Do Not Focus on Looks

Why does a man become interested in a woman? Why does he flirt and take her on a date? Why is he so drawn to her? Why does he have sex with her? And why would he break up with her, move on with another woman, and possibly repeat the same things with her? The simple answer to all questions is looks. Looks are so important in the world especially to mankind. They can help you (American or Western male) become a famous model or supermodel like Tyson Beckford or Niki Taylor. They can easily help you find a partner or spouse (who is suitable or not) whose looks may even attract you. In addition, they can help you get a job of your choice. But, the price may be a possible sexual harassment you face from an employer/manager/supervisor or another employee.

If you go overseas, you would meet numerous foreign women. You would find them stunning and irresistible. You may able to choose and commit to one woman for serious relationship or marriage. If not, then continue dating foreign women individually. You should however not consider their appearances the most important factors. There are more to foreign women than how they look. Why do I say this? Here are my 4 reasons:

  • Looks fade.
    • Like the rest of the people in the world, foreign women are going to age and show physical differences such as wrinkles, grey hair, etc.
    • You would either find the women more or less attractive periodically.
    • You are going to age and change physically too
  • You become blind to the personalities, spirits, etc. regarding foreign women.
    • You may unintentionally lose the right woman to commit or marry.
    • You may miss out on other blessings from God as well.
    • You have difficulty telling who is right and who is wrong for you.
  • You are unable to commit or stay in a relationship/marriage.
    • You want to keep dating, flirting, having sex, etc. with different women.
      • You may be led to loneliness.
        • Any of those women may move on with another man.
          • Recently, I have watched a movie, “The Perfect Match”, in which a woman marries a serious man although she has countless intercourse with another man (Terrence J) who is the opposite.
            • I highly recommend this movie to men who objectify and play mind games with women.
        • Any of them may become tired of your games and lack of seriousness.
  • Looks become your addictive drugs.
    • You want to be with more women.
    • You are not satisfied with who you have.
    • You are not happy either.
      • As a result, you may turn to actual drugs, drinking, and or other misbehavior.

Just because a woman looks good, it does not mean that she is right for you. The same thing applies to good-looking food (e.g. cheeseburger and french fries) which may be unhealthy for you. Looks can be deceitful. Sometimes, what you see is what you do not get. You probably can get the most attractive woman from a foreign country or even the United States; but, what good would it do you if she has certain traits that turn you off? What if she talks too much? What if she does not brush her teeth daily? What if she smokes? What if she has many tattoos? What if she spits while she is talking? What if she does not wash her hands every time she uses the bathroom? What if she cannot cook? What if she is lazy or becomes so? What if she has kids by different men? Then, you would regret ever meeting and developing a relationship with her. You may run to a less attractive woman who is much better in character. Looks of a woman would definitely not matter to you anymore.

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