My 12th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

Almost 2 weeks ago, I have sent extra money to Elizabeth via Western Union website. I am thrilled that Viktoria is celebrating her birthday in 10 days from today (June 16). I want to make sure that she has enough money to buy whatever she wants or needs. Dealing with some difficult times where I live makes me glad that she is in my life. Without her, I would probably feel lonelier (regardless if I am around others or actually alone) or worse than I do.

Around 4:00 PM (11:00 PM where (Odessa, Ukraine) they are), we have our Skype meeting for the 12th time.

So, here is the 12th time that I give you (American or Westernized man) details of the video chat:

Beginning of chat

Of course, I face another technical issue with Skype. I have little trouble seeing Viktoria’s face on my computer screen and vice versa. However, a few minutes later, the problem is solved. We can see and hear each other well. She is also pleased to see my hair even though I do not feel the same way. I am waiting the day before I go on my return trip to Odessa for my haircut. 1 reason is that I do not want my hair to quickly grow and end up like it is now. The other is that I want to feel and look better. I am so sick of my hair that I would probably tell a barber to cut all of it.

Middle of chat

I am delighted to see that she has a better hairstyle than she does on our previous video chat. In addition, I am even happier that she and Elizabeth turn their attention on this blog. I discuss with them my passion for international dating, numerous foreign women who seek international love, various cultures, and so on. When I mention that I write about nations I have never visited, Elizabeth becomes concerned. My good reasons are:

Whether both of my excuses are fair to you or not, I have no regrets whatsoever. If time goes back to when I have started this blog, I would probably write all of those blog posts again. But, I may not use the same words for each of them though.

I show Viktoria a particular red shirt that I have bought for her. She is probably impressed. If you truly want to find sexy but appropriate clothes for your potential girlfriend, wife, or female friend(s), just go on eBay website. Like me, you would not be disappointed with the prices. I am so eager to physically give her the other 4 shirts that I have bought from there as well. I want to see her wearing more feminine clothes.

For her upcoming birthday, she tells me about her plan to travel to Dnipropetrovsk (shortened for Dnipro). She also reveals to me about her friend who is searching for a possible husband from United States. At first, I have thought about asking her friend if she can give me between 1 and 3 of her images plus permission for writing her blog post. But, I later realize that it may be a bad idea after all. I do not want to make her feel uncomfortable and seem desperate to most American/Western men who remain ignorant or uninterested in foreign women. Texting Elizabeth that Viktoria’s friend should visit Dream Connections website, watch its YouTube channel, and travel to Nikolaev for joining its agency is indeed better. Like me regarding this blog, Viktoria’s friend would honestly receive more inspiration and respect from the owners (Mark and Anna Davis) and their staff members than she does from those of another dating agency (e.g. A Foreign Affair business).

Ending of chat

The video chat lasts for 37 minutes. I wish that I can have more time for communicating with Viktoria and Elizabeth. But, they have to go to sleep and probably work early in the morning. I wish Viktoria another good birthday like I have last year. After saying our goodbyes, I text Elizabeth about having our next Skype meeting in 4 or 5 weeks. I decide that it would be our last one before my return to Odessa in mid-August. There is no need to have a video chat on that upcoming month. Thanks to a copy of my flight schedule I have sent to Elizabeth on WhatsApp last month, she and Viktoria definitely know that I am coming back to their city.


I am proud that I have communicated with Viktoria 12 times, have celebrated her birthday twice, and have known her for over a year.

I cannot wait to see her again once I go back to Odessa.

Spending a day or extra with her is more meaningful to me than going on dates with other beautiful Ukrainian ladies is.

Providing her new clothes to wear is a big plus.

She deserves them because of her heart and character.

I may not be ready for marriage and she may not be either.

I may not be attracted to her 100% and vice versa.

Nonetheless, I am not letting her go unless she wishes to stay single or pursue another man.

I would probably not find another woman like her.

Also, I would probably not build the same type of relationship with someone else.

Whether Viktoria and I wed each other in the future or go our separate ways, I would always remember and value her photos as well as the times we spend together.

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