7 Problems that American Men Face

This blog post is inspired by a Dream Connections YouTube video called “7 Challenges for Single Men“.

If you wish to see the video, click on the text link above.

Otherwise, continue reading this blog post.

Before the 1960s (when the “Soft Males” have been introduced), American men in general have been considered real, important, and valued. They have known who they are and what they are supposed to do culturally, personally, and mentally. They have been expected to work and provide safety, stability, food, and other needs to their families. They have been encouraged and honored whenever they have created famous products, have fought in brutal wars, or have taken leadership roles. Meanwhile, their wives, mothers, sisters, and other females usually have worked at inferior jobs or have stayed home, take care of children, and do house chores.

Today, the tables have turned. More American (or Westernized) women are replacing men and taking over the nation. Some women are becoming masculine or even turning into men themselves. Regardless of what most women do, they are pretty much ignored or excused by society, law, etc. But, most American/Western men are punished or judged if they do the same action(s).

In addition, men face these other 7 cultural issues:

  • They are devalued in the dating scene.
    • They are unappreciated, disrespected, ridiculed, ignored, or rejected by the opposite sex.
    • As a result, they choose these 2 options:
    • If the men want to find plenty of women who are truly interested in them, they can always visit the dating scene in:
  • They are falsely accused of being hardcore criminals.
    • If they say or do something silly, odd, or inappropriate to American/Western women, they may be called:
      • sex offenders
      • perverts
      • murderers
      • pedophiles
      • or worse
    • Men may therefore feel undermined, worthless, or depressed probably for the rest of their lives.
      • You (American or Western man) should not be surprised if some of them commit suicide.
      • But, it would be shocking if a few other men actually become criminals (hardcore or not) due to their growing hatred of women.
    • Foreign women would never treat men like criminals unless the men have really committed crimes.
      • Even if men stop breaking the law and change their lives, they still would get more respect and acceptance from foreign women than the men do with American/Western women.
      • Once a man learns or meets and connect with foreign women, he would surely believe that he is good and realize that his life is valuable.
  • They have to suffer or work hard in order to get any female attention.
    • Mark Davis of “Dream Connections” agency has mentioned that 66% of American/Western women are overweight or obese.
      • So, why should the men risk their health or lives for local women who are not really attractive?
      • I would rather remain single and healthy (for the rest of my life) if I cannot ever find a woman who is feminine, approachable, sincere, marriage-minded, positive, etc.
    • If men do not dress up, make enough money, or even know how to sexually please women, men would probably be rejected instantly.
      • Again, suicide and misogyny can occur if men are fed up with irrational women.
    • Men can easily attract many women overseas by doing the following things:
      • being themselves
      • showing honesty
      • being stable financially, emotionally, etc.
      • wearing nice clothes (e.g. suits, polo shirts, or plaid shirts)
      • having a willingness to know the women individually (like I have in Ukraine, Colombia, and Dominican Republic)
      • being nice to everyone
      • not being arrogant
      • not boasting their money, job, materialistic things, etc.
  • They are pressured or encouraged to behave like women.
    • This makes sense because most American/Western women want to:
      • act in a masculine way
      • or be superior to men at work, home, and other places
    • Most men end up feeling lost and confused because their wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, and/or other females are doing activities or duties that are meant for men.
    • Men can truly be themselves and do what they want to do if they escape to foreign countries.
      • They would find foreign women who are going to:
        • appreciate them
        • stick with their feminine roles only
  • They cannot have healthy or normal relationships where they live.
    • Most likely, men get involved with women or other people (in general) who want to:
      • party
      • gossip
      • do drugs
      • drink and drive
      • make a fool of themselves
      • judge others (e.g. foreign women) quickly or without proof
      • and do other destructive actions
    • The American/Western culture is so bad that a man cannot:
    • He may be fired, beaten up, or thrown in jail for giving a woman unwanted or inappropriate attention.
    • But, fortunately he can stare, talk, date, and hook up with as many beautiful women as he wants overseas.
      • Not only would he have a healthy and stable mind but also he can have a healthy and stable relationship with a gorgeous woman as well.
  • If they are not rich, brazen, experienced, or good-looking, they may remain dateless.
    • Men are required to have particular qualities and/or items (e.g. fancy vehicles, big houses, money, etc.) in order to impress most American/Western women.
    • Men devoid of money, charm, experience with women in general, etc. are going to have difficulty in finding dates, girlfriends, or wives locally.
    • Men must have good hearts and intentions in order to win foreign women.
      • It does not matter how the men look.
      • It also does not matter how much money they have.
      • But, they must protect and provide the needs of their potential wives always.
  • They are considered gay or trivial if they have bromance or close relations with other men.
    • Just ask celebrities who are single or married to women.
    • Straight male friends have to be careful of their words and actions in public.
      • They also have to be careful if they become close to gay men.
      • If everyone thinks or suspects that the straight men are gay, he or she may spread rumors and cause so much trouble for them.
    • A foreign woman sees a man as her advantage if he is close to his family and friends.
      • The reason is that she also has a close bond with her relatives and friends too.
      • If he is a loner, he may have a hard time winning over her and her loved ones.


Most American/Western men (including myself) cannot be real men nowadays.

If they are interested in certain women, they may be labeled as perverts or creeps.

If men befriend or regularly hang out with other straight men, they may be labeled as homosexuals.

So, I guess that men who like to be alone are considered antisocial, right?

They cannot win regardless of their choices. They are expected, pressured, or encouraged to do what family, society, etc. want. No wonder many men are suicidal, self-destructive, uninterested in domestic marriage, or interested in being with foreign women.

Men just need to take breaks from where they live. They need to go on more vacations so that they can get rid of their problems and clear their minds. They should meet and connect with positive people (including foreign women). Thus, when men return home, they would have the confidence, optimism, etc. to deal with any issues they face.

If they ever go back to square one, then maybe they should go on more vacations as soon as possible.

If they meet and pursue foreign women for marriage, then the men can really stop caring what other people say or think when men go back home.

Indeed, foreign wives are solutions to single, divorced, lonely, frustrated, confused, lost, rejected, or weak-minded men because the women can:

  • distract their husbands from so much negativity
  • plus help the men solve their problems (no matter how small or big they are)
group of unhappy men at therapy – DivorcePros.us

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