14 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Foreign Lady

I have truly enjoyed writing ““Life A” versus “Life B”” blog post concerning the 2 marital statuses. 1 of them, remaining single, gives you (American or Westernized man) freedom and access to as many women as possible. However, you may feel like a loser if any or all of them moves on with other men. If you want to become a true winner, pursue and develop a monogamous relationship with the woman of your dreams. You would have more success overseas than you do where you live.

For this post-Valentine’s Day blog post, I give you 14 reasons that might encourage you to find your potential wife from another country.

Please read them in the bullet list below:

  • having peace
    • She wants to be with a man who can get along, agree, support, or empathize with her always.
      • I say that because she is around most men who refuse to do so or choose to continue condescending her and other females.
    • Whether you like to be alone or around others most of the time, you would probably feel more relaxed in her presence.
      • After all, Eve has done the same for Adam during the Biblical times.
    • You would realize how special your future wife is after taking her to these romantic places:
  • receiving unconditional love
    • She comes from a culture that favors or focuses primarily on men.
      • Thus, she is told, expected, or even willing to care deeply about her man no matter who he is and how he behaves.
    • Honestly, you would not get the same kind of love from a local American/Western woman as you do from a foreign woman.
    • Despite that love originally comes from God, you may sense it from your potential lady during the first meeting or date.
      • If you see something valuable or feel a strong connection to her, you are not going to let her go regardless.
  • traveling with her
    • She would definitely be good company for your vacations.
      • As long as she is by your side, you can go around your country or the world confidently.
    • Based on my experiences, I can reassure you that visiting anywhere (whether it is Las Vegas, Nevada or Odessa, Ukraine) alone is not as great as it seems.
    • Unlike an unmarried American/Western expat or traveler, you can return home with your potential wife and still enjoy your time together.
      • Regardless of where you are, you would continue thinking that you are in paradise thanks to her:
        • appearance
        • personality
        • culture
        • background
        • etc.
  • knowing yourself through her 100%
    • She is more interested in your heart and character than she is with your money, materialistic items, and other possessions.
      • Although some foreign women are the total opposite of her, many of their counterparts are seeking meaningful and everlasting relationships with good men.
      • Please read “5 Myths about Foreign Women” blog post regarding these facts.
    • If you are tired of going on bad or mediocre dates or unable to find a local woman who accepts you for who you are, why should you not go overseas and seek your ideal wife?
      • When it comes to true love, success, or happiness, be persistent even if you do not find what you want or need on your 1st trip.
      • It is better to follow your heart, ignore others, and receive positive results than it is to follow everyone else and result in disappointment, boredom, regret, cynicism, etc.
    • Thanks to the unpleasant reality at home, I can dream about being at a better place with a better person (perhaps Viktoria).
      • Instead of mentally escaping to paradise or a nonexistent place like many people do, make your fantasy (or fantasies) come true by actually and fearlessly:
        • getting on an airplane
        • flying abroad
        • exploring another culture
        • connecting with different foreign women until you find the right one
      • Like me, you would feel more alive and inspired than people who go nowhere do.
  • following like-minded men who are happily married or committed
    • She wishes to have a caring and loyal husband as the other women in her nation (or the nations of their husbands) already do.
      • Therefore, more international couples need to stop being secretive about their relationships and tell their inspirational love stories.
      • Some singles around the world probably feel alone or rejected.
        • They may think that they would never find their second halves.
    • Men of Action are willing to help you:
      • remove your doubts
      • become 1 of them
      • find her wherever she is
      • gain more confidence
      • lead others to the right direction
    • If you become so motivated and relentless in meeting and connecting with her, not only would you make your fellow male friends proud but also you would reciprocate for those who are lost, pessimistic, or even uninterested in international dating/marriage as well.
      • The world needs more optimism than what it already has.
  • valuing her sincerity
    • She is going to respect or take you seriously as a man and potential husband.
      • Her androcentric culture reminds or expects her to do so.
      • Otherwise, she may fail in seeking or keeping a marital relationship.
    • You do not have to worry about being mistreated, ridiculed, or ignored from her and other foreigners as you are from others at home.
      • In her country, you are considered a rare treasure.
      • In United States or the Western world, you are treated like everyone else is or worse.
    • If you want to be in a marriage or committed relationship without foolishness, drama, or the blame game, you can always turn to her as the solution.
      • Therefore, both of you can move forward to better things, better well-beings, and growth of your family.
  • realizing her old-fashioned ways
    • She is just as traditional as her mother and grandmother are.
      • Her culture gives us confirmation of who she is.
      • She inherits particular characteristics, items, etc. from them.
    • If you are interested in a woman who reminds you of how American/Western women dress and behave in the 1950’s or a previous decade, look at her as your suitable choice.
    • United States and the Western world has changed so much that we may not know where we are anymore.
      • But, expect your relationship with a foreign woman to remain the same no matter:
        • how long you both are together
        • where you live or move
        • if you have kids together or not
        • what happens positively or negatively
  • celebrating every holiday with her
    • If Christmas or Valentine’s Day is definitely her favorite holiday, she may become anxious in finding true love with you.
      • If she is willing to join 2 or more international dating agencies in order to get her wish, she would do so.
      • In fact, I have learned that a few Colombian women have switched from I Love Latins agency to A Foreign Affair agency years ago.
    • In my opinion, spending a holiday with my family is okay.
      • However, including Viktoria or another potential wife would put me in a better mood.
      • Would you feel the same if you want to be with a foreign female?
    • Any holiday celebration is not thoroughly remarkable and memorable unless you have her by your side.
      • Click this video link so that you can understand my point.
  • creating a legacy together
    • She desires to collaborate or help you build your potential business, get a better job, or receive a job promotion.
      • She is not selfish, greedy, or affected by her livelihood.
      • She believes in unity or teamwork due to her collectivist culture.
    • You would succeed more with your bequest(s) thanks to her contribution.
      • Whether you make extra money or not, you would still feel rich because she is supportive, present, and crazy about you.
    • Mark and Anna Davis of Dream Connections agency are good role models for you and your lady if you both want to produce and promote an inspirational company, website, YouTube channel, or blog.
      • Both of you would bring so much hope to family, friends, possible children, and the rest of the world.
  • receiving everyday help from her
    • In person or apart from you, she would be there for you through thick and thin.
    • Communicating with her, thinking about her, or getting her ongoing support can help you overcome these problems:
      • sickness
      • pain
      • loss of your job, money, or anything else
        • Mark has indeed mentioned his negative experiences in a past video or 2.
      • argument or fight with coworker, relative, friend, or someone else
      • stress from your job, etc.
    • You would feel so relieved to always have a woman who chooses to understand your thoughts, needs, and wishes.
  • realizing that staying single is not so great
    • Why do you think that she is not really happy with her life?
      • Unless she considers the pursuit of a future husband as her top priority, she may be forced to remain unmarried for the rest of her life.
      • The reason is that she has to compete with countless other beautiful ladies locally.
    • You should know about these disadvantages of remaining single:
      • competing with other men regarding female attention
      • dealing with unfaithful women
      • getting less or no help if something unexpectedly happens
    • Ponder Adam’s life before God has created his wife (Eve).
      • If remaining single is as beneficial as many people assume, then Adam would probably have dumped her eventually and have gone his own way.
    • Marriage exists so that everyone would feel complete, loved, valued, and content.
      • Instead of following the crowd, follow your heart to the destination your future wife is waiting for you.
  • blending your culture with hers
    • She is as curious about your lifestyle, family, friends, etc. as you perhaps are with hers.
      • She does get tired of everyone and everything in her nation anyway.
    • Regardless of the amount of information you know about her, you may still want to learn more.
      • Primarily, she remains a mystery to you and vice versa.
    •  Unlike a domestic couple, you do not have to worry about boredom from her.
      • You may take interest in what (e.g. housework) she enjoys.
      • If not, then maybe spending a month or longer in her country would work for you.
  • learning that she is a nobody in her country
    • There are thousands or even millions of other women who are as attractive as she is or even more.
      • That is why she is usually ignored, rejected, or treated like trash.
    • You may feel the same way she does or deal with the same issue where you live too.
    • A relationship between you and her can strongly change the perception of others.
      • Verily, most people are not exposed to international or interracial couples in public or the media.
  • possibly having so much chemistry with her
    • She wants to be drawn and tied to a man who fulfills or exceeds her expectations.
      • She probably has been dreaming about her ideal husband or boyfriend since childhood.
    • Although you might meet and date as many foreign ladies as possible, you would still find one who is more physically and spiritually attractive to you.
      • The same thing would apply if you date local American/Western women as well.
    • No one or nothing can honestly stop you from beginning or growing your relationship with any woman.
      • But, it depends on you, her, or both of you concerning where you (both) are now and where you (both) want to be personally and professionally.


International marriage is just as exceptional as international dating is.

That is why I have provided you 14 good reasons for marrying a woman from Colombia, Ukraine, Philippines, or any other nation.

Valentine’s Day is still a popular holiday despite that many people around the world are single, unfortunate in keeping a marital relationship, or unhappily married. Maybe if they consider international dating/marriage as those from “90 Day Fiance” television series do, the crowd of people would become happier and more successful with their personal and professional lives. Limiting their dating options or only showing romantic or sexual interest in locals is candidly reducing their happiness, confidence, and wisdom.

I may seem a little crazy and hypocritical for writing this unusual blog post.

But, my heart and perhaps God are telling me to do this anyway.

International dating or marriage is indeed guiding more people to joy, love, faith, loyalty, and other positive qualities.

Domestic dating or marriage is sending the rest (except those who are happily committed or married to locals) to the wrong direction.

That is probably why many people do not believe, stay, or choose to be married at all.

Some of them do not even want to date again because of their negative experiences or those from their loved ones.

Dating or taking a relationship with a foreigner to the next level would change the way they see or think about people in general, their lives, the world, and so on.

It has done the same for me regarding Viktoria.

It can also work well for your sake and those of many other singles too.

Dream Connections couple Brian and Cristina
happily married Brian (American) and Cristina (Colombian) O’Dea – “Dream Connections” YouTube video
another Dream Connections couple - Jimmie and Svetlana
wedding day of Jimmie (American) and Svetlana (Ukrainian) – another “Dream Connections” YouTube video
American or Western man wed to filipina
wedding between American/Western man and filipina – “Philippine Women” YouTube video

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