3 More International Love Stories

It has been a year since I have written the sequel to the “International Love Stories” series. Now, I am excited to provide you (American or Westernized man) another blog post including 3 more international couples. Here are their inspirational love stories:

Joel and Kate (Dream Connections)

Disappointed with local dating and somewhat skeptical about international dating, 34 year old Joel Kowel has traveled to Nikolaev, Ukraine and attends a Dream Connections quest tour anyway. He already has enough childhood experience in traveling in Japan, South Korea, Dominican Republic, and the rest of the world due to his military father. Even though Joel has dated lovely Ukrainian women, he instead puts his focus on a particular one – 25 year old Kate Orlova. She has not joined the international dating agency at all. She is in fact the identical twin sister of his translator (Anna). Kate is not only surprised that he is the 1st man who wants to continue dating her but also that she shares some interests in him as well. They both enjoy:

  • taking care of their pet dogs
  • bowling
  • sending text messages to each other frequently
  • traveling

They actually spend time together in Georgia (country in Europe only). They realize how serious they are about each other. After going their separate ways and returning to their home nations, Joel unexpectedly has an almost fatal motorcycle accident. He becomes temporarily comatose and paralyzed. However, he asks and depends on his roommates to keep the communication between him and Kate. Once his health improves, he gets on another plane and flies to Egypt. He and Kate would always remember this 2nd trip for the rest of their lives. Her arrival after a day he shows up there prompts him to finally propose to her for marriage. Today, they are married and probably living in his hometown – Phoenix, Arizona. They plan to continue visiting other countries together.

Joel and Kate - Dream Connections couple
Joel Kowel (American) and his Ukrainian wife (Kate Orlova) – “Dream Connections” YouTube video

Maks and Darya (Ulove Club)

30 year old Chinese native Maks Mei has remained unsuccessful and uninterested in his education despite of his immigration to Kharkiv, Ukraine. Nonetheless, he feels the other way around when it comes to video games. He becomes even more absorbed in the opposite sex after meeting and falling in love with 18 year old Darya at a gym. Thanks to her professionalism in opera singing, confidence in exposing her physical beauty (through her model-like images), and joy of doing schoolwork plus housework, he takes his academic skills seriously. He is able to pass his classes, graduate, and obtain a college degree in animation. He relentlessly builds and grows a diversity of businesses. Later, he creates another company (Ulove Club) that indeed represents him and her personally and romantically. Here are the 4 reasons why they have collaborated for their international matchmaking business:

  • He proves to other men in China (on social media) that an ‘ugly’ man like him can attract a beautiful woman like her.
  • The duo wants to make sure that other Ukrainian ladies around her age do not marry abusive men like her sister unfortunately has.
  • They believe that most Ukrainian women would rather date/marry men they truly love instead of being with rich and materialistic men.
  • He wants to help his Chinese fellows find (more) success and happiness with the opposite sex like he does.

The couple currently has a daughter and 5th anniversary celebration of their successful marriage. Their love is growing as much as their business is. If you wish to learn additional information about Ulove Club, please click the following links:


“Maks Mei” YouTube channel

Maks and Darya Mei with their daughter (Chinese-Ukrainian family) – Mothership.SG

Martian and Lina (My Colombian Wife)

Probably 30-something Canadian native Martian flies to Bogota, Colombia for an individual romance tour from My Colombian Wife agency. He may have cerebral palsy. But, he does not let his physical disability prevent him from seeking international love. He is matched with a Colombian woman (Lina) who accepts and loves him for who he is. Their many photos during different dates confirms her honest feelings for him. Thanks to much support and encouragement from the business, they eventually wed each other at a church. Whether they are living in her country or his, at least they are still happy and united.



2 Photos of Martian (Canadian) and Lina (Colombian) – My Colombian Wife


Each of the 3 men has overcome his problem(s) in order to be with the woman of his dreams.

That is why their love stories need to be told to you and the rest of the world.

Whether most people are single or married, they are not truly happy with their lives. 1 reason is they do not know the Lord God. The other is that they do not want to go anywhere (no matter if it is another city, state, or country).

The “Comfort Zone” does an outstanding job in:

  • keeping them home permanently
  • giving them limits when it comes to dating, success, etc.
  • encouraging them to continue daydreaming or talking about something they are not going to do
  • letting them suffer the same consequences that their relatives, friends, neighbors, and other locals do

However, international couples or Men of Action do not let fear, peer pressure, or negative thoughts stop them from following their hearts abroad.

International love is candidly growing more than it ever has in the past decade.

Extra women in Ukraine, Peru, Dominican Republic, etc. are seriously looking for their potential husbands outside their nations.

Thus, my blog exists for their sake.

I am glad to write another 3 international couples who bring a new meaning to ‘true love’ or ‘marriage‘.

Hopefully, you and other male readers would be motivated to find your future wives and create your own love stories.

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