My 10th Video Chat with Viktoria and Elizabeth

Dealing with frustration and wishing to clear my mind, I have left the house and driven to a Food Lion store. I initially have assumed that I am not going to communicate with the Ukrainian women today (Apr. 14). The reason is that they have been so busy at their full-time jobs. When they are done with their shifts, they return home and fall asleep unexpectedly. I have discussed this issue with Elizabeth once. But, to my surprise, she has not disappointed me again. She has sent me a text message (via WhatsApp) regarding our 10th video chat. Apparently, she and Viktoria have been waiting for me to join them on Skype. I have responded to Elizabeth about my whereabouts and immediately returned home. Of course, I have changed my shirt so that I can look and feel better. I have gone on my laptop computer and awaited a video call from her.

Beginning of chat

Between 4:45 PM and 5:00 PM, the Skype meeting begins. Obviously, I am not surprised that there are a few technical issues with the software thanks to my past 2 or 3 video chats. But, my mood has changed when I have seen Viktoria on the computer screen. She has the same hairstyle which honestly bores me a little. I therefore wish to ask her about changing it. My interest in her may increase if I see her with curly or even short hair. At least I am happy that she often paints her fingernails with different colors though. Seeing her black fingernails currently makes me think of a mysterious side of her. I know what I am saying because I have sensed it (through her profile photo(s)) before I have met her for the first time in Odessa, Ukraine.

Middle of chat

We discuss my return to their country in a few months. I am eager to reunite with her in person. I tell her and Elizabeth that I want to explore their big city and visit beaches, malls, and other fun places. I hope to spend 2 or 3 days with Viktoria so that we can really know each other well, feel more comfortable together, and build plenty of awesome memories together. Despite that I am not ready for marriage and she probably feels the same way too, I want us to focus mainly on what we have now. I strongly believe that a friendship can bring us closer to each other than a rushed marriage or engagement does. I give thanks to the high rate of divorces or breakups for my point of view.

Both ladies become more curious about who I am after remembering about this 2 year old blog. They have never met or known a man like me. Many men they know, communicate, etc. are of course not serious about marriage, respectful to them and other females, and so on. It feels great that Viktoria and Elizabeth know that I am different and caring. Not only am I a Man of Action but also I consider myself a “Man of Mystery” (whom I might write a blog post in the future). My actions, words, and thoughts may be considered weird or uninteresting to most people. But, I would rather go outside my comfort zone and find more happiness, peace, confidence, etc. abroad instead of following the crowd and continuing to live a mediocre or unpleasant life.

Ending of chat

The Skype communication lasts for 36 minutes and 36 seconds coincidentally. But, it is no surprise that Elizabeth mentions about Viktoria’s upcoming birthday in late June. I plan to send extra money to Viktoria again so that she can buy whatever she wants. Of course, Elizabeth reminds me that Viktoria is always happy to see and chat with me every month. I nonetheless know that Viktoria would become overjoyed once I return to Odessa and meet her again. I would feel the same way too.


Experiencing difficulties in my life, feeling lost or disappointed sometimes, and looking at her images just motivate me to grow my relationship with her.

Honestly, where would I emotionally be if I have not met and dated her at all?

Living in this world can be tough sometimes.

Dealing with people personally or professionally can be worse.

But, choosing to be withdrawn from them or stay single for the rest of my life is not the answer to my problems. God has intended someone for everyone. Whether I like it or not, He constantly sends certain people in my life for a reason, season, or lifetime.

I am not meant to enjoy life or solve problems on my own.

I always need someone for support.

Maybe Viktoria is the right woman for me to marry.

If she can bring more joy, peace, simplicity, and other positive qualities in my life and I cannot find another woman like her ever, then I should pay more attention and grow my relationship with Viktoria.

After all, it is better to pursue an easygoing lady like her than it is being with a very attractive woman who can make my life more difficult.

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