Nice American Women versus Nice Foreign Women

There are friendly people everywhere. It is a fact because God has created, intended, and scattered them around the world. We can go to any continent, any country, any state, any city, or any local place (e.g. grocery store). We would encounter these people as well as those who are not nice at all.

Although I have this special blog that gives you (American or Western man) solid proof that there are actually nice and sincere women in Ukraine, Colombia, China, Philippines, etc., I admit that there are American/Western women who share the same characteristics as well. In fact, I have written a blog post about these women from the States plus Westernized countries too. The problem is that you may face extreme difficulty if you seek a good woman at your home. But, if you go overseas, you would easily find 1, 2, or even thousands of good women who would love to build a friendship with you or something (e.g. possible marriage) deeper.

Due to my personal experiences, I clearly see the differences between friendly American/Western women and friendly foreign women. Both groups of women behave the way they do because they are influenced by their different cultures. If you want to know why these groups are separated from each other (regardless of their niceness), here are the pros and cons for each:

Nice American Women


  • Christianity
  • education and jobs
    • Most stay in school until they graduate with a:
      • high school diploma
      • associate’s degree
      • bachelor’s degree
    • They either work for other people or start their own businesses.
    • They choose the following careers based on their passions and not money:
      • teachers
      • doctors
      • nurses
      • assistants
      • secretaries
      • housekeepers
      • missionaries
      • babysitters
      • caretakers for the elderly or disabled people
      • and more
  • family
    • They truly care about their parents, siblings, children, etc.
    • If loved one(s) is dealing with sickness or pain, the nice American woman would consider the person as her top priority.
      • Her job, money, or even her well-being comes second.


  • different side
    • As you get to know them well, you may see something in them you do not like.
      • I have developed feelings for a “nice” woman at a previous job.
        • She has lied, has kept her distance, has acted strange, and then has played mind games with me.
        • Thus, I have said to myself that I would never fall for a “nice” American/Western woman again.
    • What if you learn that a friendly local woman (you are dating or showing interest) is actually:
      • wild?
      • unpredictable?
      • easily provoked to anger, depression, etc.?
      • selfish?
      • nasty (e.g. not flushing the toilet or not washing her hands)?
      • evil?
        • If you watch a Lifetime movie that includes the word ‘perfect’ in its title, you would see my perspective.
  • hypocrisy
    • Of course, there are plenty of American women (or people in general) who say 1 thing but do another.
      • I have dealt with them at my previous jobs, schools, etc.
    • But, my Colombian friend Erika has kept her word when we have reunited in Kings Dominion.
      • She has brought her mother and American husband.
      • I have brought my sister.
  • indecision
    • If they are not really attracted to good or kindhearted men (like us), the women may remain single or go after men they are interested.
      • It honestly does not matter if those attractive or charming men have bad or poor qualities.
      • Some of the women may choose to keep friendships with the good men.
        • But, it is possible that the friendships would go south if the women move on with their careers, jobs, other relationships, etc.
      • The negative result is that many good men are left heartbroken, resentful, or desperate for any female attention.

Nice Foreign Women


  • simplicity
    • They are easy to:
      • approach
      • communicate
      • ask for dates
      • connect
      • marry
        • Being wed to a foreign woman is just as pleasant as dating or committing to her.
        • She may never change because of her culture.
    • We can be ourselves around them regardless of our differences.
    • In fact, I am still in contact with a Colombian woman (I have dated twice) I have not seen for 9 years.
      • Whether I reunite with her or not, I would always feel connected to her.
  • femininity
    • They love to be natural.
      • They refuse to change how God has made them.
    • They have ladylike behaviors and fashions.
      • Even though they have different personalities and wear different clothes, they are still real women indeed.
    • They respect men in general because of their cultures.
      • Therefore, we are not belittled or judged negatively by them.
      • But, if we stay in our country (or countries if you do not live in United States), we would continue to be put down.
        • Plus, our country or countries condone gender confusion and transgender issues.
          • The thought of women dressing, acting, or actually becoming men makes me want to stay single forever.
  • selflessness
    • Above all, they are family-oriented.
      • They would put their families before anyone or anything else.
    • They are collectivists.
      • They believe that success and other good things are only given to those who stick together.
      • If they wed good men, they would do anything to keep their marriages alive.
        • They do not want or believe in divorces as much as American/Western women do.
    • They want to find men who are as giving as they are.
      • Most of the women do not care about our money, materialistic items, etc.
      • I have heard from Mark Davis of Dream Connections that an Ukrainian woman (Gala) have married a Canadian man (Jeremy) because of his heart.
        • She has rejected an American man who is rich, greedy, and materialistic.
        • Honestly, I cannot blame her…for good reasons.


  • competition
    • There are too many Ukrainian, Chinese, Colombian, Dominican, etc. women who are beautiful inside and out.
      • Most men in general (including myself) do have a hard time selecting 1 woman for commitment or marriage.
        • I want to go to 4 countries (2 I have been and the other 2 I have not) because I find the women very attractive.
        • Then, I should be able to choose after meeting, dating, and getting to know all of those women well.
      • However, some men would go ahead and build a relationship or marriage with a particular woman.
    • As a result, some women choose not to attend romance tour socials.
      • They prefer to be contacted if some men like their profiles and want to date them.
    • Other women would:
      • continue going to socials in hopes of winning potential dates or better – potential husbands
      • move on with their lives and stay single or get involved with local foreign men
  • difficulty of attracting more good men
    • That is one of the reasons why I have created this blog.
      • Hopefully, the facts (mostly untold) that I have written would encourage these men to go meet women abroad.
    • Sadly, the majority of good American/Western men (who are still interested in the women) choose to remain as Keyboard Romeos or cowards.
      • Those men are missing out incredible and gorgeous women for obstacles.
        • I sure have not because I have overcome those obstacles.
          • I would continue to do so (for the rest of my life).
    • God is the only One who can give these women each a good man.
      • All the women have to do is ask Him.
  • religion
    • I think that most foreign women are Christians.
    • But, many women in Thailand worship Buddhism.
      • I cannot commit or marry a woman who does not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
      • What about you?
    • Then, there are some foreign women who are either atheistic or agnostic.
      • I would have a better relationship with an agnostic.
        • At least she does have little faith in God.
        • I can possibly turn her into a strong believer due to my actions and respect for her.

If many American/Western women are supposedly nice, then why are so many American/Western men:

  • still single?
  • unable to find the right women locally or online?
  • frustrated?
  • do not want to get married?
  • turning to perversion, misogyny, and other destructive behaviors?

There are countless American/Western women who are considered nice by family, friends, society, etc. However, there are only a few who actually are. All I know (from my personal experiences) is that American/Western women (in general) do not treat me and other good men as well as foreign women do.

Foreign women make us feel:

  • more appreciated
  • more comfortable
  • more accepted
  • more relaxed
  • more confident
  • more masculine
  • happier

I am sorry but I do not get the same feelings from American/Western women whether they are friendly or not.

What about you?

I would rather be with an unfriendly foreign woman instead of being with a friendly American/Western woman. I know what to expect from the foreign woman. At least I would get honesty from her. She may be willing to change for me. If I like her, she would probably reciprocate her feelings. If I do not, she would probably let me go. Surprisingly, she might encourage me to be with another woman who is better.

Would I experience all of this from the so-called nice American/Western woman?

If so, I would probably be speechless.

If not, then I have confirmed that she is truly not as nice as the not-so-nice foreign woman is.

If we want to meet nicer women, we have no choice but to travel to foreign countries.

nice foreign woman – Foreign Brides Finder (source)


  1. Being European, having dated French, Asian, black, I prefer American women to Canadian women as they are genuine, friendly and more sure of themselves. Canadian women, generally, are unsure of themselves and narrow minded, smug and quite bigoted which I find is quite disturbing in these times.


    • I am sorry to disagree with you. But, most Canadian and American women are alike. They both come from individualistic countries which focus on “It’s all about me” attitude. Why do you think that many of them (including people in general) are materialistic, arrogant, uncaring, fake, difficult, judgmental, etc.? If you do not believe me, click on this link to a YouTube video:

      As I keep saying in my blog, if you want to meet women who are truly nice, selfless, and down-to-earth, go to non-Westernized countries such as:

      1. Colombia
      2. Philippines
      3. Ukraine
      4. Moldova
      5. China
      6. Thailand
      7. Costa Rica
      8. Peru
      9. Brazil
      10. Dominican Republic

      In any of those countries, you would find many women with a lot of good qualities. Their cultures focus and pay more attention to men. Therefore, foreign women are ignored or overlooked. That is why they are turning to men from United States, Canada, England, Australia, and the rest of the Western world in hopes of dating, friendship, and marriage.


    • Sorry, I think that I got mixed up with American and Canadian women.

      But, comparing them to Ukrainian, Brazilian, Philippine, Colombian, Dominican, and other foreign women, American and Canadian women do not stand a chance.

      If men want to meet plenty of real women, men have to countries that are not influenced or similar to the American or Western culture.


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