Pretty Young Ticas

Last year, I have wanted to write about exotic women in Costa Rica.

But, I have decided to postpone it because I have become more interested in writing other blog posts.

Now, I am finally writing this blog post because gorgeous ticas (Costa Rican ladies) cannot be ignored any longer. They are as beautiful as the beaches are. They are as hot as lava (that erupts from a volcano) is. They are like hidden jewels in the jungle. Are you (American or Westernized man) willing to go find them?

Do you want to find your treasure wife in the Central American country?

If so, then read below helpful Q & A information about her and other ‘pretty young ticas’ (which I perfectly call them due to inspiration from a Michael Jackson song):

Why are they so pretty?

First of all, they are part of the Latin race. Why do you think that their Colombian, Dominican, and even Philippine counterparts are so attractive? Ticas also have something in common with women in Europe because of their white complexions as well. Therefore, ticas have no problems in attracting many American/Western gringos (who prefer Caucasian or light-skinned females) to their country. Plus, ticas dress in order to impress men in general so that they can find true love.

You would never be disappointed with your future tica because she would always remain feminine and desirable to you.

Why are they so young at heart?

Regardless of their ages, ticas keep their healthy bodies and minds active. They participate in sports such as walking, weightlifting, swimming, volleyball, etc. They learn and get as much education as they can. It would be no surprise if most of them are business owners. Thus, they can financially support their family members probably for the rest of their lives.

Whether you are interested in a tica who is younger or older than you are, you can seriously make her happy by having any or all of these 8 qualities:

  • marriage-minded
  • family-oriented
  • willing or able to have children
  • stable
  • decisive
  • respectful
  • loyal
  • honest

Why are they called ‘ticas’?

According to Rico of “Tico Bull” website, women in Costa Rica call themselves ‘ticas’ so that the world would know who they are and what they do. They are consequently different from other women in Latin America. What also makes them unique is their:

  • inability to say ‘no’ to men whom they are not interested
  • regular habit of being late for their dates
  • smart way of giving fake phone numbers to men whom they do not want to talk or date
  • fun, playful, optimistic, and flirtatious personalities that charm, deceive, and make men think that the women are interested in them

If you want to woo the heart of a tica, you must be willing to learn her language (Spanish), take her seriously, have similar characteristics that she has, and enjoy your life no matter how it is.


If Costa Rica is the only country (of this entire planet) that has so many beautiful, available, and monogamous women, I would definitely go there and find the tica of my dreams.

Unfortunately, I have to pass the great opportunity because I want to focus on 2 beautiful Ukrainian women (Viktoria and Nadya) who are worth choosing for true love and possible marriage.

You can still go to Costa Rica and find your future wife though. If you need help from other people, you can attend a “A Foreign Affair” romance tour in San Jose (capital). Your translator and other staff members would do their best to lead you to the right woman. Another option is finding her there or Jaco (another city) by yourself. Either way, you would still have:

  • fun at a beach, rainforest, nightclub, or another cool place
  • access to incredible and approachable ladies
  • connection to people from around the world
  • the best time of your life

Costa Rica is worth going repeatedly.

A tica is worth meeting, dating, and building a marital relationship.

The Spanish language is worth learning if you want to truly bond with her.

If you are worried about fear, discouragement from your family and friends, or danger, just let it go.

Make yourself get on an airplane and arrive there (or a similar country such as Colombia, Thailand, or Ukraine) because life is short.

Have a ‘pretty young tica’ in your arms.

Then, nothing else would matter because she is going to make you feel attractive and ageless forever.

tica (Maria Nilda – #176224) – “Costa Rica Women…” Facebook page
Maria – AFA #180492
Bladie – AFA #176531

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