No One Is Transgender Overseas

If a gorgeous American/Western woman is so nice and interested in me only, I may become suspicious. I wonder if she has a dark secret. If she wants to use me for her selfish needs or jealousy of her ex, I probably can deal with that. If she wants me to commit a crime, I would definitely say no. But, if she has been born a man, this possibility would be a deal-breaker for me. I would feel the same as any right-minded man has.

I want an actual woman nonetheless.

If I have to get on an airplane and fly to another country (e.g. Dominican Republic or Ukraine) so that I can find her (plus thousands of others like her), then so be it.

If you (American or Western man) are willing to go overseas like I am (for my fourth time), you would learn these 4 facts:

  • You would meet 100% women abroad.
    • They look or wear feminine clothes.
      • They are comfortable as they are.
      • They love to receive attention from good men.
    • They behave in a mature way.
      • They embrace womanhood truly and completely.
      • Unlike most women in the States or a Westernized country, foreign women are not going to act like men or steal masculine roles from their potential boyfriends or husbands.
      • Most foreign women have more self-control than most American/Western women do.
        • I know about this fact because of my negative experiences with American/Western women at a previous job.
    • They are females biologically.
      • They have been born that way.
      • From birth to death, they constantly love who they are and who God have made them to be.
  • You are respected, valued, expected, accepted, etc. as a man.
    • Due to their male-dominated cultures, Ukrainian, Colombian, Dominican, etc. women rely or turn to men for support, love, affection, and so on.
      • So, if you prove to a foreign woman that you are a real man with good intentions, she may fall in love with you.
    • You would not be lied or deceived by a foreign woman.
      • If she is not interested in you, she would be honest with you.
        • If you have a translator, she would tell you in your language.
    • You also would not be embarrassed by her publicly.
      • First of all, she is a real woman.
        • So, you do not have to worry about ever appearing on a TV show (e.g. Jerry Springer).
      • She has been raised or taught to respect you as a man.
      • You can relax with her whether you both are alone or accompanied by others.
  • Many foreign women remain with their biological natures.
    • But, some of them do get plastic surgery in order to be more feminine.
    • Even if they continue to be single for the rest of their lives, they would continue to naturally look, act, and be beautiful women.
    • Despite that some foreigners are transgender, many foreign women are going to keep their gender roles and identities eternally.
    • Foreign women are not going to let anyone or anything cause them to become masculine.
  • Foreign men are going to continue being who they are.
    • Similar to foreign women, the men refuse to change their identities, appearances, personalities, beliefs, and lifestyles.
      • The men can care less if the women turn to you, me, and other American/Western men for dating or marriage.
      • Foreign men still have plenty of women available to them.
    • However, many foreign women are willing to give up their lives and loved ones for the right men.
      • The women realize that connecting with their future husbands is more important than:
        • staying home
        • remaining single
        • feeling incomplete

You are not going to face any transgender secret(s) or any other difficult issue(s) overseas.

You are going to be surrounded by real foreign women who are truthful and straightforward to you. You would probably think that you are daydreaming because the women are obviously different from the ones in your home country. But, you are really in the foreign country in the flesh. You may know enough information about its culture, women, and so on. As a result, you may want to stay in the country of beautiful female citizens for a couple of extra days.

You are not going to feel like you are on “The Twilight Zone” or “Jerry Springer” TV show.

Also, you are not going to be filmed on camera unless you give permission.

In your mind, you are going to have your own show by actually spending quality time with an attractive woman (or women).

No lies. No mind games. No drama. No secrets.

You would just have honesty, peace, and chemistry with her.

Now that is a private show you and she would truly enjoy and remember.

From Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner (same person) – Reaxxion


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