10 YouTube Channels that You Should Watch

I have written over 220 blog posts about beautiful foreign women, international couples, international dating/marriage, dating websites, movies, and so on.

Now, I want to turn my attention on 10 of my favorite YouTube channels.

If you (American or Westernized man) are curious about them and wish to improve your life with perhaps the woman of your dreams, please read information about each YouTube channel below:

Ukrainian Perspective w/ Veronika Olson

She is an Ukrainian mother who resides in United States. She is probably married to an American man. In her videos, she gives her opinion about her counterparts in Ukraine, international dating, decoded phrases, relationship advice, personal issues, tourism, and so on. Even though I wish that she would have PowerPoint presentation slides included in some of her videos, I can reassure you that she is very knowledgeable about her culture.

Give her feedback, questions, or concerns that you may have.

Veronika Olson
Veronika Olson – “Ukrainian Perspective…” YouTube video

Dream Connections

I have written a review about its website and founders (Mark and Anna Davis). Now, I am happy to describe the YouTube channel to you. It has various videos such as “Ask Mark”, international love stories, interviews with Ukrainian and other Eastern European women, trip reports, “Finale Dinner” events, orphan projects, and “Coaching by Mark” webcasts. Not only would you be entertained and overwhelmed after watching many videos but also you may be encouraged to join the company, attend a quest tour, and seek your future Ukrainian, Thai, or Colombian wife.

He, his wife Anna, beautiful manager Irina (who almost resembles Veronika), Chris Dwulet, and others would do their best in order to help you find happiness. After all, they have done the same for many other quest tour clients. They are indeed taking human connection to the next level.

Julia and Tom
Julia (Ukrainian) and Tom (American) – “Dream Connections” YouTube video

A Foreign Affair Live Web Cast

It mostly includes short videos. However, you can find Bud Patterson in a few of them plus the long ones. He does a live webcast on every Monday evening. He sometimes interview international couples, singles, or married ones without their spouses. His boss and founder of the international dating business (John Adams) repeats the task and occasionally takes his place for the live webcast as well. Regardless of who you watch, listen, and perhaps ask a question, you would realize how passionate both men are about their longtime jobs and romance tour clients who wish to find true love.

If you are interested in attending a group or individual romance tour but have some doubt about traveling internationally like most American/Western men do, please watch any of these 8 YouTube channels that also belong to the company:

Bud Patterson interviewing international couple
Bud Patterson (right) interviewing international couple – “A Foreign Affair Live…” YouTube video

Olga Reznikova

I may not understand her words 100%. But, her 67,000+ subscribers do not care whatsoever. They enjoy watching her countless videos and listening to her Ukrainian accent anyway. She obviously provides more details about her culture than Veronika (who comes from the same country) does. The subscribers probably like the fact that she periodically changes her hair color too. Nevertheless, she sticks to the same man whom she has been married for almost 6 years. You are not going to view much of him in nearly all of her videos unfortunately. You would however see and hear plenty of helpful information from her, her colleague(s), and her 2nd YouTube channel (Reznikova Relationship).

You would not be disappointed with her because she is often active and available on her YouTube channels, Facebook page, company website (Ukrainian Space), and PayPal donation webpage.

Olga Reznikova
Olga Reznikova in Kiev, Ukraine – “Olga Reznikova” YouTube video

Match Guaranty

Recently, I have written a review about its website. I like that you, I, or any other man can register and select a woman (or women) for email and Skype communication. I would highly recommend it to Keyboard Romeos who prefer to stay home forever, continue staring at digital photos of beautiful foreign ladies, and chat or email them regularly. But, I am not crazy about the YouTube channel overall. I consider most of the videos boring, silly, or discouraging. There are nevertheless some that are meaningful and beneficial if you are serious about dating or marrying a Ukrainian female.

Although you would hear enough information about scams, international dating tips, mail order brides, etc. from many videos, you can easily decide where you want to go and who you want to meet and date from the website.

Joe Rickards interviewing Ukrainian lady
Joe Rickards (right) interviewing Ukrainian lady – “Match Guaranty” YouTube video

Maks Mei

Despite of the language barrier, I consider this YouTube channel very interesting to watch and subscribe. Like me, you may become addicted to see more videos after watching a couple of tall, thin, and sexy Ukrainian women who walk, pose, and dance seductively. They look as good as famous models or supermodels do. But, the female members of Ulove club are primarily interested in meeting, connecting, and falling in love with Chinese men. They indeed want to have what the happily married owners (Maks and Darya) have.

Even if you are not suitable for the particular women or the business, you can still enjoy viewing the videos and motivate yourself to meet ladies like them in their nation.

attractive Ukrainian female member
attractive Ukrainian female member of Ulove agency – “Maks Mei” YouTube video

Joyce Meyer Ministries

It really has nothing to do with international dating/marriage or foreign women at all. However, you can learn much information about life, personal issues, the Bible, God, and so on. Watching the videos may help you see everything and everyone in a (more) positive way. Despite that Joyce Meyer and many others would tell or encourage you to date locally, I want you to expand your dating options and travel as much as possible. The result is truly finding a woman who fulfills or exceeds your expectations. Whether she is from Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, or even United States or a Westernized country, you would know wholeheartedly that she is the right one.

If you like her videos so much, then I advise you to watch and subscribe to her other YouTube channels as well:

Joyce Meyer preaching about the Bible
Joyce Meyer preaching the Bible – “Joyce Meyer Ministries” YouTube video

Educated Traveler

If you are interested in traveling or moving overseas, this YouTube channel is right for you. You can learn enough information concerning Caribbean cultures, people, etc. from Mr. T, American/Western expats or travelers, and local foreigners separately. You may imagine that you are in paradise after seeing a few videos that each show a beach background. If so, then turn your dream into reality by saving money and planning a trip to Central America or somewhere similar to it.

Regardless of where you choose to go, contact or leave him a message on one of his videos and ask him where you can find lovely ladies for dating, friendship, or marriage.

Mr. T interviewing American author
Mr. T (not shown) interviewing American author (Tim Rice) in Dominican Republic – “Educated Traveler” YouTube video

Samuel and Audrey…

An American couple (Samuel and Audrey) has created this YouTube channel after moving to the capital (Seoul) of South Korea, getting married, and switching their careers. They realize how passionate they are about traveling around the world and eating foreign foods. Consequently, they want their viewers and subscribers to follow their footsteps too. I agree with Samuel and Audrey 100% because of these 6 reasons:

Indeed, the couple share their Facebook and Instagram pages with each other. But, they have their own travel blogs and Twitter profiles. In spite of everything, you can still learn as much information about traveling, foreign foods, etc. from them together or separately. Maybe they can help you find international love in the country (South Korea) they reside or another (e.g. Ukraine) they have visited and blogged online.

Samuel sitting with Ronald McDonald
Samuel (right) sitting next to Ronald McDonald character in India – “Samuel and Audrey…” YouTube video

Joe Goes

He may be a comedian. But, we should take him seriously because he has traveled to 19 nations. He has interviewed and entertained thousands of various people with his less corny jokes for more than a decade. Currently, he is taking a break from his YouTube channel. Whether he returns or moves on to another dream job, he would always be a Man of Action I respect and have little jealousy. I am trying to earn more money so that I can travel to more countries like he has.

If you are interested in contacting him, visit the “About” section of his YouTube channel and thus find his email address, website, and social media pages.

Joe interviewing filipinas
Joe (American) interviewing filipinas – “Joe Goes” YouTube video


Hopefully, all 10 YouTube channels I have described would increase your interest and motivation to go overseas and find happiness.

Many people sadly prefer to stay in their comfort zones and ignore what can make their lives better. God has truly created various countries, people, animals, foods, places, etc. So, why should you not learn and experience them?

In fact, I have 10 additional YouTube channels that you might also like, comment, and subscribe:

Grasping extra information and realizing that more American/Western men are dating or marrying foreign women should encourage you to become a Man of Action as soon as possible.

This is a big world to explore.

There are numerous attractive women to date and connect.

Again, life is short.

But, make it long by following your heart overseas and pursuing a monogamous lady who brings out your great qualities.

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