How You Can Attract the Right Woman

In United States or the Western world, it is so easy to attract a woman you are not interested. Getting unwanted attention from some previous female co-workers and customers (based on my negative experiences with American or Western women) proves that fact. Because the women you (American or Western man) and I want do not feel the same about us or already have boyfriends/husbands, we are stuck with women who are nice but not really attractive. Maybe this truth explains why many men want to remain single.

2 things I like about women in Ukraine, Philippines, Colombia, and other non-Westernized countries are:

I say good luck to many men in trying to find local American/Western women with both inner and outer beauty. But, if you want full access to gorgeous and angelic women, just leave the “Comfort Zone” (where all those men want to stay) and go on a romance tour (with either A Foreign Affair or Dream Connections agency) overseas. Whether you find the woman of your dreams right away or continue meeting and dating different foreign women, consider doing these 10 successful actions:

  • Be honest.
    • Because she (or they) is around local foreign men who lie, cheat, and play mind games with women (like her), she would be on cloud nine if she gets the truth from a man like you.
    • Whether you end up in a monogamous relationship with her or not, your sincerity would help her find her ideal boyfriend or husband (whether it is you or another man).
    • John 8:32 confirms your and her freedom as long as both of you keep telling each other the truth.
    • Say or express how you feel about her and she would do the same.
  • Be positive.
    • She wants to:
      • see a smile on your face
      • have a simple, light, and friendly conversation with you
      • be sure if you are the right man for her
    • Enjoy your fun dates with her plus other foreign women because you are not going to have those experiences back at home.
    • Because there is so much negativity about international dating, foreign women, Christianity, and other positive topics, you and I can reduce it by constantly:
      • speaking positive words
      • thinking positive thoughts
      • defending positive women in Colombia, Philippines, Ukraine, etc.
  • Be respectful.
    • She wants you to truly care about her feelings, desires, culture, etc.
    • If you can give much respect to your family (especially your mother) and friends, why can you not do the same for hers?
    • If you want to keep having a successful relationship with her, continue going to the Lord God for His good traits.
  • Take your connection with her at a slow or normal speed.
    • If you rush the relationship by committing or marrying her right away, it may end quickly.
    • Make sure that she is at the same level that you are emotionally, mentally, etc.
    • When you return home, keep your long-distance relationship alive by communicating with her on Skype, Facebook, email, or phone.
  • Plan your life together with her.
    • According to Mark Davis of “Dream Connections” agency, she wants to participate in the things you are doing for your and her future.
      • Talk to her about:
        • where she wants to live
        • how she wants to decorate your and her house
        • what type of work she is interested
        • how many kids she wants to have
        • and so on
    • If you do everything (e.g. picking the house where both of you would live) by yourself, she would probably be bored and unhappy when she enters your country under a K1 fiance visa.
    • When it comes to a monogamous relationship, both of you should be equal in:
      • respect
      • responsibilities
      • roles
      • etc.
  • Be patient.
    • If she is the right woman for you, she is worth waiting for months or even years.
    • Like you, she has a life, job, family, duties, etc. to take care.
    • It is better to wait a long time for her than it is to jump in a quick relationship with another woman (who may give you disappointment).
  • Give her hope.
    • Whether you do not marry her or go on another date, you can uplift her spirit and help her truly find the right man.
    • If she is in a better mood after getting to know you well, she can give (more) encouragement to her mother, other female relatives, and friends.
    • Like her, many lovely and lonely foreign ladies (in male-dominated countries) need unconditional love, acceptance, peace, protection, and other positive qualities from men in general.
  • Continue visiting her overseas.
    • Therefore, she would see you as a Man of Action or her superhero.
    • If there is (strong) chemistry between you both, see where the relationship goes.
    • Because you are going to have difficulty in seeking a woman like her in United States or the Western world, you are going to realize how special she is to you.
    • If you can visit a close family member or friend in another state or country, you can do the same with her too.
  • Defend her to your family and friends.
    • Whether they are truly happy for your international relationship or not, keep speaking positive words about her.
    • Describe her as:
    • If you plan to marry her in your country, please help her get along with your family and friends.
  • Treat her as a princess.
    • Even though there are many other attractive women in the city she lives, make her feel different from the rest.
    • Buy her something (e.g. jewelry) that is inexpensive and suitable to her personality.
    • She wants to matter to you because you already do with her.


In the United States or a Westernized country (e.g. Australia or England), looking for the right woman is as hard as trying to win a lottery.

But, in a nation (e.g. Colombia or Russia) that focuses primarily on men, you can find plenty of decent women to choose. You do not have to worry about being disappointed, heartbroken, rejected, misogynistic, or alone ever again. Like myself, you would become a different person with a different attitude toward women in general.

Most American/Western women can bring out the worst in you. However, many foreign women are going to do the opposite due to the shortages of (good) men in their countries. If a foreign woman is willing to cook your food, wash your clothes, or engage in your interests (that may bore her), you should keep her. You may not find another woman like her abroad or even where you live.

If God sends you a good woman who is there for you (in the flesh or on social media (e.g. Facebook, Skype, or WhatsApp)), give her a chance to prove that she is right for you.

Imagine your future with her.

Get to know her very well.

Then, see if you:

  • can build strong feelings for her
  • honestly want to marry and spend the rest of your life with her
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