Escape From the Screwed Up American Culture

Am I the only one who:

  • thinks that many people in United States have gone foolish or haywire?
  • wants to leave a job that makes me feel like an unappreciated and ridiculed “slave”?
  • finds most of the music, TV shows, movies, etc. boring, predictable, repetitive, illogical, or stupid?
  • wants to avoid a serious relationship (leading to marriage) with a typical American woman?
  • is emotionally lost when I am around co-workers, extended family members, or even total strangers?

If so, I am not sorry about how I truly feel. I have to do what is right for me. If everyone else goes one way, I have to go another way. If that way is to a foreign country (e.g. the Philippines), then I must go. I would rather be happy and lonely than being unhappy and surrounded by worthless friends.

If there are others who feel the same way I do, I am glad. Staying in United States can drive me or anyone else (regardless of race, age, gender, occupation, etc.) nuts. Winston Wu of “Happier Abroad” is right that I can find peace, joy, love, emotional sanity, friendship, unity, etc. overseas. I have found what I have been searching for all of my life due to my previous 3 trips in Latin America. I am therefore a different person today.

I am American. I have spent my entire life in the States. I am proud of my nationality. I am thankful to God for my health, family, education, job, etc. But, I have to face reality. I need to tell you (American or Western man) the truth. There are 7 topics that are indeed destroying the American or Western culture. I want to encourage you to temporarily or permanently leave your country by giving you detailed information about each topic below:


Most people in the States or the Western world are difficult to talk, connect, get along, etc. Both of my personal and professional experiences prove that. If I cannot talk and become close to my family, how can I do the same with other people at my job or anywhere else? Also, how can I build or keep a successful business? The same things can apply to you if you are not really a people person. Shyness or antisocial behavior would lead you to a dark, lonely, and unwanted place. However, God can rescue you from there. Just pray, ask, and believe that He would deliver you. Another way to escape from your problem(s) is to go overseas. Unlike many American or Western people, foreigners would talk and befriend you without a hidden agenda. Foreigners would not mistreat or give you the cold shoulder.


The high number of single or divorced Americans/Westerners proves how bad dating is. You cannot find the right woman locally or on an online dating website. Many American/Western women have too much baggage. But, maybe you can meet a good woman through your family or friend(s). If not, then pick a foreign country (e.g. Ukraine, Thailand, or Colombia), plan your trip, pack your bags, head to the airport, and go there. You would meet more good women abroad than you ever would in the States or a Westernized country (e.g United Kingdom). I really believe that international dating is going to grow sooner or later.


Most college students or graduates including myself cannot find or keep a good job. The economy is so messed up that some of us cannot even get a crappy job too. We earn less money even though we need more for paying bills (especially our student loans). We get less respect from others no matter how nice, fair, and talented we are. We have to deal with co-workers, customers, and or managers/supervisors constantly giving us constant BS, foolishness, and confusion. Tired and frustrated, we either quit or continue working at these disastrous jobs. If you however work at a job that gives you fairness, stability, respect, and maturity, stay there. Otherwise, build a solid and successful business like I am. Earn and save enough money so that you can travel and stay at your destination (e.g. Ukraine or Hawaii) longer than a regular job employee on vacation can.


It is no lie that the past or retro music, video games, TV shows, and movies are so awesome, unique, and meaningful. They (still) bring much joy to people of different generations, ages, etc. Great examples are Earth, Wind, and Fire and Tears for Fears. Too bad I cannot say the same about the entertainment today. I do not understand what most singers or rappers are saying in their songs. I do not even know who some of them are. Plus, there is too much profanity, obnoxiousness, and sexuality in current music too. Those facts probably explain why there are so many thugs, murderers, fornicators, wannabes, and other lowlifes in America. You and I have to be careful where we go and who we join. Because some foreigners are listening and performing polluted music, they are becoming (more) violent and out of control too. Thank God for the Internet because it informs us about almost everything including safe and dangerous places in the world.

The only video games I like are Tekken, Dead or Alive, and the Mario Bros.; I find the others violent or boring. The TV shows and movies are no different either. Therefore, I only use my laptop computer and my fire TV stick for entertainment purposes. Unlike cable or satellite TV, I can watch whatever and whenever I want.


Truly, I find the American/Western media hypocritical. It talks so bad about Colombia, the Philippines, and other foreign countries where beautiful women, true happiness, safety, etc. exist. But, the media fails to mention or stop viewers from going to New York, Detroit, Baltimore, or another dangerous city in United States. What if I or someone else goes somewhere in America and encounter violent criminals unexpectedly? Would the media save any of us? Would it continually warn viewers about certain places not to go?

The media including Dr. Phil does not really care about the truth; its main concern on endless dramastupid topics and ordinary celebrities (whose personal lives I no longer care anymore) proves my statement. If you want to travel overseas and date an attractive woman, do your research online first. Another option is reading a successful blog or watching a YouTube video that would tell you the whole truth. In addition, get in contact with the blogger, author, or vlogger (e.g. Mark Davis from “Dream Connections” YouTube channel and business). Do not let the media brainwash, discourage, or keep you from living your precious life.


I am growing tired of fried chicken, pizza, cheeseburgers, and other fatty American food. This feeling motivates me to cook healthy (or healthier) food. I want to eat and feel healthy (or healthier). I do not want to gain excess weight and have severe health problems (including the ones that are unknown to me or may come up in the future) later in my life.

It is a growing problem that many Americans go to fast food restaurants frequently. They are too lazy to cook food at home. They eat less or no fruits and vegetables at all. They are indifferent to their weight, appearances, or health overall. Also, many doctors do not care so much about their overweight or obese patients either. If you want to avoid negative effects, do the opposite of what overweight/obese people do. Get inspiration from most foreigners (e.g. Ukrainian women) who keep their weight down, cook and eat healthy but incredible food, and spend less money on groceries or restaurant food. Print or write a healthy recipe if you wish. I would love to do the same as well.

Justice System

I have mentioned in a previous blog post that many Americans (especially black men who probably want to work) are in prison for crimes they have not commit. I guess that the reason is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Other possible reasons are hanging out with so-called friend(s) and even resembling the actual criminal(s). Falsely accused prisoners most likely stay in prison (until they are older or dead) due to lack of strong or solid evidence. Meanwhile, the guilty criminals escape or get an exoneration. Taxes go up; therefore, job employees including myself and maybe you are required to pay or have some of it removed from our paychecks. The only happy people are the guilty and undeserving criminals and the ones who let them go. If a judge, lawyer, or jury member helps release a murderer or sex offender from prison, why would the judge/lawyer/jury member think that the criminal would not target him or his loved ones? All of these events do not really happen overseas. Most guilty foreign criminals are imprisoned or killed. If they are not, then that particular nation (or nations) is just like United States.

Because of the justice system in America and some foreign countries, I cannot blame you or anyone else for becoming vigilantes. Injustice is ruling over real justice for victims and the falsely accused people. If you have to use a gun or another weapon for protection, then you must do so. However, fortunately, not the entire justice system is bad; there are actually cops, lawyers, judges, etc. that do their jobs and stand for what is right. I have dealt with them in the last place (Williamsburg, Virginia) I have lived. I think that city is so safe that you probably can leave your house door(s) open anytime. But, then you have to worry about unwanted insects and or animals coming inside.

I do not want to become as screwed up as the American/Western culture is. Do you? If not, then you need to follow your heart. There is something better and saner for you overseas. You would have no regrets even if you visit a foreign country (e.g. Colombia) once. But, if you decide to forever stay in America or in the Westernized world, you would have regrets later in your life. You would miss out many awesome places to go, food to eat, friends for life, and women to date overseas. You may experience ongoing boredom, depression, loneliness, rejection, foolishness, arrogance, etc. from other Americans/Westerners. You may become angry and confused about who and where you are (like I do). You may forget the real meaning of music, love, food, etc. Furthermore, you may become more concerned about celebrities or other non-famous people than you are with your own life. You may feel inferior and meaningless. Depending on the current U.S. President may make you feel worse. If you ever change your mind and decide to take a break from America, the laughingstock of the world, you would be doing yourself a huge favor. Going to a foreign country can make you whole again. Just ask Mark.

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