A Reason, a Season, and a Lifetime

Do you wonder why:

  • people come in your life and decide to stay or leave?
  • you (American or Western man) face good and bad times?
  • you like and dislike certain things, people, etc.?
  • you are sick one day but you are healed on another day?
  • you are really here on earth?

God has created, brought, and given you a life with purpose(s). Your life is short but you should seek happiness with the right woman (whether she is foreign or American/Western). Your life is precious because you may lose it unexpectedly. Your life is meaningful because your family, friends, and others would depend on you. Your life is supposed to glorify God.

The following 3 words each list particular people, things, and events that may show up, leave, or stay in your life permanently:


  • people
    • teachers
    • doctors
    • other professionals
  • things
    • getting a job
    • starting business(es)
    • dating different women
      • You would definitely have the chance to do it in Colombia, Ukraine, or another foreign country.
      • You are looking for a suitable girlfriend or wife.
    • vacationing in your country or abroad
    • building or ending relationship(s)
  • events
    • becoming sick
    • losing materialistic item(s)
    • losing a job
    • losing a business
    • losing a girlfriend, wife, or another personal relationship


  • people
    • friends
    • co-workers
    • neighbors
    • supervisors, managers, or bosses
  • things
    • renting something
      • vehicle
      • video
      • electronic
      • apartment or house
      • something else
    • vacationing within or outside your country
    • taking school class(es)
    • doing mission or job task(s) remotely
  • events
    • losing friends
    • getting job suspension
    • being dumped by girlfriend or wife
    • facing unexpected changes at your job


  • people
    • parents
    • grandparents
    • siblings (if you have any)
    • other family members
    • true friends
    • your potential girlfriend or wife
    • your potential kid(s)
  • things
    • buying such items:
      • house(s)
      • vehicle(s)
      • clothes
      • equipment
      • so on
    • marrying a woman (foreign or American/Western)
    • having kid(s)
    • improving your health
    • building business(es)
    • starting, quitting, or resigning from a job
    • planning for retirement
    • moving away
  • events

Your life changes just like you change. Different people (except your true friends and family members) are going to come and exit your life. You would want or need different things that are beneficial to you. Continuously, you are going to lose someone or something (e.g. money) but you are going to win someone (e.g. a beautiful girlfriend or wife) or something (e.g. your dream business) as well. Your life is a journey; you have to keep going until you reach your final and chosen destination.

“Change” poem – A Piece of Mee (source)

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