Women of Northern Europe

I am more drawn to European ladies than I ever have a couple of months ago.

Maybe my trip to Odessa, Ukraine is the reason for my attraction. After all, I have written a blog post about Ukrainian women almost a year ago. I then have discussed them again right along with 9 other Eastern European groups of women months later. Now, I want to talk about their counterparts who are located on the northern side of Europe.

So, here is the specific information that explains the 5 groups of Scandinavian ladies physically, spiritually, culturally, etc.:


Country: Norway

Nationality: Norwegian

Appearances: According to “The Masculine Traveler” website, Norwegian females are known around the world for their extreme beauty and model-like physiques. They have round, gentle, and/or very soft faces. Some are a little overweight but others are usually athletic and muscular. Regardless of their different weights, most women are tall and have large blue eyes. Their hair color is either blonde or brunette. For fashion, they wear plain shirts, jeans, and dark tennis shoes.

If you (American or Westernized man) are serious about dating or marrying a Norwegian lady, please expect her to not often wear sexy clothes (e.g. dress and high heels) as an Ukrainian or Russian woman does.

Personalities: The weather in Norway may be cold mostly around the year. The people may seem cold once you see them in person. But, those hot Norwegian women would smile, show a different side, and warm up to you if you approach them, start talking, and get to know them well. Although they are not really feminine, they do have these desirable traits that can attract you and other potential American/Western husbands:

  • seductive
  • curious about your country or culture
  • outgoing
  • straightforward
  • financially stable
  • educated
  • healthy
  • active
  • family-oriented
  • respectful to men

Activities: For a date, you can make a Norwegian lady happy by doing any of the following things:

  • taking a long walk and viewing nature with her
  • dressing to impress her (even if she does not reciprocate)
  • going shopping
  • showing your unique talent or abilities
  • skiing or hiking
  • telling appropriate jokes to make her laugh
  • visiting a museum such as the Viking Shop Museum or National Gallery
  • cooking and cleaning if you go to her house
  • talking about her country, culture, and/or language
  • meeting her at a bar (for 1st date)
  • proving that you are the right guy for her despite of the recent sexual assault cases

Good Cities to Meet Them: Oslo (capital); Tromso; Bergen; Aalesund; Trondheim; Stavanger; Geiranger; Bryggen

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Facebook; Love International; eHarmony; Netkos; Love Awake; Norwegian Friends Date; Scandinavia Dating; Rose Brides; Sukker.no; Moteplassen.com

attractive Norwegian lady – “Beautiful European Girls…” Facebook page


Country: Sweden

Nationality: Swedish

Appearances: There is really something about Swedish ladies. Maybe the reason is because they have received their good looks from their Viking ancestors. On average, the women weigh about 5 feet and 6 inches tall. They have long blonde hair and a pale complexion. They have big blue eyes, symmetrical faces, and smooth and clean skin. Some women are slightly overweight due to probably eating at fast food restaurants frequently. Then, there are actually many ladies who have brunette hair as well. Regardless of the physical differences, the majority of Swedish women is going to wear androgynous or comfortable clothing that is not really attractive. But, their bright color clothes and jewelry may draw much attention from you and other men around the world.

Personalities: Swedish ladies may be independent, interested in receiving the same amount of money as their male coworkers do, and willing to do strong masculine duties. But, unlike American/Western feminists, Swedish women are still friendly, positive, charismatic, and open to men in general. If you ever meet any of the women, you do not have to worry about a language barrier at all. Their excellent ability to speak English proves how serious they are about building healthy and equal relationships and creating bicultural/multicultural families with good and patient men.

Do not be surprised if a gorgeous Swedish lady approaches and asks you out on a date.

Activities: To woo the heart of a Swedish woman, please:

  • shave your beard or have less hair for her
  • wear nice clothes
  • be polite
  • be willing to socialize and drink
  • be willing to travel with her
  • be active in sports
  • get along with her friends
  • have emotional and financial stability
  • open door for her as well as pay for the date
  • send her flowers for brightening her mood
  • give her personal space
  • take the relationship slowly
  • accept her even if she is a feminist

Good Cities to Meet Them: Stockholm (capital); Malmo; Uppsala; Gothenburg; Gothenburg Archipelago; Gotland Island; Jokkmokk

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Motesplatsen.se; se.match.com; Tinder; International Cupid; Euro Date; Badoo; OK Cupid; Happy Pancake; Elitsinglar; First Met; Swedish Friends Date; Flirt.com

hot Swedish ladies – “I LOV Swedish Girls” Facebook page


Country: Finland

Nationality: Finnish

Appearances: The ladies of Finland may resemble their Russian counterparts due to similar body shapes, eyes, noses, skin colors, etc. The difference is that some Finnish women have poor eating habits. However, Finnish ladies are still feminine despite of their weights. They enjoy wearing casual clothes, getting their hair done, putting on makeup, and perhaps polishing their fingernails and toenails. You would not be disappointed if you meet them.

Personalities: They are mute or private when it comes to their personal lives. But, they are open to interracial or international dating. Their kindness, resourcefulness, and trustworthiness are the main reasons. They are also serious about building marital relationships with good men. So, if a woman suspects or senses that you do not want to be with her as much as she does (or that you are interested in another woman), she might dump you and move on to another man.

Activities: Here is the list of duties you can do to get much attention from a Finnish date or girlfriend:

  • Be argumentative in a playful way.
    • For example, talk to her about how bad the restaurant food tastes.
  • Describe your country or culture (e.g. American, Canadian, or Australian).
  • Take her out during nighttime.
  • Create an unforgettable moment for her especially when she cannot do much while the weather is cold.
  • Get along with her friends even if they are part of different races (e.g. East African and Asian).
  • Be yourself, talk less, and accept long and silent pauses from her.
  • Invite her to a picnic.
  • Take your relationship with her at a slow level.
  • Be confident.
  • Give her challenge(s) to do.
  • Be honest.
  • Give her flowers.
  • Do not buy or give her a drink because she may become suspicious or uncomfortable around you.
  • Discuss your summer activities in your country so that she would be in a better mood.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Helsinki (capital); Tampere; Joensuu; Rovaniemi; Turku (Abo); Kemi; Dulu; Vaasa; Jyvaskyla

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Deitti.net; Treffit.suomi24.fi; E-kontakti.fi; Tinder; International Cupid

lovely Finnish woman – Pinterest


Country: Denmark

Nationality: Danish

Appearances: If you visit Denmark, you would mostly see tall blondes with blue eyes. You may not be happy to see them wearing sexy clothes as women in Eastern Europe do. But, they are still feminine and desirable anyway.

Personalities: What separates many Danish women from other Scandinavian women is their shyness. The females in Denmark are not going to easily open up to you and other strangers. But, they can communicate and be themselves 100% around close family members and friends. So, if you want to avoid rejection or social awkwardness from an attractive lady, you have to connect with 1 or more of her Danish male friends or relatives. Another option is starting a conversation with her on an online dating website. Regardless of what you choose, you would still get the reward – getting a potential date with her. Then, you would see another side (of her) who is able or willing to talk, laugh, flirt, etc. with you.

Activities: A Danish woman would fall in love with you for doing any of these things:

  • taking her to a coffee bar
  • talking or reading a book with her at a bookstore
  • taking her to a bistro
  • visiting a special place (e.g. Little Mermaid, Tivoli Gardens, or Carlsberg Brewery) with her
  • walking with her at a nature park or beach
  • not focusing or prioritizing your job, career, business, or income
  • not bragging, showing arrogance, or being so fashionable
  • taking interest in cooking or art
  • having good hygiene
  • keeping your body clean and healthy
  • limiting use of perfume
  • being interested in what (e.g. partying, traveling, studying foreign cultures, or eating foreign foods) she likes or enjoys doing

Good Cities to Meet Them: Copenhagen (capital); Ribe; Gilleleje; Elsinore; Aalborg; Roskilde; Skagen; Bornholm; Odense; Aarhus

Good Dating Websites to Visit: dating.dk; match.dk; single.dk; International Love; eHarmony; Tinder; First Date; netdating.dk

beautiful Danish woman – Top Medias


Country: Iceland

Nationality: Icelandic

Appearances: The women who live in the remote country truly represent it. They are as beautiful as the places are. Like other Nordic women, most Icelanders are tall and blonde also. They are as clear as the mountains, weather, and the rest of nature are. They keep their bodies as slim and healthy as possible. Their eyes are probably the same color as ice is. They wholly make their country as it is today.

Personalities: They are somewhat masculine by getting drunk at a bar or asking a man on a date. In addition, they believe that they should receive the same amount of money or do the same work as their male coworkers do. But, ladies still have a feminine side because they value and want marriage with their own children. They are successful in cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. They also enjoy hardworking and organizing things. They are so educated, curious, and bold in publicly talking about sexuality and nudity. If you feel the same way plus share the same traits (independent, confident, honest, kind, and loyal) they have, you would be amazed of how much female attention you can receive in Iceland.

Activities: Here are the options for impressing your future Icelandic girlfriend or wife:

  • Dress as good as an Icelandic man does.
  • Visit a museum or shopping mall with her.
  • Go sightseeing such as a volcano, lava field, or thermal spring with her.
  • Give her distance or take the relationship slowly.
  • Do not expect her to be a homebody.
  • Do not be one yourself too.
  • Participate in an indoor or outdoor sport activity with her.
  • Bring flowers on a (first) date.
  • Avoid discussing her religion.
  • Help her in need with her duties and responsibilities because she believes in gender equality after all.
  • Take her to a concert or comedy show.
  • Be willing to dance, drink, and socialize with her family and friends.

Good Cities to Meet Them: Reykjavik (capital); Keflavik; Akureyri; Husavik; Vik i Myrdal

Good Dating Websites to Visit: Einkamal.is; International Love; Tinder; POF; Facebook; International Cupid

beautiful Icelandic ladies – Beautiful Women Pedia


Gorgeous women in Northern Europe may be Westernized.

But, you can still approach, have a normal conversation, ask them out, and connect with them more than you do with women in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other Westernized countries.

Plus, Scandinavian ladies in 5 countries are sexy and hard to ignore as well.

More men around the world are moving or traveling to these nations in hopes of dating or marrying the exotic women. You may want to do the same after reading this blog post and seeing attractive images. I would probably follow you too if Eastern European and Latin American females are not who they are.

Why should you stare at a good-looking model on a magazine cover, YouTube video, or online photo instead of finding a real Norwegian, Swedish, or another Nordic woman who is emotionally available and interested in being with you?

Based on my experiences, I can tell you that having physical contact with a beautiful woman is way more exciting than fantasizing or viewing her photos at home.

A real life experience affects you more than a dream does.

A Scandinavian woman can bring more peace, love, joy, etc. than a local American/Western woman does.

The ancestral Vikings have done their best in producing countless gorgeous women in 5 Northern European countries.

Do your best by sharing a life with a woman from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, or Iceland.

Whether you are in her country (if the weather is still cold) or she is in yours (if the weather is still hot), both of you can still be happy, healthy, active, and “Finn-ally” equal with each other.

map of Scandinavia (5 Northern European countries) – World Atlas

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