  • reducing their self-esteems
  • being discouraged from their governments and superiors primarily
  • working at low income jobs
  • receiving less support from others generally
  • lacking success professionally and personally
  • not really understanding manhood or having fathers to raise, support, and teach them properly
  • not being held accountable for immaturity, marital abuse, abandonment of their wives/girlfriends and children, and/or failing to do their responsibilities
  • taking much pleasure in arrogance or selfishness
  • focusing on the present time instead of their futures

It is sad to realize that more of these men are flushing their lives down the toilet. I can relate to them regarding earning a short amount of money and lacking support from others. But, I have more in common with the women in their nations due to feeling alone, being unwanted by others, and seeing a bright future with a special someone. I definitely know that other American/Western males feel the same way that the females do too. So, if some foreign men truly want to solve their problems, they must give up their hearts, bodies, and souls to the Lord God, keep their faith in Him, and persist in going after what they want so much.

Therefore, they would see how amazing and valuable marriage plus their lives (despite of their screwed up cultures) are.

foreign men focusing more on drinking and talking than they do with the opposite sex – The Daily Beast


There are probably a hundred or more good reasons for not getting married or remarried. However, God always has a better explanation to some men who are concerned or interested in finding their potential wives. Otherwise, He would probably have agreed with many men who do not believe, accept, or support marriage and instead have created more women (besides Eve) for Adam.

Marriage is a curse to those who want to stay independent and available to different romantic and sexual partners.

Nonetheless, others want to be wed so that they no longer have to feel alone, empty, unhappy, self-centered, insecure, and/or regretful at a later age.

Marriage indeed has changed human lives.

Just ask international couples.

If more men who are skeptical or uninterested in being married (again) would communicate with the couples on phone, email, Skype, etc., the men may change their attitudes toward women and marriage consequently.

Marriage is a beautiful thing.

It cannot be replaced by money, materialistic items, or a single lifestyle that many people enjoy.

Marriage brings you, I, or any other male closer to another living soul (female).

Any of us would never know how it can improve our minds, hearts, and lives unless we experience it for ourselves.

John (American) and Tanya (Russian) Adams of A Foreign Affair (or loveme.com) business – Ukraine Singles

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